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Author Topic: Finance Interview Q ( Can i get the ans plz)  (Read 2134 times)

Offline mayur47

Finance Interview Q ( Can i get the ans plz)
« on: November 03, 2008, 10:41 PM »
Hi friends i am posting some q
Plz provide the ans
it will also help u


How do you calculate cost of equity?
What are the applications of P/E ratio?
What is overcapitalization?
What is a value stock, growth stock and defensive stock?
What is FCCB ?Why does a company go for FCCB s?Why are they called convertible bonds?
How do we price convertible debentures?
What happens to the issued capital of a company when it buybacks its shares?
What is green shoe option?
What is underwriting?
What is bookbuilding process?
What is the duration of a bond?What is yield curve?
What is reinvestment risk and interest rate risk?
What is the condition when you can not apply IRR method for evaluating a project?
Questions on repo, reverse repo , bank rate ?
Define PLR?
What are the impacts of increase or decrease in repo rates on the economy?
What is a rights issue ? what is its effect on the market capitalization of the company ?
What is dupont analysis and when is it used?

What are treasury stocks?
What is WACC and WMCC?
What are the different methods available for valuing equity?
What are cash flows and how do you calculate future cash flows of a company?
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