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Author Topic: AUGUST 2013 BOOK RELEASES  (Read 7816 times)

Offline laurelette

« on: June 02, 2013, 11:30 AM »
AUGUST 2013!some tips concerning release dates
  • Check Amazon, Barnes & Noble or publisher for confirmed ebook release dates.
  • Please give the link to the publisher so I can verify RD. Self published in particular can be difficult to verify without a link.

If you're looking forward to a book that's going to be released in August, you can post that book & release date in this thread and I'll add it to the list. That way we get a clear and organized overview of all the (interesting) August releases.

#1: This thread is for release dates only. NO UPLOADS! If you upload a book, It will be deleted without any warning
#2: Check the list below before you post the releases you're looking forward to. 
#3: This list is for AUGUST release dates only                                                   

*** please use following format (Author, Title, Series) & Release Date***
AuthorBook Title (Series #)RD
Addison FoxJust in Time (Alaskan Nights #3)Aug 6th
A.M. WintersCalled to Belong (Legoria Series # 1)Aug 11th
A.M. WintersCalled Back (Legoria Series # 2)Aug 11th
A.T. DouglasSomeone to ListenAug 11th
Abbi GlinesSometimes It Lasts (Sea Breeze #5)Aug 26th
Abigail BarnetteThe Boss *Adult*Aug 19th
Abigail BarnetteThe Girlfriend (The Boss #2)Aug 17th
Abigail KerberStay With Me Aug 11th
Addison MooreThe Solitude of Passion Aug 13th
Alaina StanfordThree-Year Rule *Adult*Aug 17h
Alessandra TorreTo Hold (Dumont Diaries #2) *Adult* Aug 12th
Alessandra TorreTill Death (Dumont Diaries #3) *Adult*Aug 17th
Alessandra Torre To Have (Dumont Diaries #1) *Adult* Aug 8th
Alex ScarrowThe Mayan Prophecy (Timeriders #8) UK ReleaseAug 1st
Alexa RaeThe MasqueradeAug 7th
Alexandra RichardFrontlineAug 5th
Alexis MorganA soldier's Heart (Snowberry Creek #0.5)Aug 6th
Aline HunterVampire Mine (Alpha and Omega # 3)Aug 7th
Alisha RaiRisk & Reward (Bedroom Games #2)  *Adult* Aug 6th
Alison BaileyPresent PerfectAug 1st
Alison KentUnforgettable (A Dalton Gang Series #3)Aug 6th
Alison ParrRunning BackAug 19th
Allyson K. AbbottMurder on the Rocks (Mack's Bar Mysteries #1)Aug 6th
Allyson SimonianSource OneAug 14th
Alyssa Rae TaylorRaising Ryann (Bad Boy Reformed #1) *Adult* Aug 5th
Amanda AshbyDemonosity Aug 15th
Amanda BennettUnbreakable Hearts (Broken #3) *Adult*Aug 18th
Amanda HockingElegy (Watersong #4)Aug 6th
Amanda LeeCross-Stitch Before Dying ( EMBROIDERY MYSTERY #6)Aug 6th
Amanda RipleyThe Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That WayAug 13th
Amanda ScottThe Knight's Temptress (Lairds Of The Loch #2)Aug 27th
Amit JhaI Know A U..Who Knew A MeAug 5th
Amy Christine ParkerGatedAug 6th
Amy FreemanShine (The Knowing Ones #1)Aug 6th
Amy Gail HansenThe Butterfly SisterAug 6th
Amy HerrickThe Time FetchAug 27th
Amy McClungFor the Love of Gracie (The Southern Devotion Series #1)Aug 15th
Amy RachieleSilencing JoyAug 7th
Ana BarronsSon of the EnemyAug 7th
Ana VelaThe New Girl (Alpha Trio #2)Aug 5th
Anastasia MaltezosTall Dark Handsome Lycan, Book 2Aug 1st
Andrea CarmenSomeone Like YouAug 12th
Andrea WolfeBe Here Now Aug 16th
Andria BuchananEverlast (The Chronicles of Nerissette #1)Aug 27th
Anee BrownReleasing The AshesAug 19th
Angie FoxImmortally Ever After (Monster M*A*S*H #3)Aug 27th
Angie SmibertThe Meme Plague (Memento Nora #3)Aug 13th
Anita HigmanWinter in Full BloomAug 1st
Ann AguirrePerdition (The Dred Chronicles #1)Aug 27th
Ann GarnerPieces of MeAug 3rd
Ann Gimpel Miranda's Mate (The Company Store #1)  *Adult* Aug 4th
Ann VremontPhoenix Dead *Adult*Aug 19th
Anna Campbell A Rake's Midnight Kiss (Sons of Sin #2)Aug 27th
Anne StuartNever Kiss A Rake (Scandal At The House Of Russell #1)Aug 20th
Annette HawkinsLessons in Love *Adult* Aug 15th
AnthologyTravel To Temptation (Love Letters Volume 4)Aug 5th
AnthologyTied to the BillionaireAug 15th
AnthologyWicked FirstsAug 19th
Anya KarinThistle And Flame (Her Highland Hero #1)Aug 16th
April AngelLucky Break (Sizzling Encounters #3) *Adult* Aug 14th
April Genevieve TucholkeBetween the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Between 1)Aug 15th
Aria WilliamsHeavenly Hell (Heavenly Hell #1)Aug 9th
Ariel EllmanThe Sweet Spot (Boston Harbor Romance #1)Aug 3rd
Ashelyn DrakeBehind Closed Doors (Campus Romance #2)Aug 6th
