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Author Topic: Prince of Persia The Sands of Time Review  (Read 1227 times)

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Prince of Persia The Sands of Time Review
« on: January 20, 2012, 11:36 PM »
Year : 2004
Publisher : Ubisoft

Original Prince of Persia was a simple Nintendo game which took the world in surprise. In 2004, Ubisoft decided to re-establish the series with the game 'Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time' in 2004.
Synopsis: The ancient Arabia is full of mystical stories and one of the them is about a story so unique that it feels unbelievable. When King Shar'aman and his youngest son travel to Azad, they capture the kingdom of an Indian Maharaja with the help of their Vizier. Trying to prove himself, Prince marches ahead into the Maharaja's treasure vaults where he finds the mystical Dagger of Time, a small artifact which allows him to rewind a little time, and the Hourglass of Time, containing a large amount of Sands of Time.
When they reach Azad, with Maharaja's Vizier now supporting them and with Maharaja's daughter as one of the captured slaves, Prince, despite Princess Farah's attempts, opens the hourglass at Vizier's suggestion and unleashes a curse upon the entire kingdom which turns everyone living being into a sand monster. Everyone except Prince, Vizier and Farah, that is. As a result of unleashing the Sands of Time, Prince finds that he can upgrade the dagger of Time to unlock new time powers like Rewind, Slow down, Freeze, Freeze All + Superspeed. Also, while saving game in a Sand Vortex, you get to see some visions of what is about to happen (Some are true while some are not).
As everyone succumbs to the curse, Vizier reveals his intention to turn immortal after getting the Sands released. All he needs is the dagger which Prince manages to escape with. Later, Prince and Farah join forces to restore the kingdom while falling for each other. It is our quest to make them succeed and make sure that everything is restored, no matter what cost.

Advantages: This game got almost universal appraise from the critics and I agree. Most of the games before I played this one were not so imaginative but this game managed to turn the simple plot into such a touching story line that even I felt like crying near the end. The dialogue and the music is simply amazing and I can proudly say that  I keep an entire playlist only of its background music. Graphics is pretty amazing and I get a feel as if watching a fairy-tale, with sand monsters.Difficulty keeps progressing at an easy rate (except for one scene - See in disadvantages). The puzzles are simple but interesting and the last sword we get is a serious kick-***. The time powers are also amazing.

Disadvantages: There were not many disadvantages in the game but the one which felt most annoying that the sand monsters rarely used a different technique to fight. It felt too annoying to think 'here is one, jump and kill' but thank god that by the time I felt that, their appearances were nearly over. Another annoying thing was that Farah, on her own, rarely tended to survive in close combat battles. What was worse that she actually shot me several times while trying to shoot the sand monsters. (I think she hurt me a lot more than sand monsters in some battles.) It was avoidable if I stayed out of her line of fire. The most disappointing of them all was the fact that we face Prince's father as Sand King before the game i even 20% complete and he is hard to kill if you don't know how. It was at that point when I had to look for a walk-through to find out how to defeat him. In comparison to him, Vizier was a walk in the park. I think that the first of the only two boss fights (excluding one elevator fight where we have to fight about 40 sand monsters with 5 or 6 present at a time) should have been placed later in the game.
Also, there aren't many moves available, like in the sequels Prince of Persia Warrior Within and Prince of Persia The Two Thrones.

Overall rating: 9/10

Notes: My overall rating is 9 out of 10 because even though the game has its problems, it offers a unique plot I have yet to experience somewhere else. Also if you want to, you can play only the first part. The second part is M rated, so its your choice but if you want to make some amazing moves and to see the story of lovers uniting, I recommend that you play the complete trilogy.

Warning: If you haven't played the game and want to, then let me give you two warnings:
1. Always get those life upgrades. You will thank yourself during the above mentioned elevator fight.
2. Do NOT depend on the time powers. Or else, you will have one heck of a time near the end of the game when you lose the Dagger.

Where to get the game?
You can always buy the game. If not, then don't rush to the torrents because you can easily find its free version(with advertisement). While bought game doesn't require constant internet connection, the free version requires one.

System requirements

Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP
Pentium III/AMD Athlon 800 MHz or faster
256 MB RAM or greater recommended
GeForce 3 or higher (Excluding GeForce 4 MX)
DirectX 9.0a (included on CD)
1.5 GB minimum hard drive space
16X or better CD-ROM
Windows compatible mouse (with wheel) / keyboard required.
Internet connection (if using free version)
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