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Author Topic: JULY 2012 BOOK RELEASES  (Read 8807 times)

Offline Snoopy06

« on: July 18, 2012, 12:50 PM »

If you're looking forward to a book that's going to be released in JULY, you can post that book + release date in this thread and I'll add it to the list. That way we get a clear and organized overview of all the (interesting) February releases.

#1: This thread is for release dates only. NO UPLOADS! If you upload a book, It will be deleted without any warning
#2: Check the list below before you post the releases you're looking forward to. 
#3: This list is for JULY release dates only                                                   


Some tips concerning release dates
  • Check Amazon, Barnes & Noble or publisher for confirmed ebook release dates.
  • Please give the link to the publisher so I can verify RD. Self published in particular can be difficult to verify without a link.

*** please use following format (Author, Title, Series) & Release Date***

WEEK 1-2: JULY 1st - July 16th
AuthorBook Title [Series #]RD
Abbi GlinesLeif (Existence 2.5)July 1
Abigail K. LindSold to a VampireJuly 9
Aleka NakisThe Greek Rule (The Greek Series #1)July 10
Alex ArcherLibrary of Gold (Rogue Angel Series #37)July 1
Alex KavaFireproof (Maggie O'Dell #10)July 10
Alexis MorganMy Lady Mage (Warriors of the Mist #1)July 3
Ali CrossDesolate (Desolation #2)July 3
Alicia HopeGlass CeilingsJuly 2
Alisa WrightCursed (The Hybrid Chronicles # 1)July 1
Alivia AndersObumbrate (The Illumine Series #2)July 3
Allie RitchMating Season *Adult* July 16
Ally BlueGraceland *Adult* July 3
Amanda BonillaBlood Before Sunrise (Shaede Assassin #2)July 3
Amanda UsenLuscious (Scrumptious #2)July 3
Amber GarrArise (Syrenka #3)July 4
Amber SweetappleDjinn & Tonic (The Houri Legends #2)July 13
Amelia Atwater-RhodesPoison TreeJuly 10
Amie DenmanHer Lucky Prize (Jazz Shepherd #2)July 3
Amy WisemanEdible DelectablesJuly 9
Andrea CremerAftermath (Nightshade #3.5)July 10
Andrew Gross15 SecondsJuly 10
Andrew ShafferFifty Shames of Earl GreyJuly 10
Angel LawsonFangirlJuly 9
Angela CastleSin's City (Moon Shadows #2) *Adult* July 14
Angela ScottDesert RiceJuly 7
Ann CharlesJackrabbit Junction Jitters (Jackrabbit Junction Mystery Series #2)July 8
Ann KellyLost GirlsJuly 10
Anna CareyOnce (Eve #2)July 3
Anna MartinTattoos and TeacupsJuly 6
Anna SandersKilled by DarknessJuly 12
Annette BlairCloaked in Malice (A Vintage Magic Mystery #5)July 3
Annie BrewerBack to YouJuly 9
Anya RichardsFleeing Fate (Unveiled Seductions #1) *Adult* July 4
April SadowskiOut of TimeJuly 3
Artemis HuntA Virgin Enslaved *Adult* July 12
Ashlynn MonroeA Gift of the Darkest MagicJuly 16
Azure BooneUnder-GodsJuly 10
Barbara ElsborgGirl Most Likely To *Adult* July 11
Barbara ErskineRiver of DestinyJuly 5
Barry DoughtyFourteenJuly 8
Becky McGrawThe Trouble With Love (Texas Trouble #2)July 2
Ben CoesThe Last Refuge (Dewey Andreas #3)July 3
Ben H. WintersThe Last PolicemanJuly 7
Beth PrenticeIt Started With A HouseJuly 12
Beverly RaeSexual Shift (Magical Sisters #3) *Adult* July 10
Brea BrownPlain JayneJuly 13
Brian CastnerThe Long Walk: A Story of War and the Life That FollowsJuly 10
Brian D'AmatoSacrifice Game (The Sacrifice Game Trilogy #2)July 5
Bridget MarisHowledJuly 5
Britt BuryThe Darkest Day (Immortal Heat #1)July 3