Ashley JohnsonOne Of The GuysAug 8th
Ashlynn MacNamaraA Most Devilish RogueAug 27th
Aubrey RossLilith's Awakening (Lilith's Legacy#1)  *Adult* Aug 7th
Audrey GraceHurt Me (Your Pet For The Night 2) *Adult* Aug 8th
Audrey GraceClaim Me (Your Pet For The Night 3) *Adult* Aug 13th
Autumn Doughton In This MomentAug 12th
Ava ClaireThe Billionaire's Trust (His Submissive 11)Aug 3rd
Avery AsterUnscrupulous (The Manhattanites #2) *Adult*Aug 14th
Aya FukunishiShe Learns To Kneel (Kathryn's Training #2)Aug 3rd
B.L MooneyStriving for Normal (Striving #1)Aug 19th
Bayli LaneBecoming MoreAug 11th
Becca Lee NyxSecrets (Swept Trilogy #2) Aug 15th
Bella JewelHell's Knights ( MC Sinners #1) *Adult*Aug 19th
Belle KismetDear MeredithAug 12th
Benedict JackaChosen (Alex Verus #4)Aug 27th
Beth ReeklesRolling Dice Aug 27th
Bianca D'ArcMaster at Arms (Dragon Knights #2.5) *Adult* Aug 20th
Bonnie VanakThe Mating Hunt (Werewolves of Montana #2) Aug 10th
Brandy DorschEverlasting Hunger (The Hunger Mate #1) *Adult* Aug 10th
Breena WildeDirty Lines (Blurred Lines #4) *Adult*Aug 12th
Brenda RothertNow and Then (Now#1)Aug 4th
Brittainy C. Cherry The Space In BetweenAug 9th
Bryony Pearce The Weight of SoulsAug 6th
Buffy AndrewsGina & Mike (The Yearbook #1) *Adult*Aug 19th
C.C. CoburnColorado Woman (The Hansen Women #1)Aug 9th
C.D. ReissResist (Songs of Submission #6)Aug 7th
C.J. DaughertyFracture (Night School #3)Aug 15th
C.J. RedwineDeception (Courier's Daughter #2)Aug 27th
C.J. ScottRuin (Summer Winter #1)Aug 21st
C.L. ParkerA Million Dirty Secrets *Adult* Aug 29th
Cambria HebertTorch (Take It Off #1)Aug 13th
Camerone JaceCinderella Dressed in Ashes (Grimm Diaries #2)Aug 15th
Candi Wall Stay (Changing Tides #1) *Adult* Aug 6th
Capri MontgomeryHiking For Danger (Men of Action #14)Aug 1st
Carey Corp & Lorie LangdonDoon (Doon #1)Aug 20th
Cari QuinnNo Romance Required (Love Required #3)Aug 12th
Carl R. Cart RottersAug 1st
Carla KellyThe Double Cross (The Spanish Brand #1)Aug 1st
Carol O'ConnellIt Happens in the DarkAug 20th
Carolyn BrownThe Cowboy Seeks A Bride (Spikes and Spurs #7)Aug 6th
Carolyn TurgeonThe Fairest of them AllAug 6th
Cassandra CarrMoving Day (Storm Series #1.5) *Adult* Aug 8th
Cassandra Clare & Maureen JohnsonThe Rise of the Hotel Dumort (The Bane Chronicles #5)Aug 20th
Cassia LeoBring Me Home (Shattered Hearts #3)Aug 3rd
Catherine BullardDarkest Hour (Soul Redemption #1)Aug 1st
Catherine BybeeFiance by FridayAug 13th
Chacelyn PiercePast Potion *Adult*Aug 11th
Chantal Fernando & Dawn MartensJames (Resisting Love #3) *Adult* Aug 15th
Charisma Chloe Protecting Amour (Maverick's Shield #1)  *Adult* Aug 4th
Charles G. DyerInnocent Fugitive - Aed's Journey Vol. 1Aug 6th
Charlotte RoseRapine: Abducted byt the Billionaire (The Trophy Wife #1) *Adult*Aug 19th
Chelsea CainLet Me Go (Archie Sheridan & Gretchen Lowell #6)Aug 13th
Chelsea M. CameronNeverend (The Noctalis Chronicles #4)Aug 20th
Cheryl DouglasStone Cold (Music City Moguls #1)Aug 11th
Chloe CoxSavage Rhythm (Club Volare, #6) *Adult* Aug 14th
Chloe NeillBiting Bad (Chicagoland Vampires #8)Aug 6th
Chris CarterOne by One (Robert Hunter #5)Aug 15th
Chris Colfer The Enchantress Returns  (The Land of Stories #2)Aug 6th
Chris EwanThe Good Thief's Guide to Berlin (Good Thief's Guide #5)Aug 6th
Christa SimpsonTwist & Turn (Twisted #2)Aug 1st
Christine d'AboChoose Your Own Shot (Long Shots #5)Aug 121th
Christine O'NeilChaos (Kardia Chronicles #1)Aug 26th
Christine WengerDo Or Diner (A Comfort Food Mystery #1)Aug 6th
Christine WengerDo or Diner (Comfort Food Mysteries #1)Aug 6th
Christopher AndersenThese Few Precious Days: The Final Year of Jack With JackieAug 6th
Christopher BrookmyreFlesh Wounds (Jasmine Sharp Investigations #3)Aug 1st
Christy EnglishLove on a Midsummer Night (Shakespeare in Love #2)Aug 6th
Christy HayesTaming The Moguls (Golden Rule Outfitters #3)Aug 11th
Christy NewtonBegin Again Aug 8th
Cidney SwansonMars Burning (Saving Mars #4)Aug 4th
CJ LyonsHollow Bones (Special Agent Caitlyn Tierney #3)Aug 27th
Claudy ConnLady XAug 4th
Colette McBethPrecious ThingAug 1st
Conor Fitzgerald The Memory Key (Commissario Alec Blume #4)Aug 6th
Cora CarmackKeeping Her (Losing It # 1.5)Aug 13
Courtney ColeIf You Leave (Beautifully Broken #2)Aug 6th
Cristin TerrillAll Our Yesterdays   UK ReleaseAug 1st
CupiderosThe Wedding BetAug 6th
Cyndi RayeWhat Tomorrow BringsAug 17th
