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Author Topic: BOY TO GAL  (Read 3749 times)

Offline mayur47

« on: May 15, 2009, 12:18 PM »
BOY TO GAL : hey,if i climb this coconut tree,i can see engineering college
gal : leave both the hands from there,you can see medical college

Britisher :do you know swimming?
ramu :"NO"
Britisher : dog is better than u,it swins
Ramu : do you know swimming?
Britisher : YES
Ramu : Then what is the difference between you and the dog?

An accident took place.Crowd gathered
a Reporter could not get in
The clever reporter cried: "it's ma father"
the crowd made way for him
a donkey had met with an accident.

Argument between a Britisher and an indian
British : we have spoiled your mother land for over 200 years
Indian : Ha ha ha.....We spoil your mother tongur daily

Raghu :Ram do you know why the tank buddha keeps one hand up and the other one down??
Ram :Why? What does it mean?
Raghu : it implies that if we drink this water we'll go up!!!!

(Two ants were walking along when they saw an Elephant)
First ant :let's attack him
second ant : let the poor guy go,after all he is alone
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