Brook CadenceSplit Second Soul MatesJuly 13
Brynne McKayBaby Steps to MamaJuly 13
C. S. DorseyBloody RoseJuly 13
C.C. WoodFrenemies (Girl Next Door #2)July 2
C.F. Fruzzetti & M.I. PearsallThe Light Bringer’s Way (The Light Bringer #2)July 14
C.H. AdmirandJesse (The Secret Life of Cowboys #3)July 3
C.J. ArcherThe Medium (Emily Chambers Spirit Medium #1)July 8
Candace SchulerLovers and Strangers (Hollywood Nights #1)July 16
Candice PoarchWith This Kiss (Welcome to Nottoway #2)July 3
Carla KellyMiss Grimsley's Oxford CareerJuly 9
Carmen FalconeA Vengeful AffairJuly 14
Caroline McCall and Eileen GormleyAngels, Demons and Doms *Adult* July 11
Carolyn JewelPassion's SongJuly 4
Cary Barner - NelsonJustice For AllJuly 4
Catherine CoulterBackfire (FBI series #16)July 10
Cathie LinzWildfireJuly 7
Cathryn FoxCowboy's Way (Weekend Cowboys #1)July 10
Cathryn FoxWet (Whispering Cove #2) *Adult* July 10
Cecilia Aubrey & Chris AlmeidaEcstasy by the Sea (Countermeasure #1.25) *Adult* July 4
Celia KyleYou're Lion You're Lion (Ridgeville #1.5)July 3
Charles StrossThe Apocalypse Codex (Laundry Files series#4)July 3
Charlotte FeatherstoneTemptation & Twilight(Brethren Guardians #3)July 1
Chelsea ScottHungry For MoreJuly 15
Cher CarsonLockdown (Brant County Heroes #3) *Adult* July 10
Cheyenne McCrayThe Temptation (Lexi Steele series #3)July 2
Chris CleaveGoldJuly 3
Christine DePetrilloKisses to RememberJuly 3
Christine FeehanSamurai Game (GhostWalkers #10)July 3
Chynna LairdDark WaterJuly 9
Cindy Lynn SpeerThe Chocolatier's WifeJuly 11
Clarissa CarlyleJust Like HeavenJuly 7
Coert VoorheesLucky FoolsJuly 10
Con RileyAfter Ben (Seattle Stories #1)July 15
Connie Mason and Mia MarloweLord of Fire And IceJuly 3
D. B. JacksonThieftaker (Thieftaker Chronicles #1)July 3
D. F. KriegerTo Honor (R&R #1)July 9
D.L. MilesShadeland (The Ethereal Crossings #1)July 11
Dahlia LuThe Dark God's Bride (Book #2)July 14
Dale MayerVampire in Distress (Family Blood Ties #2)July 8
Dana BarksdaleLady LostJuly 4
Danelle HarmonWicked At HeartJuly 14
Dani WorthAfter the Crux (Crux Survivors #1) *Adult* July 3
Danielle BourdonThe Reign of Mayhem (Fates #3)July 15
Darcy BurkeTo Seduce a Scoundrel (Secrets & Scandals #3)July 2
David PetersA DarknessJuly 16
David S. Goyer & Michael CassutHeaven's War (Heaven's Shadow #2)July 3
Dean MurrayIntrusion (Reflections #4)July 14
Debbie MacomberThree Brides, No GroomJuly 6
Deborah CookeDouble Trouble (The Coxwells #2)July 11
Deborah HarknessShadow Of Night (All Souls Trilogy #2)July 10
Dee TenorioThe Virgin's Revenge (Rancho del Cielo #4)July 3
Delaney DiamondThe Ultimate Merger (Hot Latin Men #3.5)July 12
Delilah FawkesAt His Command (The Billionaire's Beck and Call #3) *Adult* July 4
Delilah FawkesAt His Insistence (The Billionaire's Beck and Call #4) *Adult* July 11
Delphine DrydenThe Theory of Attraction *Adult* July 9
Denise JadenNever EnoughJuly 10
Devon MonkTin Swift (The Age of Steam #2)July 3
Diana RowlandEven White Trash Zombies Get The Blues (White Trash Zombie #2)July 7
Dominic GreenTirnahiolaireJuly 8
Doreen Owens MalekBlackfoot AffairJuly 10
Dorothy McFallsMystical SeductionJuly 10
Dr. Ivan RusikoThe Winemaker's Dinner: RSVP *Adult* July 1
E. D. WilbournMetal UrgeJuly 4
E.C. NewmanPhase (Phase Trilogy #1)July 4
E.J. StevensShadow Sight (Ivy Granger #1)July 1
E.S. MooreTainted Night, Tainted Blood (Kat Redding #2)July 3
