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Author Topic: Looking for Romances, love paranormal but willing to stray! (Specifics)  (Read 2752 times)


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Hi guys! Im new to STP, but I love reading and would love to help other readers!
Im a big reader, and specifically into romance. I don't think I've ever read titles other than romance as a matter of fact.
I know that this is very common and also very uncommon, and its a debated topic..but I absolutely love the Twilight Series. I can sometimes get into YA, depending..but this series hit me more because of the sexual tension between the two over the course of the series. I've never had the feeling that I got when I read that series, I literally got butterflies when they went anywhere past first base. Like what? It was just crazy. I love other series such as in YA, Vampire Academy, Marked, Mortal Instruments, Hush hush, Fallen (love this..waiting on its newest addition Rapture in just about a week), Book of Shadows, Vampire Diaries..& in adult I love love love Fifty Shades of Grey, the first book was just alright to me, but the second book when they brought in more romance rather than sex it was just amazzzing. The mixture of the two in a book is just beautiful to me. Anyway, in more adult I love the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, Black Dagger Brotherhood (of course), and I began reading recently the Wallflower series which the first book I enjoyed thoroughly even though It isn't paranormal! I am really just into tummy turning romances! Sexual tension is a must! I loved it in Twilight completely, other than that they didn't have that yummy sex scene we were all waiting for. I like to have sexual tension, but I also like the sexual tension to have a mindblowing finale..and if its a series, for it to continue on... I dont mind it getting dirty!
I feel certainly like every book i've read since twilight hasn't compared..maybe because im really into the romance aspect of it and the sex is just a plus! So mind-blowing romance w/ lots of sexual tension!! I want butterflies! lol. I also just read the Night World first book by LJ Smith and I thought it was alright but it was too PG! Thats the problem with YA, they can get some good sexual tension but they never do the right finish! Let me know if you know any of these titles.
Any questions, let me know! Looking forward to your replies! (crossing fingers)
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Offline Dusty Simon

Love how you make the distinction between sexual tension and just sex in a book. The best books to me do have a mix of both and not one more than the other.

Just as a note, just check this post real quick.
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I like the same books as you do  :)
Here are some you may like too. Mima with her "Within" series I just LOVE!!
It's paranormal. The start may be a bit slow, but hang in there.
And Kristen Ashley's book "knight" is a lot like "fifty shades". Laurann Dohner's
"New Species" series is also a must-have...  ;)


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