Cynthia EdenSharpshooter (Shadow Agents #3)Aug 1st
Cynthia SaxWarlord's Mercy (Barbarian Claims #4) *Adult*Aug 14th
Dakota MadisonFinal Play (Matchplay #3) *Adult*Aug 17th
Dan BalzCollision 2012 Aug 6th
Dan KrokosFalse Sight (False Memory #2) Aug 13th
Dana Marie BellMorgan's Fate (True Destiny #4)Aug 13th
Dani HarperStorm Warrior (Grim #1) Aug 6th
Danielle A. Elwood CrashedAug 2nd
Danielle JamieIndestructible Desire (Savannah#3)Aug 4th
Danielle TaylorFalling for You (Part 1)Aug 1st
David EllisThe Last Alibi (Jason Kolarich #4)Aug 1st
David LevithanTwo Boys KissingAug 27th
David Peace Red Or DeadAug 1st
Dawn EastmanPall in the Family (A Family Fortune Mystery #1)Aug 6th
Dawn MetcalfIndelible (The Twixt #1)Aug 1st
Debbie MacomberRose Harbor in Bloom (Rose Harbor #2)Aug 13th
Deborah CookeKiss of Destiny (Dragonfire #9.3)Aug 11th
Deena WardThe Submissive's Last Word (The Power to Please 4)Aug 14th
Delia RosenFrom Herring to Eternity (Deadly Deli #4)Aug 6th
Delilah DevlinA Long, Hot Summer (The TripleHorn Brand #3) *Adult* Aug 13th
Derek LandyLast Stand of Dead Men (Skulduggery Pleasant #8)  UK Release DateAug 29th
Desiree HoltStripped Naked (Naked Cowboys Book 3) *Adult* Aug 27th
Diana CosbyHis Seduction (MacGruders #5)Aug 15th
Diane AlbertsTake Me (Take a Chance#4)Aug 26th
Diane RinellaTime's Forbidden Flower (Forbidden Flower #2)Aug 5th
Dina von LowenkraftDragon FireAug 5th
Dorothy McFallsThe Sweet and Spicy Regency CollectionAug 17th
Douglas CorleoneGood as GoneAug 20th
E.M. AbelFreeing AsiaAug 11th
E.S. HoyLeah's Story Finding Jake  *Adult* Aug 6th
Edie HarrisThe Corrupt Comte (The Bourbon Boys Quartet #1) *Adult* Aug 27th
Ednah WaltersImmortals (Runes #2)Aug 3rd
Edward LazellariThe Lost Prince (Guardians of Aandor #2)Aug 20th
Eileen RendahlPetals on the PillowAug 7th
Eleanor CattonThe LuminariesAug 1st
Eleanor DineenHindsight Aug 5th
Elisa BertiniThe Angel and the Vampire (The Harminster Saga #1)Aug 16th
Elisabeth BarrettSlow Summer Burn (Star Harbor #4)Aug 12th
Eliza MarchDefeat the Darkness (Hearts of Darkness)Aug 1st
Elizabeth A. ReevesHow (Not) to Kiss a Ghost (Cindy Eller #4)Aug 13th
Elizabeth KiemDancer, Daughter, Traitor, SpyAug 13th
Elizabeth Lynn CaseyRemnants of Murder (Southern Sewing Circle Series #8)Aug 6th
Elizabeth ReyesAbel (5th Street #4)Aug 13th
Elizabeth RoseDaughters of the Dagger (Daughters of the Dagger #0.5)Aug 2nd
Elizabeth RoseRuby (Daughters Of The Dagger #1)Aug 3rd
Ella FoxFinding Hart (The Hart Family #6)Aug 3rd
Ella JamesTaming Cross (Love Inc. #2)Aug 19th
Ella PriceA Deeper Shade of Bad *Adult* Aug 1st
Ella PriceDark Encounter (The Dark Love Vampire Series #2) Aug 8th
Elle CaseyBy Degrees *Adult* Aug 4th
Elle KennedyMidnight GamesAug 6th
Ellen Spencer What Lucy Wants Aug 11th
Emily Croy BarkerThe Thinking Woman's Guide to Real Magic Aug 1st
Emily Jane Trent Captivated (Adam & Ella #1) Aug 4th
Emma GraceFatal Desire, Teen Edition Aug 11th
Emma GraysonTake It All [Blinded by Love #1] *Adult* Aug 9th
Emma LangVaughn (The Circle Eight #4)Aug 8th
Emma Nichols Vixen In Vegas (A Sinful Novella #2)Aug 11th
Erika AshbyIn The End (Timing Is Everything #0.5)Aug 1st
Erika ChaseCover Story (Mystery Book Club #3)Aug 6th
Erin QuinnThe Five Deaths of Roxanne Love (Beyond #1)Aug 27th
Eva Natsumi Scarlette (Rue Bourbon Supernaturals, #1)Aug 13th
Eve Langlais A Demon And Her Scot (Welcome To Hell #3) *Adult* Aug 13th
Ever McCormickGone WildAug 13th
Faye KellermanThe Beast (Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus #21)Aug 8th
Felicity PepperDays Of St CroixAug 2nd
Francesca Lia Block Love in the Time of Global WarmingAug 27th
Francis SullivanBreathlessAug 15th
Fred RobelBring Me The Sexy!Aug 14th
G. Norman LippertJames Potter and the Morrigan Web (James Potter #4)Aug 8th
Gabrielle DemonicoTigers on TourAug 2nd
Gail BowenThe Gifted (Joanne Kilbourn #14)Aug 13th
Gemma Halliday & T.Sue VerSteegLuck Be A Lady (Tahoe Tessie Mysteries # 1)Aug 13th
Georgette St. ClairThe Alpha Claims A Mate Aug 6th
Gerald SeymourThe Corporal's WifeAug 15th
Gina X. GrantEsprit de Corpse (The Reluctant Reaper #3)Aug 19th
Ginger VoightUnstoppable (Fierce #2)Aug 19th
Glenn EricksonEscape to the Stars! Aug 9th
Grace BurrowesOnce Upon A Tartan (MacGregor Trilogy #2)Aug 6th
Greeta KakadeProject Valentine (A Homespun Romance)Aug 14th
Greeta KakadeThe Long Road HomeAug 14th
Greeta KakadeThe Old Fashioned WayAug 14th