Ed BriantI Am (Not) the WalrusJuly 1
Edwin AttellaThe Fourth WatchJuly 11
Eileen DreyerIt Begins with a Kiss (The Drake's Rakes #3.5)July 3
Elaine DyerDespite The PastJuly 9
Elaine LittauNan's Journey (Nan's Heritage Series Book #1)July 10
Eleanor StokesThe Riches Of LoveJuly 3
Elisabeth BarrettDeep Autumn Heat: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance (Star Harbor #1)July 9
Eliza GayleDirty Deeds *Adult* July 8
Eliza KnightThe Highlander's Reward (Stolen Bride #1)July 11
Elizabeth HeafordThe Ivy League Institute (Ivy League Institute #1)July 11
Elizabeth PalmerBest Laid PlansJuly 2
Ella JadeMake Me Stay *Adult* July 13
Emma RavelingBillow (Ondine Quartet #2)July 5
Eoin ColferThe Last Guardian (Artemis Fowl #8)July 10
Eric Quinn KnowlesRing of Destiny (a Reynald Tale #1)July 6
Erin KellisonFire Kissed (Shadow Kissed #1)July 3
Eva Marie PaulliereAn Emotional Affair (Two Stories #2) *Adult* July 15
Eve LanglaisA Demon And His Psycho (Welcome To Hell #2) *Adult* July 9
Everly DrummondThe Winemaker's Dinner: No Reservations *Adult* July 1
Farrah RochonThe Rebound GuyJuly 15
Francine MathewsJack 1939July 5
Francine PascalThe Sweet Life (The Sweet Life #1)July 15
Francine PascalLies and Omissions (The Sweet Life #2)July 15
G.W. DahlquistThe Chemickal Marriage (Miss Temple, Doctor Svenson, and Cardinal Chang #3)July 5
Gabrielle BissetVampire Dreams Revamped (Sons of Navarus #0.5) *Adult* July 6
Gerry McCulloughBelfast GirlsJuly 8
Giorgio FalettiThe Killer in My EyesJuly 7
Graham JoyceSome Kind of Fairy TaleJuly 10
Hamad FlattObviousJuly 16
Hanna MartineLiquid Lies (The Elementals #1)July 3
Heather BurchA Halflings Rescue (Halflings #0.5)July 10
Heather LongHer Marine (Always a Marine #5) (1Night Stand #126) *Adult* July 2
HJ BanksFirst Encounter *Adult* July 13
HL BlakeSeagirlJuly 3
Holly LaurenTaking Up Light (The Light Ones #1)July 4
Imogen RoseIntegration (Bonfire Academy #2)July 7
India LeeEvery Pearl Has Its Oysters (Hidden Gem #4)July 10
Indigo BloomeDestined to Play (Avalon Trilogy #1) *Adult* July 5
Inés SaintStrangers in the NightJuly 9
J.L. McCoySins of the father (Skye Morrison Vampire Series #2)July 15
J.P. BarnabyLittle Boy Lost: Sacrificed (Little Boy Lost #6) *Adult* July 2
J.R. WardLeaping HeartsJuly 3
J.S. ScottThe Pleasure Of His Punishment: The Complete CollectionJuly 7
Jackie WegerNo Perfect Secret *Adult* July 2
James Carville, Stan GreenbergIt's the Middle Class, Stupid!July 7
James DashnerThe Void of Mist and Thunder (The 13th Reality #4)July 13
James TreadwellAdvent (Advent Trilogy #1)July 3
Jasper FfordeThe Woman Who Died a Lot (Thursday Next #7)July 12
Jayne CastleDesperate Game is (Guinevere Jones #1)July 10
Jayne CastleThe Chilling Deception is (Guinevere Jones #2)July 10
Jean Avery BrownMaggie's Quest for Love (The Sheridan Series #1)July 2
Jean HausHappily Ever After? (Sleeping Handsome Sequel)July 13
Jeanette MurrayOfficer Says "I Do" (Semper Fi #1)July 3
Jeffe KennedyRogue's Pawn (Covenant of Thorns #1)July 16
Jennifer BrownPerfect EscapeJuly 10
Jennifer EcholsSuch A RushJuly 10
Jennifer EstepNightingale (Bigtime #4)July 12
Jennifer LorenThe Hand That Holds MineJuly 4
Jennifer WeinerThe Next Best ThingJuly 3
Jenny HilborneFalse PretenseJuly 16
Jess HainesStalking the Others (H&W Investigations #4)July 3
