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Author Topic: Blue Skies by Tamara Allen  (Read 349 times)

Offline Ophiuchus

Blue Skies by Tamara Allen
« on: April 07, 2015, 11:35 PM »
Name of the book: Blue Skies
Genre: MM MF Romance, Time Travel
Book publish year: 2014
Rating (out of 5): 4
Brief intro: In modern day Manhattan, preservationist Susan Lennox saves history for a living. Her long-standing battle with developer Joe McGowan brings a fragile Bowery rowhouse to her attention, and she’s as determined to protect it as he is to tear it down. During an inspection, Susan discovers just how unique the property is when she comes across a frightened and apparently homeless man bearing a tale of time travel neither she nor her brother Neil believes—until they find they themselves have traveled three days into the future.
Professor Robin Winfield learns too late the mistake he made in agreeing to help Joe’s great-great-grandfather Victor McGowan decode a family journal connected to the rowhouse, a place once used as a laboratory for electrical experiments. When Robin is inadvertently transported one hundred and twenty-six years from home, Neil and Susan take him in, hoping to get him back where he belongs before anyone else learns of his presence. But Victor’s will has already spilled those beans and Joe thwarts the attempt to send Robin back—only to end up trapped with Susan in 1887.
Broke and homeless in the not-so-ideal past, Joe and Susan struggle to find common ground—and they aren’t the only ones, as Neil and Robin join forces in a desperate search to rescue Susan before Victor figures out the secret to time travel. But a secret Victor’s keeping is the one destined to change the future—Neil and Susan’s—for all time to come.

Review: I liked this self-published book very much but I gave up trying to understand how the time traveeling "worked". Realistic past, including a insane asylum episode. All the characters deserve their happy ending.



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