Greeta KakadeFaith, Hope and LoveAug 14th
Greeta KakadeDaddy's Little GirlAug 14th
H. Lee Morgan, JrThe Grin of Prophecy (Death Incarnate Saga #1)   Aug 15th
H.M. Ward STRIPPED Aug 29th
Hannah HowellHighland Hearts *Re-Issue*Aug 6th
Hannah JayneUnder a Spell (Underworld Detection Agency #5)Aug 6th
Heather HildenbrandBlood Rule (Dirty Blood #4)Aug 5th
Heather M. SharpePurr-fect LoveAug 14th
Heidi AcostaBarbie WorldAug 14th
Holli BertramHot Magic (Magic Destiny #1)Aug 16th
Hugh HoweyDust (Silo #3)Aug 17th
India DrummondAge Druids (Caledonia Fae #6)Aug 19th
Isadora RoseA Caged BirdAug 17th
Ivory QuinnRedemption (Darkness Falls #2)Aug 1st
J. Arlene CulinerAll About Charming AliceAug 8th
J. Lynn McCoyProphecy (Forever Camelot)Aug 14th
J.B. Brooklin Demons Die Harder (Creatures of Fire)Aug 9th
Jade Eby The Right Kind of Wrong Aug 12th
Jade LeeWhat the Bride Wore (Bridal Favors #3)Aug 6th
James CraigThen We Die (Inspector Carlyle #5)Aug 1st
James DashnerThe Maze Runner Files Aug 13th
James EngeWrath-Bearing Tree (A Tournament of Shadows #2)Aug 20th
James Patterson and David EllisMistressAug 5th
Jamie BegleyViper's Run *Adult*Aug 19th
Janeen O'KerrySpirit Of The Mist (Celtic Journeys #5)Aug 20th
Janet ChapmanFor the Love of Magic (Spellbound Falls #5)Aug 27th
Janet EdwardsEarth Star (Earth Girl #2)  UK Release DateAug 15th
Janet MacDonaldAn Undying Love (Temple Island #1) *Adult*Aug 14th
Janice ClarkThe RathbonesAug 6th
Janice ThompsonIcing on the CakeAug 15th
Jasinda WilderStripped *Adult* Aug 16th
Jason MottThe Choice (The Returned #0.7)Aug 1st
Jayne CastleDeception Cove (Harmony #11) (Rainshadow Island #3)Aug 27th
Jeanne C. SteinBlood Bond (Anna Strong #9)Aug 27th
Jeff GuinnManson Aug 6th
Jenika SnowThe Lion and the LambAug 7th
Jenika SnowSavage (Luecross Wolves #5)Aug 16th
Jenika SnowThe Edge of ForeverAug 20th
Jenika Snow & Sam CrescentTaken by Her Mate Aug 3rd
Jenn McKinlayCloche and Dagger (Hat Shop Mystery #1)Aug 6th
Jenn McKinlayCloch and Dagger (Hat Shop Mysteries #1)Aug 6th
Jennifer ArmentroutOriginAug 27th
Jennifer Ashley The Untamed MacKenzie Aug 20th
Jennifer EstepHeart of Venom (Elemental Assassin #9)Aug 27th
Jennifer HarlowDeath Takes a Holiday (A F.R.E.A.K.S. Squad Investigation #3)Aug 1st
Jennifer KloesterThe Cinderella MomentAug 18th
Jennifer LeJeuneSmall Town TangoAug 12th
Jennifer R. McDonald Into the Veil Aug 4th
Jennifer T. Alli A Wolf's Obsession (Love Bites #4)Aug 8th
Jenny Han and Siobhan VivianFire with FireAug 13th
Jeremy BishopThe Raven (Jane Harper #2)Aug 13th
Jerry OppenheimerCrazy Rich: Inside the Johnson & Johnson DynastyAug 13th
Jessica LouiseAngel of MineAug 18th
Jessica SimsSingle Wolf Female (Midnight Liaisons #2.5) Aug 5th
Jessica SimsMust Love Fangs (Midnight Liaisons #3)Aug 27th
Jessica Sorensen The Redemption of Callie and Kayden (The Coincidence #2)Aug 6th
Jill ShalvisSeeing Red (Firefigther #3)Aug 6th
Jillian DoddLove Me (The Keatyn Chronicles #4)Aug 11th
Jim C. HinesCodex Born (Magic Ex Libris #2)Aug 6th
Jo BeverleySeduction In Silk (Malloran #13)Aug 6th
Joan SwanRush (Phoenix Rising #3)Aug 27th
JoAnn RossCastaway Cove (Shelter Bay #6)Aug 6th
Jodi RedfordLover Enraptured (Thieves of Aurion, Book 2) Aug 13th
Jonas SaulThe Vigilante (Sarah Roberts #7)Aug 15th
Jonathan FriesenAquiferAug 6th
Jonathan MaberryFire & Ash (Rot & Ruin #4)Aug 13th
Jonathan MaberryFire and AshAug 27th
Jordan SilverForbidden *Adult* Aug 3rd
Jordan SilverHis Wants: A Prequel to Taking What He Wants  *Adult* Aug 8th
Jordan SilverThe Claiming  *Adult* Aug 10th
Juan Gabriel VasquezThe Sound of Things FallingAug 1st
Judi FennellIf The Shoe Fits (Once-Upon-A-Time Romance #2)Aug 8th
Judith E. FrenchMoon DancerAug 15th
Judith E. FrenchShawnee Moon (Indian Moon #5)Aug 15th
Julia CrossLetters to NowhereAug 1st
Julia LondonHomecoming Ranch (Pine River #1)Aug 13th
Juliana HaygertBreaking Reins  *New Adult*Aug 11th
Julie Garwood Hotshot (Buchanan-Renard #11)Aug 6th
Jus AccardoDarker Days (Book #1)Aug 19th
Justin St. GermainSon of a Gun: A Memoir Aug 13th
Justus R. StoneSuture (The Bleeding Worlds, #2)Aug 5th
K.M. ScottCrash Into MeAug 28th
K.S. MartinThe New AlphaAug 3rd
K.T. FisherRockstar Daddy (Decoy #1)Aug 1st
Kailin GowNever Ending (Never Knight Series #3)Aug 5th
Kam CarrCloser - Part OneAug 2nd
Kam CarrCloser - Part TwoAug 16th
Karen RobardsThe Last Kiss Goodbye (Charlotte Stone #2)Aug 5th
