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Author Topic: Fading Out... by Ayush Srivastava  (Read 2210 times)

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Fading Out...

Author: Ayush Srivastava

Release Date: 02.09.2015

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It was supposed to be just a dare...
When 18 year old Nick Demming Peters entered the haunted Victorian mansion of his small town of Anacresia on a challenge to prove his bravery, on the inside he shook with fear of what might happen. The mansion was haunted by a ghost lady who hated anyone who dared to intrude into her home or tried to damage it. With his barely concealed shaking legs, he enters the mansion at dusk to stay until dawn or until he recovers the necklace kept in the ghost lady’s room. He was hoping nothing might happen. That nothing changes. But everything did.

But it is never really that simple now, is it?
When 100 year old ghost of Daisy McCain, who died at a young age of 17 on the night her wedding day’s eve, sees the young boy entering the mansion with barely hidden fear, she immediately is drawn to him. But when she sees him try to sneak out the necklace she prizes far more than anything else, she is enraged and decides to scare him to scar him forever. But when she appears in front of him, something happens that neither expected.

And now they have a choice to make: Love or Existence?
A ghost who chooses to stay can only last 150 years while slowly going weak. Daisy is barely able to hold on to her appearance and she often suffers from memory losses. She knows that having chosen to stay, she will just fade out of existence, never to be reborn again. But Nick isn’t accepting that. He never believed in love at first sight but is now in love with Daisy, who seems to be reciprocating his feelings. Now, when Daisy has no hope for herself, he believes that there must be a way. But once all the secrets and lies are exposed, there is a choice to be made by them both. Do they stay together and let Daisy fade out or do they work to help Daisy move on, and separate her from him and leave two broken hearts in the process?
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I would love to hear back from you. And I need help making a website of my own. Anyone know how to help me on weebly.com. I haven't even registered there yet.
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