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Author Topic: Not Exactly an Author......  (Read 20106 times)

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Not Exactly an Author......
« on: April 17, 2020, 06:02 AM »
I'm not an actual author, but I do love to free write at times. I'm not sure this is the correct board to post on, but I thought i would share a bit from one of the stories i have been playing with. Feedback both positive and negative is welcomed as well as any Questions. I hope you enjoy the read.


Untitled Story Part 1

Cari was dressed in her most expensive, and most uncomfortable business suit. She really hated all the formal stuff from the clothes to the front you had to put on to be taken seriously. Unfortunately they were necessary when you were a one person show. The real estate agent had told her the office would be easy to find, right next door to the barber shop on Main Street. Cari still wasn’t sure how she felt about putting down semi-permanent roots. She’d spent the last six years on the run. Lately she had felt more lost than usual, and that was what had made her decide to make a home for herself. The cold north was miles and years away now, and it was time to make a place that was hers and hers alone. Her own sanctuary from THEM.

Cari found the real estate office quite easily. She pulled her shiny black Cadillac into a parking spot in front of the barber shop, and grabbed her briefcase from the seat beside her. Before getting out of her car Cari took a moment to look around and take the town in. It was one of those quaint little places not yet affected by corporate chain businesses and high society lifestyles. Everything looked locally owned and run. There wasn’t a chain coffee shop or fast food place anywhere to be seen. Next to the barber shop was a cigar shop, and adjacent to that a diner. Down the road she could see a bar of some sort, and a movie theater with one screen. Looking In the other direction next to the real estate office was a sporting goods type store. In her rear view mirror she found a mom and pop style grocery store, a library, a church, and a park.

Cari got out of her car just in time to hear the far off rumble of bikes. She looked up the street in the opposite direction, and saw a dozen or so bikers coming into town. They pulled into the parking lot next to the bar. She was close enough to see them, but too far away to see the cut they wore.

One of the bikers caught sight of her and said something to the others who all turned to look at her. She smiled like she wasn’t watching them just simply taking in the scenery and headed into the real estate office.

"That must be her." Dom said

"Must be, she looks the high society bitch type." Zeke answered.

"Hammil said she was coming in this morning to finalize the sale on the land." Jericho added.

"It’s anyone’s guess as to what she wants it for; nothing has been given to the town hall for approval to build yet." Dom assured them

"It won’t be corporate whatever it is, Hammil plans to be still sitting in the mayors chair after the next election and he knows who holds the votes in this town." Thorn added. With that they all laughed and headed into the bar.

"Good morning Miss Cari, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you."

"Good morning Mrs. Monroe."

"I have all the paperwork in order all you have to do is sign, and pay of course."

Cari opened her briefcase and handed Mrs. Monroe the cashier's check for the agreed upon sum, then signed all the necessary documents.

"Congratulations Miss Cari you’re now the proud owner of 3000 acres of land."

"Thank you, Mrs. Monroe."

"If you don’t mind my asking, what are you planning on doing with it?"

"I do mind you asking Mrs. Monroe." Cari said placing her paperwork in her briefcase walking out the door.

Small towns are all the same Cari thought, full of nosy people that all want to know each other’s business. She would soon be the talk of the town she was sure. Next stop the town hall to drop off her building plans for approval. Tomorrow her equipment would arrive, and as soon as the town approved she could get started. Tonight she would head to the storage unit to load her truck and trailer and get her personal items over to her land.

Cari had loaded the semi in no time at all. She literally drove the Cadillac into the back and she was ready to go. The trailer had been special made just for her traveling purposes. The Cadillac was contained in the very end and once the doors were opened an electric ramp was there for easy loading and unloading. Her bikes were in the middle, all six of them. The side had a roll away door and a quick slide aluminum ramp. The front held all her personal items, a large bedroom, and bathroom. The access door had been top technology when she requested it be built, as with all of her vehicles each was auto locked unless it was in use, and they were all programmed to read her specific biological pattern only so no keys were necessary.

It wasn’t a long drive from the storage yard to her new land, an hour or so on the highway at most. Forty- five minutes into her run, and just about on the outskirts of town she could see a vehicle pulled over up ahead with the lights flashing, and a woman standing next to it, looking helpless. Cari groaned, knowing she hated being stranded herself, and decided to stop and help. She tucked her semi in behind the Escalade and got out of the truck.