Karina Cooper The Mysterious Case of Mr. Strangeway (The St. Croix Chronicles #0.5)Aug 5th
Karina HalleShooting Scars (THe Artists Trilogy #2) *Adult* Aug 20th
Kat LathamKnowing the Score (London Legends #1)Aug 5th
Kat RichardsonPossession (Greywalker #8)Aug 6th
Kate CollinsSeed No Evil (A Flower Shop Mystery #14)Aug 6th
Kate CrossBreath of Iron (Clockwork Agents #3)Aug 6th
Kate HarrisonSoul Storm (Soul Beach #3)Aug 1st
Kate QuinnThe Serpent and the Pearl (The Borgia Chronicles #1) Aug 6th
Kate SerineAlong Came a Spider (Transplanted Tales #3)Aug 1st
Katee RobertTwo Wrongs, One Right (Come Undone #3)Aug 12th
Katharine AsheI Married the Duke (The Prince Catchers #1)Aug 27th
Katherine WyvernThe Nymph In The Stolen Garden *Adult* Aug 9th
Kathy ReichsBones of the Lost (Temperance Brennan #16) UK Release DateAug 15th
Kathy ReichsBones of the Lost (Temperance Brennan #16)Aug 27th
Katie DaleLittle White Lies Aug 1st
Katie GeorgeSome FictionAug 8th
Katie Lee O'GuinnKatie Lee O'Guinn - Werewolf Revenge (Taming the Wolf #3)Aug 1st
Katie MacAlisterTime Crossed (Time Thief #1.5)Aug 6th
Katie RoseCourting Trouble (Appleton Sisters #2)Aug 12th
Kay KenyonA Thousand Perfect ThingsAug27th
KD Jones Prime Salvation (Katieran Prime #6)Aug 5th
Kelley ArmstrongOmens (Cainsville 1)Aug 20th
Kelly BraffetSave YourselfAug 6th
Kelly ElliottFaithful (Wanted #3)Aug 18th
Kelly HashwayStalked by Death (Touch of Death 2)Aug 13th
Kelsie LeverichFeel the Rush (Hard Feelings #2)Aug 20th
Kerrelyn SparksThe Vampire With The Dragon Tattoo (Love At Stake #14)Aug 27th
Kerri WilliamsNever Goodbye (An Albany Boys Novel)Aug 13th
Kersten HamiltonWhen the Stars Threw Down Their Spears (Goblin Wars #3)Aug 6th
Kevin RicheyUninvited (The Unloved Ones Prequels #2)Aug 8th
Kieran KramerSay Yes To The Duke (House of Brady #4)Aug 27th
Kim CurranControl (Shift #2)Aug 6th
Kim HarrisonThe Hollows Insider Aug 27th
Kimball LeeCraving Caroline (Star Crossed Lovers #1)Aug 3rd
Kimball LeeLUC (Age of Copies #1)Aug 10th
Kimberly P. ChaseThe Apollo Academy (Apollo Academy #1)Aug 2nd
Kimi FloresIt All Started With a Lima Bean (Intertwined Hearts #1) Aug 5th
Kirsten StallsThe Slap of LifeAug 5th
Kirsty DallasBreeze of LifeAug 16th
Kirsty McKayUnfed (Undead #2)Aug 27th
Kristen AshleyRock Chick Revolution (Rock Chick #7)Aug 13th
Kristie CookWrath (Soul Savers #5)Aug 13th
Kristopher RuftyOak HollowAug 6th
Krystal McLaughlinMiraculous: Tales of the UnknownAug 2nd
Krystal McLaughlinPleasant DreamsAug 20th
L.A. WeatherlyAngel Fever (Angel #3) UK EditionAug 1st
Lanie JacobsThe Boys in the Band: Part One *Adult* Aug 1st
Laramie BriscoeOut of Darkness (Heaven Hill #2)Aug 6th
Laura Anne GilmanHeart of Briar (The Portals #1)Aug 1st
Laura GlennClaimed By A LairdAug 16th
Laura KayeVampire King (Vampire Warrior Kings #3)Aug 1st
Laura LandonIntimate Surrender Aug 13th
Laura Toffler-CorrieMy Totally Awkward Supernatural CrushAug 20th
Laurel KingThe Matchmaker's MediumAug 12th
Lauren BlakelyPlaying With Her Heart (Caught Up In Us #3)Aug 17th
Lauren DaneUnconditional (Cascadia Wolves #7) *Adult* Aug 6th
Lauren WilligThe Passion of the Purple Plumeria (Pink Carnation #10)Aug 6th
Lauri RobinsonRescued by the Ranger (Stetsons & Scandals)Aug 1st
Lauri RobinsonDance With the Rancher (Stetson & Scandals)Aug 1st
Laurin Wittig Highlander Betrayed (Guardians of the Targe #1)Aug 6th
Layne HarperFrom Now Until Infinity (Infinity #2)Aug 13th
Leanna Ellis Forgiven (Plain Fear #3)Aug 6th
Lee ChildHigh Heat (Jack Reacher # 17.5)Aug 6th
Lee ChildNever Go Back (Jack Reacher #18)Aug 29th
Leen ElleTwo SistersAug 9th
Leigh JacksonLet Me InAug 1st
Lesley LivingstoneDescendant (Starling 2)Aug 27th
Leslie Ann BudewitzDeath Al Dente (Food Lovers' Village #1)Aug 6th
Lexi BlakeSteal the Light Aug 13th
Liam Sweeny24 Dark Hours  *Adult*Aug 17th
Liana LeFeyTo Make A Match (Scandal In London #3)Aug 13th
Liesel Schwarz A Clockwork Heart (Chronicles of Light and Shadow #2)Aug 13
Lili PeloquinThe Side of Jealousy (The Innocents #2)Aug 20th
Lilou RouxDrawn (Moon Claimed) *Adult*Aug 18th
Linda GrimesQuick Fix (In a Fix #2)Aug 20th
Linda KagePrice of a Kiss  *New Adult*Aug 14th
Lindsay Paige & Mary SmithBreakaway (The Penalty Kill Trilogy #1)Aug 13th
Linwood Barclay A Tap on the WindowAug 6th
Lisa AlderAll Night Long (Christmas with Kink #2) *Adult*Aug 14th
Lisa M. StasseThe Uprising (The Forsaken #2)Aug 6th
