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Author Topic: Executive MBA from ICFAI  (Read 6950 times)

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Executive MBA from ICFAI
« on: March 10, 2009, 02:15 AM »
following are the assignments of ICFAI can somebody help me on this


Program : Executive MBA

Title : The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

[ISBN: 978-1-4165-0249-4; Pocket Books, 2004]

Author : Stephen R. Covey

Answer all questions

1. Describe the importance of ?interdependency? in interpersonal relationship. Discuss why

?interdependency? is considered as a vital factor for efficient leadership and effective

teambuilding. Illustrate with examples.

2. Suggest some techniques that may help deal with problems in interpersonal communication.

Discuss how developing a habit of empathic communication helps in developing an

atmosphere of co-operation and co-ordination in an organization.

3. a. State how a habit of ?beginning with the end in mind? helps to develop ?personal

leadership? in individuals that can help them to become more productive and successful.

b. Discuss the significance of a ?personal mission statement?.

c. Identify the important roles in your life and the long-term goals that you want to

accomplish in each of those roles and prepare your own personal mission statement.

4. a. Critically analyze how the habit of renewing the four basic dimensions of human nature ?

physical, mental, social/emotional and spiritual helps a person to enhance his/her


b. Considering the limited availability of time, is it really practical for a modern day

manager to ?sharpen the saw? regularly? Express your views in this regard.

5. ?The essence of effective time management is to organize and execute around balanced

priorities.? Justify the statement from the viewpoint of a manager. How can a manager

effectively manage the most valuable resource ? ?time?? How can a manager increase P

(production) and PC (production capacity) through effective delegation of duties and



Program : Executive MBA

Title : What Management Is

[ISBN: 1-86197-645-3 or 978-1-86197-645-1; Penguin Books]

Author : Joan Magretta and Nan Stone

Answer all questions

1. An ?external orientation? rather than an ?inward focus? is useful in understanding the concept

of value. Describe ?value creation? from the context of a low-cost airline (no-frills airlines).

Compare it with the Indian Railways and delineate has to how it creates value.

2. a. Describe the business model of your organization. Point out the salient features and

drawbacks of the model, if any.

b. Are there any competing organizations in your industry that use a different business

model? If so, select one of these business models and compare it with that of your

organization. If not, propose an alternative business model that can be used by a new

venture and its strengths and weaknesses, along with the assumptions made while

proposing this new business model.

3. ?Strategy is about being different.? Critically analyze the statement and explain the significance

of ?being different? for competitive advantage. Supplement your answer with examples from

the world of business.

4. a. ?Numbers are in fact, management?s only window to reality.? Discuss the significance of

systematic measurement of performance and careful interpretation of the numbers.

b. Describe the performance measures used in your department. Do you think that these are

the right measures to be used? Do they address the performance needs of the present as

well as the innovation required to face the future? Justify.

5. ?Good management is entrepreneurial.? Discuss.

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Re: Executive MBA from ICFAI
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2009, 12:25 AM »
I am in the same boat.

Haven't started reading the books though!

I lost the questions/directions to the independent case studies.  I have now no clue on what to do once I finish reading the books.

Could you please help me in any of the following:

1)  Questions/directions to the independent case studies for all the books.  Even scanned copy of the same would do.  Please also provide me with the link on how I could submit the assignments online.

2)  Link to submit assignments for the case studies as well.

I hope we could collaborate.



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