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Author Topic: Western HELP!  (Read 848 times)

Offline pepperdore

Western HELP!
« on: September 26, 2012, 05:23 PM »
This is a real long shot but I would love find it again.
I read a western about a group of brothers, one was in jail for killing someone (not guilty of course) and the rest came to rescue him. One or more ended up dying. I think it had savage (Savages?) in the title or it may have been their surname. I've no idea who it was by.
I know its not a lot to go on and sounds like quite a common type of storyline, but at the time I found it quite powerful and abit depressing, (but I was quite young, still at school) I regret not keeping it. I read it about 35yrs ago (I know I am ancient) and have been searching on and off for years as it still sticks with me.
I will be grateful of any suggestions
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