Jessa L. GilbertOrigins (A Black Novel, #1)July 12
Jessica Brody52 Reasons to Hate my FatherJuly 3
Jessica Coulter SmithHer Wolf Savior *Adult* July 12
Jessica LeeLove and SunburnJuly 16
Jessica Marie Gilliland & Kimberly GourgonAnomaly (The New Haven Project #1)July 7
Jillian LarkinDiva (The Flappers #3)July 10
Jilliane HoffmanThe Cutting RoomJuly 5
JoAnn RossMoonshell Beach (Shelter Bay #4)July 3
Jocelynn DrakeThe Asylum Interviews: Bronx (The Asylum Tales Prequel #1)July 3
Jodi Lynn AndersonTiger LilyJuly 3
Jody Morse & Jayme MorseWolfsbane (Howl #3)July 13
Joe AugustynThe Nine Lives of Felicia MillerJuly 4
Joe MenoOffice GirlJuly 3
John BishopField WalkingJuly 11
John BoyneThe AbsolutistJuly 10
John James GregoryA Vampire's Cure for a WerewolfJuly 6
John P. LennonSkiátheáJuly 5
Jolene PerrySpill OverJuly 7
Joy SpraycarTawny's GhostJuly 4
Julianne MacLeanMarried by Midnight (Pembroke Palace #4)July 13
Julie BlackstoneRavyn's Fall is (Heaven and Hell #1)July 10
Julie ReeceCrux (Crux #1)July 1
Juliet BlackwellIn A Witch's Wardrobe (A Witchcraft Mystery #4)July 3
Juliet MarillierShadowfell (Shadowfell #1) *AU*July 1
Justine Larbalestier & Sarah Rees BrennanTeam HumanJuly 3
Kailin GowCircus Summer (Circus of Curiosities Book #1)July 1
Kaitlin BevisPersephoneJuly 5
Kalayna PriceGrave Memory (Alex Craft series #3)July 3
Kara Lynn ConyerRestricted Water ( Restricted Water #1)July 11
Karen EricksonWorth The Risk (Worth It series #2)July 10
Karen Marie MoningFever Moon: The Fear Dorcha (Fever #5.5)July 10
Karin SlaughterCriminal (Will Trent #7)July 3
Kat RosenfieldAmelia Anne Is Dead and GoneJuly 5
Kate HopkinsSome Things Are Meant To BeJuly 15
Kate KellyOut Of Control (Stolen Hearts #0.5)July 15
Kathi S. BartonForce of the Dark Wolf (Force of Nature #2)July 13
Kathi S. BartonSin (The Waite Family #3) *Adult* July 14
Kathi S. BartonSin (The Waite Family #3)July 15
Kathleen MixDeadly MemoriesJuly 11
Kathleen S. AllenMoon PrincessJuly 4
Kathryn CushmanAlmost AmishJuly 1
Kathryn Miller HainesThe Girl is Trouble (Iris Anderson Mystery #2)July 3
Kathy PrattLet Them Have CakeJuly 1
Katie Crouch & Grady HendrixThe White Glove (The Magnolia League #2)July 3
Katy StauberSpin the SkyJuly 1
Kayode InfomartFoolish Games-July 4 RomanceJuly 3
Kele MoonStar Crossed (Battered Hearts #2) *Adult* July 3
Kels BarnholdtAll That MattersJuly 7
Kennedy KovitThe Bet (Blazing Hearts #1) *Adult* July 12
Kenya WrightCaged View (Habitat #0.5)July 13
Killarney SheffieldInventing LoveJuly 2
Kimberly WellsWila (The Mothers of War Trilogy #1)July 10
Kira SaitoPossessed (Arelia LaRue #3)July 6
Kirsty-Louise GillingsThe Vampire MoonJuly 5
Krista McGeeStarring MeJuly 10
Kristen MiddletonEnchanted Secrets (Witches of Bayport #1)July 16
Kurt AndersenTrue BelieversJuly 10
KyAnn WatersTo Wed A Wanton Woman (Montana Men #2)July 12
Kylie GriffinAlliance Forged (The Light Blade #2)July 3
Kyra LennonGame OnJuly 15
L.A. DaleDaisy Darling Meets A ManJuly 12
L.D. HutchinsonBook of Curses (The Renning Chronicles #1)July 13
L.K. BelowBeauty In His BedJuly 5
L.M. PruittShades of Blood (The Jude Magdalyn Series #3)July 6
Lars KeplerThe Nightmare (Detective Inspector Joona Linna #2)July 3
Laura NavarreBy Royal CommandJuly 2
Lauren BarnholdtThe Thing About the TruthJuly 10
Laurie BretonComing Home (Jackson Falls #1)July 11
Laurie KelloggThe Great Bedroom War (Return to Redemption #2)July 11