"Is everything ok, do you need help?"

The woman looked at her stunned for a moment and said, "wouldn’t you just know it I have a flat and no cell phone reception."

Cari looked her up and down, six inch stilettos, skinny jeans, tight shirt, manicured nails and toes, yeah she was going to have to change the tire for her. "Well I can change it for you or call for help over the radio in my truck, it’s up to you."

The sound of multiple bikes coming up the highway startled the woman. "Shit, shit, shit!" the woman yelled. "We’re in trouble, those are Sarens in the distance and they are not friendly. We need to get out of here and fast."

Cari sighed, of course this couldn’t just be a quick tire change, and a random act of kindness, no it had to be a fight, always a fight.

"I don’t run."

"Well you’d better learn how and fast or we will both be dead. Sarens are sworn enemies to the Kindred, and I happen to be old lady number one."

"Your point?"

"We need to get out of here...now!"

"I already told you I don’t run."

"Are you NOT ALLOWED nuts?"

"No I’m quite sane," Cari said "I assure you. Now get in the trailer and don’t come out no matter what, do you understand?"

The woman sighed and climbed in the trailer. "You just signed both our death certificates."

Cari closed the door behind her, just in time for five bikes to pull up beside her trailer.

"What have we here?" a fat balding man said as he laughed

"Nothing that concerns you." Cari said "I suggest you gentlemen turn your bikes around and head back where you came from. This is your only warning." All of the bikers laughed, and got off their bikes.

"Bitch" the fat one said "I don’t think you know who it is your dealing with."

"I could say the same for you." Cari retorted. The fat one lunged for her, and she stepped out of the way making him land flat on the ground.

"You’ll pay for that bitch!" he said as he struggled to get up off the ground.

Cari laughed and drew her daggers from their hiding place at the small of her back.

"Oh look," one of the others said "she wants to play with knives." he reached down and took a long hunting knife from his boot. He tried to slice her while another man moved to disarm her, but in one swift movement both their heads were removed. The other three looked shocked as they rushed her. Within moments those three lay dead and headless as well. Cari returned her daggers into their holster after wiping the blood off on the fat ones shirt.

Cari raised her arms up to the sky. Her hair became wild, and whipped as if the wind were blowing. Her eyes turned black and blue fire danced within them. The bodies burst into flames and were reduced to nothing more than piles of ash. She opened the trailer door for the woman, who was gaping at what she had just seen and all that lay on the ground before her. Cari walked over to the woman’s Escalade and started to change her tire.

"Who in the fuck are you?"

"Flacari, but everyone just calls me Cari. And you are?"

"Anna, Anna Wentworth." she said turning in circles looking at the charred remains of five Sarens,

"I told you I don’t run." Cari said

Anna stood in silence not sure what to think, she was no stranger to violence as the wife to the vice president of the Kindred and aunt to the president, But this was something else. One small woman had just taken down, five Sarens, and then somehow made them all spontaneously combust?

"Your tire is all set Mrs. Wentworth, all you have is a donut, so make sure you have someone take care of it and get a real one on there as soon as you get back home.  Don’t drive over 50 mph. also, I would not mention what transpired here today, most would think you insane, and those that did believe you would have a very hard time proving it. Anything could have happened to those bikers out here on the highway, random electical storms that cause fires are a real thing."

Anna nodded still in shock "thank you, I think."

"Remember" Cari said "not a word, I was never here and you never saw me, or any of this."

"Yeah" Anna said "I’m sure I’m all set with doing time for being an accomplice to five murders, or locked up in a padded room, strait jackets aren't my style. My lips are sealed."

Cari nodded and got into her semi and drove off. Anna got in her escalade and left as well, not sure how she was going to keep this from the club. At least it had happened outside of town. Anna still had to figure out who this woman was and what she was doing headed for town.

Anna pulled into the parking lot next to the bar, Thorn and Dom rushed out to meet her

"You’re late, what happened?" Thorn asked, kissing his wife on the forehead.

"Oh I gotta flat out on 139, can you have one of the boys take care of it, the spare is on and the other tire is in the back.

"Anna, why didn’t you call?" Dom asked kissing his aunt on the cheek

"No reception"

"Then how did you get your tire changed?" thorn asked "Please don't try to convince me that you did it yourself, I know better."

"Uh, someone was passing by and helped." Before they could ask more questions she headed into the bar, leaving them behind.
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