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Author Topic: Evie Dunmore - Bringing Down the Duke (League of Extraordinary Women #1)  (Read 120986 times)

Offline ficfangirl

If you like historical romances, this may be up your alley.  I really enjoyed both the romance aspects and the look into the women's movement in England.  This did not involve the right to vote, but the fight for married women to be able to own property.  Not only did they have most of the men against them, but also the queen.  I found the political aspects of the book very interesting.  Sometimes it helps to be reminded that things are not as bad as they used to be, even if we haven't achieved as much as we would like.

As for the romance, you have a sexy duke, a commoner fighting her attraction to him, and the inevitable collision of desires.  There are some chapters that are not appropriate for younger readers. 

I liked it enough that I acquired the second book and moved it up my TBR list so I could read it now.
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