Lee ChildDeep Down (Jack Reacher #16.5)July 16
Lena LonesonGod of Ecstasy *Adult* July 11
Lena MatthewsBand of Gold (Key Party #1) *Adult* July 10
Lex ThomasQuarantine: The Loners (Quarantine #1)July 10
Lexxie CouperTwister (Party Games #3) *Adult* July 3
Lilah BooneCounting DownJuly 11
Lilia FordThe Heartwood Box: A Fairy TaleJuly 11
Lily HarlemDessert *Adult* July 13
Linda FairsteinNight Watch (Alex Cooper #14)July 10
Lindsay DelagairUntraceable (Untouchable Book #3)July 8
Lindsey BrookesJimmie Joe Johnson ManwhoreJuly 5
Lindy CorbinNiko's Stolen BrideJuly 6
Lisa LogueCursed Secrets (Legacy of Secrets #1)July 4
Lisa LogueFire & Ice: A Legacy of Secrets Novella *Adult* July 12
Lisa M. StasseThe Forsaken (The Forsaken #1)July 10
Lisa PapademetriouFury’s Fire (Siren’s Storm #2)July 10
Lisa Renee JonesHunting the Hunter (The Enforcers)July 11
Lissa PricePortrait of a Marshal: An Unhidden Story (Starters #1.25)July 10
Liz JensenThe Uninvited *UK*July 5
Lizzy FordThe Grey God (War of Gods 4)July 12
Lynda Marie VanderhoffA Knight's WordJuly 10
Lynn BlackmarSurfer Girl (Misfit Spies #1)July 12
Lynn ViehlDead Of Night (Youngbloods #2)July 1
M. J. PutneyDark Destiny (Dark Mirror #3)July 3
Mackenzie McKadeWild (Whispering Cove #1) *Adult* July 10
Marcia King-GambleHis CallJuly 5
Maria SavvaCoincidencesJuly 7
Marie AshleyThe PromotionJuly 14
Marisa CheneryWarrior's Surrender (Warrior Hunger Series #3) *Adult* July 13
Mark Charan NewtonThe Broken Isles (Legends of the Red Sun #4) *UK*July 5
Marquita ValentineTwice Tempted (Holland Springs #1)July 8
Marta AcostaDark CompanionJuly 3
Martin Leicht & Isla NealMothership (Ever-Expanding Universe trilogy #1)July 10
Martin LimonThe Joy Brigade (Sergeants Sueno & Bascom Mystery #8)July 10
Mary Ann GehlingRival LoveJuly 10
Mary EasonHis DesireJuly 12
Mary Marvella and Danielle Barfield-SimmsMargo's ChoiceJuly 16
MaryLu TyndallVeil of PearlsJuly 1
Matt TomerlinThe Devil's Tide (Devil's Fire #2)July 12
Maya BanksEchoes at Dawn (KGI #5)July 3
McCormick TemplemanThe Little WoodsJuly 10
Meg BrennerThe Heights (The Heights - Book #1)July 1
Meg CabotSize 12 and Ready to Rock (Heather Wells #4)July 10
Meg GardinerRansom RiverJuly 5
Melanie NowakDescendant of Darkness (Almost Human Second Trilogy Volume 2)July 7
Melissa Lynne BlueEdge of Time (Langston Brothers Series #1)July 5
Melissa Lynne BlueCadence (Langston Brothers #2)July 16
Melissa SchroederSurrender (A Little Harmless Military Romance #3) *Adult* July 2
Melisse AiresAlien Blood (Diaspora Worlds #2)July 7
Michael BlairIf Looks Could KillJuly 4
Michael J. MaloneBlood TearsJuly 3
Michael R. UnderwoodGeekomancyJuly 10
Michelle ZinkRise Of Souls (Prophecy Of The Sisters #3)July 3
Mina BozemanOut of The FireJuly 6
Mina CarterAries Revealed (Zodiac Cyborg Project #2) *Adult* July 6
Mira GrantSan Diego 2014: The Last Stand of the California Browncoats (Newsflesh Trilogy)July 11
Miranda SimonThe Sea King's DaughterJuly 5
Miranda SimonBecoming SarahJuly 10
Misty Wright & Summer SauteurThe Fire StarterJuly 6
Moira RogersArcher's Lady (Bloodhounds #3)July 7
Nancy MartinSlay Belles (Blackbird Sisters Mystery #3.5)July 7
Nancy MehlInescapable (Road to Kingdom #1)July 1
Nancy StraightBlood Debt (Touched #1)July 13
Nico RossoNight of Fire (The Ether Chronicles 2)July 10
Nicola MarshNot The Marrying KindJuly 14
