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Author Topic: 'Til Darkness Falls by Pearl Love  (Read 358 times)

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'Til Darkness Falls by Pearl Love
« on: September 02, 2015, 11:25 AM »
Name of the book: 'Til Darkness Falls by Pearl Love
Genre: MM Romance
Book publish year: 2010 / 2015
Rating (out of 5): 3
Brief intro:  A malicious deception... An ancient curse... A timeless love...
Brian Macon is a worn-out homicide detective whose job and life hold no meaning until he meets a gorgeous German man who turns his world upside down. Alrick Ritter has a poet's soul, a master cellist's skill, and a sniper's deadly accuracy, and though constrained by sinister forces to be a killer-for-hire, Alrick wants nothing more than to be with Brian. Helpless to resist the call of their hearts, Brian and Alrick begin a cautious affair, keeping secret the reality that places them on opposite sides of the law. But an ancient danger threatens to destroy their love.
Three thousand years ago in the burning sands of ancient Egypt, Prince Rahotep and his devoted slave, Tiye, were robbed of their lives, betrayed by a powerful woman’s mad hatred and the cruel humor of an evil god. Now, destiny has reunited the lovers, joining them in an unquenchable passion even as a twist of fate casts them as potential enemies. Will Brian and Alrick be able to overcome the centuries-old curse to secure the love that should have always been theirs?.

Review: It's an enjoyable reading even if it's bittersweet.
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