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Author Topic: Need Help...  (Read 1273 times)


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Need Help...
« on: March 05, 2010, 03:47 AM »
Hello everyone....I am desparately looking for a project any of these mentioned below, if you have any then please reply me. My email id is [email protected]
1. Case Study ? Marketing strategy for a product for agricultural customer base

2. Sales Force Management for rural marketing

3. Marketing strategies for CNC machine or any other industrial product

4. Marketing strategies for diesel engines of any other industrial product in international market

5. Uses of consumer buyer behavior analysis at retail shopping mall

6. Case Study ? consumer perception campaign

7. Case Study ? Marketing strategies for financial products of a bank

8. Case Study ? Role of ?place? in a service based product

9. Case Study ? Logistics Management

10. Case Study ? Inventory control in the distribution management

11. Case Study ? Sales forecast analysis and planning

12. Case Study ? Sales Force Management and compensation

13. Case Study ? Marketing Research

14. Analysis of data and attitude measurement in a market research project

15. Case Study ? Product/Brand strategy

16. Case Study ? Brand Extensions

17. Case Study ? International Market Selection

18. Case Study ? Pricing policies in International Marketing

19. Case Study ? Advertising Research

20. Case Study ? Advertising Agency and its role

21. Case Study ? Usage of print media in advertising

Please help me....I am in need....???