Nicole CiacchellaCreatorsJuly 14
Nicole MorganImpetuous (Incessant Passion #1)July 14
Nicole StoyeWinterland (Winterland Trilogy #1)July 6
Nikki DuncanWicked (Whispering Cove #3) *Adult* July 10
P.T. MichelleLucid (Brightest Kind of Darkness Series #2)July 7
Pamela ClareDefiant (MacKinnon’s Rangers #3)July 3
Pamela RibonYou Take It From HereJuly 3
Paula WestonShadows (The Rephaim #1)July 2
Peg CochranOh, Brother!July 2
Penny WarnerHow to Dine on Killer Wine (Party Planning Mystery #5)July 1
Peter KleinPlunderJuly 9
Phaedra WeldonBack Door Blood (Back Door #3)July 7
R.R. HoodFifty Shades of Red Riding HoodJuly 5
Rachel CarterSo Close to You (Montauk Project #1)July 10
Rachel FisherSeeds of War (Eden's Root Trilogy #2)July 10
Rachel HartmanSeraphinaJuly 10
Rachel NeumeierHouse of ShadowsJuly 10
Ranae RoseTrue Alpha (Half Moon Shifters #2) *Adult* July 3
RaShelle WorkmanThe Vampire Christopher (Blood and Snow #3)July 9
Rebecca MaizelStolen Night (Infinite Days #2)July 5
Rebecca RatliffCarryout (Wishing Well #3)July 11
Rebecca RoycePaging Doctor Wolf (1 Night Stand #126)July 12
Rebecca ZanettiConsumed (Dark Protectors #4)July 5
Reese GabrielStealing Serenity (Tall, Dark and Dominant #4)July 4
Richard CastleA Raging Storm (A Derrick Storm short #2)July 3
Richard StephensonCollapse (New America #1)July 5
Rita HestandAsk No Tomorrows (Dreamcatcher Series #3)July 16
Rob ReidYear ZeroJuly 10
Roni LorenMelt Into You by (Loving On the Edge #2) *Adult* July 3
Ros ClarkeThe Oil Tycoon and Her Sexy SheikhJuly 14
Rosanna LeoSweet Hell *Adult* July 16
Roxanne St. ClaireDon't You WishJuly 10
Ruth WarburtonA Witch in Love (Winter Trilogy #2)July 5
Ryan DeRomeDebtJuly 7
Ryan LawrenceThe Fortunate OnlyJuly 9
S MacLeodA Journey Out of TimeJuly 1
S. E. SmithGracie's Touch (Zion Warriors #1)July 14
S. J. KincaidInsignia (Insignia #1)July 10
S.G. RogersCypherJuly 2
Saga BergDöckálfar (Nordic Fairies #3)July 8
Sam CrescentHis Possession (The Owners #1) *Adult* July 4
Sam CrescentLove, Death and Justice (Love and Death #1)July 9
Samantha Ann KingSharing Hailey *Adult* July 9
Sandra Kasturi, Halli VillegasImaginarium 2012July 15
Sarah PorterWaking Storms (Lost Voices #2)July 3
Sasha SummersHollywood Ever After (Red Carpet Series, # 1)July 13
Shadonna RichardsAccidentally Falling for the Tycoon (Whirlwind Romance #3)July 6
Shadow StephensBroken ButterfliesJuly 3
Shannon MayerDark Isle (Celtic Legacy #2)July 8
Shayla Black, Sylvia Day, Shiloh WalkerHot in Handcuffs *Adult* July 3
Shelena ShortsThe SyndicateJuly 7
Shelli StevensThe Billionaire's Baby Bargain (A is for Alpha #2)July 12
Sherry SouleMoonlight Mayhem (Spellbound #2)July 3
Sherry ThomasRavishing the Heiress (Fitzhugh Trilogy #2)July 1
Sierra DeanKeeping Secret (Secret McQueen #4)July 10
Sigmund BrouwerThe Orphan King (Merlin's Immortals #1)July 10
Soha TurflerBy Death's FeatherJuly 6
Soraya LaneChangeJuly 6
Stacey BallisOff the MenuJuly 3
Stephanie CampbellDelicateJuly 16
Stephanie JulianGoddess in the Middle (Forgotten Goddesses #3) *Adult* July 3
Steve HamiltonDie a Stranger (Alex Mcknight #9)July 3
Sue LyndonKaryn and the Crigon *Adult* July 7
Summer GoldspringSplurge: A Vampire SeriesJuly 3
Susan Elizabeth PhillipsThe Great Escape (Wynette, Texas #7)July 10
Susan R. HughesWhere the Heart LiesJuly 14
Suzanne GrahamThe Anniversary Present (Gifts of Desire #3) *Adult* July 5