Lisa Renee JonesRebecca’s Lost Journals, Volume 5: The Master Undone (Inside Out Novellas 5)Aug 12th
Liz BankesUndeniableAug 1st
Liz Reinhardt Steph Campbell Ties (Lengths #4)Aug 26th
Liza GainesLittle Bird (The Tangled Series #1) *Adult*Aug 14th
Lizzy CharleEffortless With YouAug 12th
Lolita LopezDead Sexy Dragon (Dragon Heat #1)Aug 6th
Lorelei JamesTurn and Burn (Blacktop Cowboys #5) Aug 6th
Lorhainne EckhartBounty (Walk the Right Road #4)Aug 17th
Lori SoardFools Rush InAug 19th
Louise PennyHow The Light Gets In (Chief Inspector Gamache #9)Aug 27th
Lucia JoranFour Series Collection Volume #3 *Adult*Aug 19th
Lucinda LeighAnything for Austin *Adult* Aug 1st
Lynda LeeAnneAdam, Enough Said (This Can't Be Happening #3)  *Adult*Aug 17th
Lynn Leite Shifting Magic (Shifted #4)Aug 2nd
Lynn LowtherWretchedAug 2nd
Lynn ViehlDisenchanted & Co., Part 1: Her Ladyship's CurseAug 12th
M ReesInsightAug 17th
M. MaloneHe's the Man (The Alexanders #3) *Adult*Aug 18th
M.J. CarnalTaming The Playboy (Dickerman/Moretti Novels 02)Aug 14th
M.L. Stephens Bare Assets Aug 3rd
Madeleine RouxAsylumAug 20th
Magan VernonLife, Love, & LemonsAug 14th
Maggie Shayne Gingerbread Man Aug 11th
Mahlatse MokoneThe Promise: Fulfilled  Aug 9th
Maisey YatesUnexpected (Silver Creek #1)Aug 20th
Marata Eros A Brutal Tenderness: A Companion Novel to A Terrible Love Aug 26th
Marcea PaigeWinter's Calling (Broken Ice #1)Aug 10th
Mari Carr, Jayne RylonHope Springs (Compass Girls, #2) Aug 20th
Marie CoulsonDiary Of A DieterAug 15th
Marion CroslydonNo Reverse Aug 8th
Marisha PesslNight FilmsAug 20th
Mark Lawrence Emperor of Thorns (Broken Empire #3) Aug 1st
Mark R. Levin The Liberty AmendmentsAug 13th
Mark. H. KrugerOverpoweredAug 27th
Marquita ValentineJust Desserts (Holland Springs #4)Aug 6th
Mary A. WasowskiA Changed LifeAug 7th
Mary BaloghThe Arrangement (The Survivors' Club #2)Aug 27th
Mary HughesBeauty Bites (Biting Love #6)Aug 27th
Mary Jo PutneySometimes A Rogue (Lost Lords #5)Aug 27th
Mary MarvellaProtective InstinctsAug 10th
MaryJanice DavidsonUndead and Unsure (Undead #12)Aug 6th
Matthew J. Kirby Cave of Wonders (Infinity Ring #5)Aug 27th
Matthew QuickForgive Me, Leonard PeacockAug 13th
Maya Banks Burn (Breathless Trilogy #3)Aug 6th
Maya CrossUnlocked (The Alpha Group #3) *Adult*Aug 16th
McKenna Jeffries Aliyah BurkePure Harmony (McKingley Series, Book 4)Aug 30th
Meg MaguireTaking him Down (Wilinski's #2)Aug 1st
Megan CurdSteel Lily (The Periodic #1)Aug 11th
Megan PowellNo Love for the Wicked (Damned #2)Aug 13th
Melanie DawnSo Much It HurtsAug 20th
Melanie WalkerTrust Me (TAT: A Rocker Romance #1) *Adult* Aug 5th
Melissa DarnellScent of Evil (Midnight Girls #1) *Adult*Aug 1st
Melissa de la CruzWinds of Salem (Beauchamp Family 3)Aug 13
Melissa L. DelgadoEnding a Broken Journey (Journey #1)Aug 2nd
Melissa WestHover (The Taking #2)Aug 6th
Meljean BrookGuardian Demon (The Guardians #8)Aug 6th
Mia HarrisThe Werewolf Mega-Bundle 2 *Adult* Aug 14th
Mia MarlowePlaid To The Bone (Spirit Of The Highlands #0.5)Aug 27th
Michael GriffoSunblind (The Darkborn Legacy #2)Aug 27th
Michael J. SullivanThe Crown Tower (The Riyria Chronicles #1)Aug 6th
Michael RobothamWatching You (Joseph O'Loughlin #6)Aug 1st
Michael StuerStrange Bedfellows *Adult* Aug 3rd
Michele HaugKambriel (Wicked Games #3.8 )  *New Adult* Aug 10th
Michelle GagnonDon't Look Now (PERSEF0NE #2)Aug 27th
Michelle HughesScarlett's Temptation *Adult*Aug 10th
Michelle JonesThe Great Big RomanceAug 9th
Michelle LeeForever MineAug 18th
Michelle SagaraCast in Sorrow (Chronicles of Elantra #9)Aug 27th
Michelle WillinghamTo Sin With A Viking (Forbidden Vikings #1)Aug 1st
Milly JohnsonIt's Raining MenAug 1st
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Fate BookAug 9th
Mina VaughnHow to Discipline Your Vampire *Adult*Aug 19th
Mina Vaughn How To Discipline Your VampireAug 19th
Minx CharmerNow and ForevermoreAug 6th
Miranda NevilleThe Ruin Of A Rogue (Wild Quartet #2)Aug 27th
Missy JohnsonSeduce (Beautiful Rose # 0.5)Aug 8th
Misty DietzCome Hell or High Desire Aug 12th
Monica Murphy CraveAug 6th
Morgan RiceA Rite of Swords (Sorcerer's Ring #7)Aug 2nd
Muhammad Adeel JavaidSophieAug 2nd
Myra McEntireInfinityglass (Hourglass #3)Aug 6th
N.J. WaltersDouble Or Nothing *Adult*Aug 7th
Nancy BushNowhere Safe (Barnes & Noble)Aug 27th
Naomi NovikBlood Of Tyrants (Temeraire #8)Aug 13th
Natalie J. DamschroderHeavy Metal (Goddesses Rising #2)Aug 27th
