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Author Topic: PC Review: Hitman Codename 47  (Read 1316 times)

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PC Review: Hitman Codename 47
« on: February 16, 2012, 10:25 AM »
Hitman Codename 47
Eidos Interactive & IO Interactive

The first in the successful assassination games series, Hitman Codename 47 was a game which took the world by a surprise by the concept it offered. The game is dated but the feel of a successful kill never fades. I will be reviewing it with the care that a game of its age deserves.

Graphics: I didn't have a computer in 2000 so i can't say if it's graphics are good or bad but I have played Half-Life and I can say that in its respect, the graphics of Hitman Codename 47 is better. The interface is not exactly smooth but then again, for a game of its age, it is pretty good. It can run smoothly even on an old PC (around '04).

Music: For a game of last decade, the music sure is amazing. I can say that it still offers its later versions quite a hard competition. The ambiance will let you relax or will fire you up, depending on your location. It will make you aggressive in Columbia and will make you excited in Romania or will compliment your stealth in Rotterdam.

Plot: If you want to play the Hitman series, I recommend that you play it in the way it was meant to be, in the way of a professional assassin (adjective silent gets added from part 2). There is no use in playing if all you want to do is go and kill every living person on the map. The plot is nearly negligible and you must pick up clues and try to understand it through the small videos in between location switches and through the letters between the five major targets of five main locations.  In my opinion, if you look for it, the plot is above mediocre but not really exciting.

Background/Setting: Even with outdated graphics, I feel that the game offers quite a visual treat in some stages. The forests of Columbia are really exciting and annoying (more on this later). The streets of Hong Kong are sneaky as there are short-cuts which can help an assassin make a quick escape. The docks of Rotterdam are filled with spots where guards could be hiding.

Gameplay: The gameplay is professional as you got to pay for whatever equipment you bring into the field. If enemies see you making a kill and they alarm others, be prepared for the biggest nightmare as every guard would come at you (especially in HK) or could make the target escape(in Rotterdam). The AI is dull and unless you provoke them, they would almost leave you alone.

Advantages: The moves with piano wire and knife are just ... cool! Some of the methods of assassination require quite proper planning so that when they are executed, it just seems like fatally harmonious. (I realize that I have been providing all the symptoms of a psychopath.) For someone who likes to organize and plan, this should be a treat.

Disadvantages: Eliminate 'Columbia' and 'Rotterdam', update the graphics and there would be no text here. Seriously! In Columbia, the guards have some sort of 'sniper-like' vision in which they can practically spot you 100 ft away, even before their silhouettes are visible in the fog. Similarly in Rotterdam, if you make one mistake and your cover is blown, you might as well restart because getting caught means the target escapes the level, thus failing the mission.

Overall rating: 8/10 - Just because its old doesn't mean its boring.

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System requirements
Microsoft Windows

    * Windows 95/98
    * Intel Pentium II 266 MHz
    * 64MB RAM
    * 400 MB hard disk space
    * 12 MB video card

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