Sylvia DayA Hunger so Wild (Renegade Angels #2)July 3
T. StelmaHappy BayJuly 4
Tania WestMy Forever And Always (Immortal Ambrosia, Volume #1)July 2
Tara AltebrandoThe Best Night of Your (Pathetic) LifeJuly 5
Tara LoganCrackedJuly 12
Taylor AndersonIron Gray Sea (Destroyermen series #7)July 3
Teisha MottThe Bet (Persaud Girl #1)July 5
Tera Lynn ChildsJust for Fins (Fins #3)July 3
Terry GoodkindThe First Confessor (The Legend of Magda Searus #1)July 1
Tess OliverAngel Beach (Summer Romance Collection #2)July 1
Tina GabrielleIn the Barrister's Bed (Regency Barrister #2)July 3
Tori St. ClaireLie to Me (Black Opals #2) *Adult* July 3
Tracy YounkerAuraJuly 3
Tricia RayburnDark Water (Siren #3)July 10
Trina M. LeeDeath Wish (Alexa O'Brien Huntress Book #5)July 5
Valentine RamseyShadow Bugs & Butterflies: Elijah GarwinJuly 1
Valerie ZambitoFallon (Angels of the Knights series #1)July 11
Valmore DanielsAngel's Breath (Fallen Angels #2)July 16
Vanessa DevereauxI'm All Yours (Perfect Pairings #2)July 10
Vanessa NorthTwo In Winter *Adult* July 2
Venessa KimballPiercing the Fold (Book #1)July 2
Venice A. FultonSix Weeks to OMGJuly 10
Veronica HenryThe Long WeekendJuly 5
Victoria LambWitchstruck (Tudor Witch #1)July 5
Victoria LaurieLethal Outlook (Psychic Eye Mystery #10)July 3
Virginia KantraCarolina Home (Dare Island #1)July 3
Vivi AndrewsSuperbad (Superlovin' #2)July 8
Vivien SparxHer Master's Voice Part 2July 12
Yasmine GalenornNight Seeker (Indigo Court #3)July 3
Zenina MastersA Hunted Darkness (Darkest Star Saga #3)July 1

WEEK 3-4: JULY 17st - July 31ST
AuthorBook Title [Series #]RD
A.M. WesterlingHer Proper ScoundrelJuly 17
Abbi GlinesWhile It LastsJuly 28
Abby MatisseA Deal With The DevilJuly 26
Abby StewartMenthol KissesJuly 27
Aimee CarterThe Goddess Legacy (Goddess Test #2.5)July 31
Airicka PhoenixTouching Smoke (Touch Series Book #1)July 30
Alessandra TorreBlindfolded InnocenceJuly 19
Alexa V. JamesDonners BendJuly 29
Alexandra HawkinsAll Afternoon With a Scandalous Marquess (Lords of Vice #5)July 31
Alix RichardsTwin Flames: Soul BoundJuly 27
Allison BrennanMurder in the River CityJuly 31
Amanda TurnerThe Witchlings Midnight CurseJuly 18
Amy Kathleen RyanSpark (Sky Chasers series #2)July 17
Amy MilesReckoning (The Arotas Trilogy #2)July 30
Amy SandasRogue CountessJuly 24
Andrew GrantMore Harm Than Good (David Trevellyan # 3)July 21
Andrew KaplanScorpion Winter (Scorpion #2)July 31
Angel PayneThree-Part Harmony *Adult* July 17
Angus DonaldWarlord (Outlaw Chronicles series #4)July 19
Ann AguirreEndurance (Razorland #1.5)July 20
Ann JacobsLover's Feud (Caden Kink #1)July 18
Anne Marie BeckerAvenging Angel (Mindhunters #2)July 30
Anne Marie NovarkLone Star Heartbreaker (Diamondback Ranch #4)July 31
Anne PfefferThe Wedding Cake GirlJuly 24
Anne RaineyBreaking Brodix (Blackwater #3) *Adult* July 31
Anne RaineyNaked Games (Hard To Get #3) *Adult* July 31
AnthologyOnce Upon a BallroomJuly 20
Ari MarmellDarksiders: The Abomination VaultJuly 24
Ascentii PhoenixBroken (The Carnelyan Pack #1)July 24
Ashley McNielSilence (Book 1)July 23
Atoya MorrisDemon's DesireJuly 24
August WestmanDance Into the Dark: A Living in the Shadows NovelJuly 18
Autumn MarkusCocktails & DreamsJuly 17
Ava McKnightBeyond Third Base *Adult* July 20
Avery SawyerThe Forever ContractJuly 30
B. V. LarsonTechnomancer (Unspeakable Things #1)July 24