Natasha SolomonsThe Gallery of Vanished HusbandsAug 27th
Nathan HawkeCold Redemption (Gallow#2)Aug 8th
Nichola St. AnthonyHelen's CurseAug 9th
Nicola MarshBlush (Burlesque Bombshells #2)Aug 19th
Nicole L. FoxRue's CaptiveAug 2nd
Nicole ReedCakeAug 1st
Nikki DuncanHandcuffed In Housewares (Tulle and Tulips #3)*Adult* Aug 20th
Nikola JensenBroken Fairytale *Adult* Aug 4th
Nina CroftLosing Control (Babysitting a Billionaire #1)*Adult* Aug 12th
NJ ColeLandslide *Adult* Aug 4th
Noelle AdamsMissingAug 18th
Nola SarinaJaded Touch (Vesper #2)Aug 4th
Nyrae Dawn Jolene PerryOut of PlayAug 6th
Olivia BrynnTaking Her There *Adult* Aug 13th
Olivia Cunning Wicked Beat (Sinners on Tour #4)Aug 6th
Paige CuccaroHeaven and Hellsbane (Hellsbane #2)Aug 27th
Paige SheltonIf Bread Could Rise to the Occasion (Country Cooking School Mystery #3)Aug 6th
Peyton ReeserLove Redone Aug 11th
Philippa Ballantine Kindred and Wings (Shifted World #2)Aug 6th
Phillipa BornikovaBox Office Poison (Linnet Ellery #2)Aug 6th
Pittacus LoreThe Fall of Five (Lorien Legacies #4)Aug 27th
Priscilla WestForbidden Surrender (Surrender #1)Aug 7th
R.A. SalvatoreThe Companions (The Sundering #1)Aug 6th
R.G. AlexanderBurn With Me (Fireborne #1)Aug 27th
R.K. RyalsThe Singing RiverAug 2nd
Rachel CaineTerminated (Revivalist #3)Aug 6th
Rachel Harris A Tale of Two CenturiesAug 6th
Rachel Van DykenRuinAug 12th
Rae CarsonThe Bitter Kingdom (Fire and Thorns #3)Aug 27th
Rebecca BrookeForgiven (Forgiven #1)Aug 9th
Rebecca EliseSurrender My Heart (The Subzero #2)Aug 4th
Rebecca PhillipsOut of NowhereAug 13th
Rebecca RoyceHexed and Vexed *Adult*Aug 15th
Red GarnierBared by Him *Adult* Aug 1st
Renae KelleighForever With You (Silver State #2) *Adult*Aug 18th
Renee CollinsRelicAug 27th
Rhiannon Frater The Fallen King (In Darkness We Must Abide #8) Aug 3rd
Rhys BowenHeirs and Graces (Her Royal Spyness Mysteries #7)Aug 6th
Rie WarrenIn His Command (Don’t Tell #1)Aug 6th
Rob SheffieldTurn Around Bright Eyes: The Rituals of Love and Karaoke Aug 6th
Robin Bridges The Morning Star (Katerina #3)Aug 27th
Robin D. OwensHeart Fortune (Celta's Heartmates #12Aug 6th
Robyn DehartA Little Bit Scandalous (Forbidden Love #3)Aug 12th
Robyn SchneiderThe Beginning of Everything  Aug 27th
Roni LorenCaught Up In You (Loving on the Edge #4)Aug 6th
Rosanna LeoPredator's Serenade (Gemini Island Shifters #2)Aug 11th
Ruthi KightBurn OutAug 8th
Sabrina YorkSmoking Holt (Tryst Island #3) *Adult* Aug 5th
Sadie GruborAll Grown UpAug 1st
Sam CabotBlood of the LambAug 6th
Sam CrescentLoving a Vampire *Adult* Aug 11th
Samantha ChaseStay With Me (The Montgomery Brothers #3)Aug 13th
Samantha ShannonThe Bone Season (The Bone Season 1)Aug 20th
Samantha TowleWethering the StormAug 20th
Samantha YoundInto the DeepAug 9th
Sandra ReneeHicks Hope Treasures Aug 2nd
Sara HumphreysTall, Dark, and Vampire (Dead in the City #1)Aug 6th
Sarah AdamsCrushing On The Bully (Crushing On You #2)Aug 20th
Sarah AldersonThe SoundAug 1st
Sarah J. MaasCrown of Midnight (Throne of Glass #2)Aug 27th
Sarah M. EdenLonging for Home: A Proper RomanceAug 8th
Sarah P. LodgePerfect HarmonyAug 11th
Sarah Rees BrennanUntold (The Lynburn Legacy 2)Aug 29th
Sarit Hashkes Zero Point Energy   Aug 14th
Sawyer Bennett Off Course (Off Series #4)Aug 2nd
Scott AndersonLawrence in Arabia Aug 6th
SD BeccaIntense Insane in Love IIAug 5th
Sean Platt & David Wright Yesterday's Gone-Season 4 (Episodes 19-24)Aug 14th
Seanan McGuireIndexing (Episode #7)Aug 13th
Sedona VenezBreaking the Storm (Credence Curse#1) Aug 4th
Selena D. Hunter Magical Tendencies (The Magical Tendencies #1)Aug 11th
Selma WolfeProtect MeAug 17th
Shana AbeThe Deepest Night (The Sweetest Dark #2)Aug 13th
Shana GalenThe Spy Wore Blue (Lord And Lady Spy #1.5)Aug 6th
Shannon DittemoreDark Halo (Angel Eyes 3)Aug 20th
Shannon MayerShadowed Threads (Rylee Adamson #4) Aug 15th
Sharon StevensonRaised - Part OneAug 14th
Shay SavageUncockblockable (Otherwise Alone #2.5)Aug 3rd
Shayne McClendonRoadside Assistance  *Adult* Aug 9th
Shelly CraneSmash Into YouAug 11th
Shelly Logan Chasing Second ChancesAug 6th
Sherrill Bodine & Patricia RosemoorWritten in the StarsAug 12th
Sherry WoodTexas Prison RanchAug 9th
Sierra CartwrightIn His Cuffs (Mastered 4) *Adult* Aug 15th
Sierra DeanPitch Perfect (Boys Of Summer #1) *Adult* Aug 6th
Simon R. GreenSpirits From Beyond (Ghostfinders #4)Aug 27th
Skye WarrenBeauty Becomes You (Beauty #4)Aug 4th
Sloan JohnsonUnexpected Angel (Isthmus Alliance #1) *Adult* Aug 3rd
Sonia GenslerThe Dark BetweenAug 27th
Sophia GrayThe Zoey Chronicles: The Complete Collection (Vol. 1-4)Aug 11th
Sophie SwiftOut from Under You (Smart Girls Finish First #1)Aug 8th
Stacey KennedyClaimed (Club Sin #1)Aug 5th
Stacia KaneWrong Ways Down (Downside Ghosts #1.5)Aug 4th
Stacie SimpsonDestined for Time (Myths and Legends #2)Aug 12th
Stella CameronColdAug 17th
Stephen WhiteCompound Fractures (Gregory Allen #20)Aug 20th
Steven Grosso The Highway Aug 1st
Storm JkEmily (Eve Continuum #1)Aug 19th
Sue LondonAthena's Ordeal (Haberdashers #2)Aug 31st
Susan ArdenThe Cowboy Rode a Harley (Bad Boys Don't Drink The Water #3) *Adult* Aug 5th
Susan Beth PfefferThe Shade of the MoonAug 13th
Susan G. CharlesReluctant WolfAug 3rd
Susanna StoneOne for the Road  *Adult*Aug 16th
Suzan ButlerNo Strings AttachedAug 20th
Suzanne JohnsonElysian Fields (Sentinels of New Orleans #3)Aug 13th
Suzanne LazearCharmed Vengeance (The Aether Chronicles #2)Aug 1st
Sylvia DayAfterburnAug 15th
T.A. GreyJaceAug 27th
T.J. GarrettCall of the Crown Aug 5th
T.M. GoegleinFlicker & Burn (Cold Fury #2)Aug 20th
Tamara Hart HeinerDelivererAug 9th
Tammara WebberHere Without You (Between the Lines #4)Aug 6th
Tara ElizabethDenounced (Exalted #2)Aug 10th
Tara Sue MeThe DominantAug 6th
Tara Taylor QuinnSecond Time's The Charm (Shelter Valley #13)Aug 1st
Tasha IveyEvery Breath (Every Life #1)Aug 3rd
Terry GoodkindThe Third Kingdom (Sword of Truth #13)Aug 20th
Terry SpearJaguar Fever (Jaguar #2)Aug 6th
Terry TowersAn Heir For The Billionaire  *Adult* Aug 5th
Tessie BradfordMegan's MenAug 2nd
Thomas E. SniegoskiArmageddon (The Fallen #5)Aug 13th
Thomas E. SniegoskiWalking In the Midst of Fire (Remy Chandler #6)Aug 6th
Thomas HealyThe Great DissentAug 20th
Tiffany KingJordyn and the Caverns of Gloom (Daemon Hunter #2)Aug 15th
Tiffany SnowTurn On A Dime - Blane's Turn (Kathleen Turner #1.5) Aug 6th
Tim O'RourkeVampire Seeker (Samantha Carter #1)Aug 15th
Tim O'RourkeDead Push (Kiera Hudson Series Two #7)Aug 2nd
Tima Maria LacobaBloodgifted (Dantonville Legacy #1)Aug 10th
Timothy MillerAwokenAug 13th
Tom PollockThe Glass Republic (The Skyscraper Throne #2)Aug 1st
Trisha WolfeThe Darkest Part (Living Heartwood #1) *New Adult* Aug 8th
Trista Ann MichaelsUp in Flames (Entwined Fates #7) *Adult* Aug 12th
Trista CadeNo Easy Choices *Adult*Aug 15th
V.J. ChambersSilas (Assassins #3) *Adult* Aug 11th
V.J. ChambersOtherworldly Bad Boys: Three Complete Novels *Adult* Aug 15th
Vicki WilkersonBikers and Pearls (Summerbrook #1)Aug 12th
Victor MethosPestilence: A Medical Thriller Aug 11th
Victoria AshleyWake Up CallAug 2nd
Victoria JamesThe Best Man's Babay (Red River #2) *Adult* Aug 12th
Victoria ScotThe Liberator (Dante Walker #2)Aug 27th
Viola GraceGaze (Terran Times)Aug 1st
Viola GraceBride of DeathAug 1st
Viola GraceGovern (Terran Times)Aug 14th
Viola GraceRhoe's RequestAug 14th
Vivian ArendDiamond Dust (Takhini Wolves #3)Aug 20th
W. FerraroThree of Diamonds (Hamden #3) *Adult*Aug 7th
W.E.B. GriffinThe Last Witness (Badge of Honor #11)Aug 6th
Wanda E. BrunstetterA Tattered Quilt (Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club #2)Aug 6th
Wendy Lyn WatsonOnce Upon a WallflowerAug 8th
Wesley CraggFade To Black Aug 15th
William Kent KruegerTamarack County (Cork O'Connor #13)Aug 20th
Willow BrookeRush Against Time (Twisted Fate #1)  *Adult*Aug 18th
Yangsze ChooThe Ghost BrideAug 6th
Yara G. Mansour Saving EdgarAug 4th
Zenina MastersBorn Cheetah (Shifting Crossroads #7)Aug 1st
Zoë ArcherSkies of Gold (The Ether Chronicles #5)Aug 6th
Zoe DawsonA Perfect Mess (A Perfect Secret #1)Aug 5th
Zoe YorkBetween Then and NowAug 19th
Zoey WilliamsThe Demon's Forbidden PassionAug 1st
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First time I've done this... so let's hope I've done it correctly...   :-\

8 Aug  -  The Beast  -  Faye Kellerman
13 Aug  -  Let Me Go  -  Chelsea Cain
15 Aug  -  The Corporal's Wife  -  Gerald Seymour
20 Aug  -  Good as Gone  -  Douglas Corleone
20 Aug  -  It Happens in the Dark  -  Carol O'Connell
27 Aug  -  Bones of the Lost (Temperance Brennan #16)  -  Kathy Reichs
29 Aug  -  Never Go Back (Jack Reacher #18) -  Lee Child

Guess I did...!!!
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good line up
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