Becky McGrawDouble the Trouble (Texas Trouble #3)July 18
Bella BancroftThe Ladies who Launch (Ground Control #1)July 20
Ben MacintyreDouble Cross: The True Story of the D-Day SpiesJuly 31
Bertrice SmallThe SpitfireJuly 28
Beth BernobichQueen's HuntJuly 17
Beth HarbinsonWhen in Doubt, Add ButterJuly 17
Beth KephartSmall DamagesJuly 19
Beth KeryBecause You Tempt Me (Because You Are Mine #1)July 31
Beverly BartonDon't Say A Word (Don't #2)July 31
Brad ThorBlack List (Scot Harvath #11)July 24
Brenda JoycePersuasion (The Spymaster's Men #2)July 31
Brian WasankariDreams of the ImmortalJuly 25
Brigid KemmererFearless (Elemental #1.5)July 31
Brooke MossThe CarnyJuly 17
Brynn PaulinTeeth, Nails and Tails (Mounted in Alaska #1) *Adult* July 27
C.T. SloanMaster & Student (The Billionaire's Way, #2) *Adult* July 29
Cameron JaceLadle Rat Rotten Hut (A Grimm Diaries Prequel #4)July 21
Candace HavensTake It Like A VampJuly 20
Caris RoaneWicked Night (World of Amulet #1)July 18
Carlene ThompsonTo the GraveJuly 31
Carol RoseMomentary MarriageJuly 23
Carrie Ann RyanDust Of My Wings (Dante's Circle #1)July 22
Carrie VaughnKitty Steals the Show (Kitty Norville #10)July 31
Cat MillerUnforgiven (The Forbidden Bond #2)July 29
Cathryn CadeRolling In The Deep (Hawaiian Heroes #2) *Adult* July 31
Cathryn FoxBrazen (Whispering Cove #6) *Adult* July 17
CC MarksMercyJuly 21
CC MarksEdge of Mercy (Mercy #1)July 29
Cecilia Aubrey and Chris AlmeidaTo Russia With Love (Countermeasure #2)July 19
Cecilia GraySo Into You (The Jane Austen Academy #2)July 19
Charity ShumwayTen Girls to WatchJuly 31
Charlize BenettFifty Shades of Lies *Adult* July 31
Charlotte Bronte & Eve SinclairJane Eyre Laid Bare: The Classic Novel With An Erotic Twist *Adult* July 26
Chelsea Lynn ChartersThe Gossip WebJuly 31
Cher CarsonLoaded (Brant County Heroes #4)July 29
Cheryl DouglasHeartless (Nashville Nights #6)July 31
Chloe SmithScarlett WhiteJuly 19
Chloe SmithDevil's CupJuly 19
Chloe SmithThe King Versus CommonerJuly 19
Chris BohjalianThe Sandcastle GirlsJuly 17
Chris ColferThe Wishing Spell (Land of Stories #1)July 17
Christine M. FairchildAn Eye For Danger (The Goliath Conspiracy #1)July 28
Christine ZolendzFall From GraceJuly 22
Cindy C. BennettRed and the WolfJuly 27
Cindy NordNo Greater GloryJuly 31
Colleen CobleTidewater Inn (Hope Beach #1)July 17
Connie SuttleVendetta (Legend of the Ir'Indicti #4)July 29
Constance MastersAn Unexpected HusbandJuly 24
Corinne BalfourDark Lord The Complete Serial Novel (Lords of Bondage) *Adult* July 17
Crystal D. SpearsMy Real Smile (The Smile #1)July 28
Cyndi FribergTherian Priestess (Therian Heat #0.5)July 18
Cynthia SaxTattooed Tryst *Adult* July 18
Daniel SilvaThe Fallen Angel (Gabriel Allon #12)July 17
Daniel SuarezKill DecisionJuly 19
Danielle SteelFriends ForeverJuly 24
Darlene ShortridgeForever Blessed (Women of Prayer #2)July 27
David WesselRed InkJuly 31
Dean KoontzOdd Apocalypse (Odd Thomas #5)July 31
Deb ApodacaUnatainable (Affliction #2)July 27
Debora GearyA Witch Central Wedding (A Modern Witch #3.5)July 30
Dee J. AdamsDangerously Close (Adrenaline Highs #3)July 23
Devlin ChaseCaptured In Sin (The Vengeful Elements #1)July 25
Devon A. SnowShæcia (Ice Princess Chronicles #1)July 23
Diane CapriJack and Kill (Hunt For Reacher (Short Story #2))July 22
Donna AndrewsSome Like it Hawk (Meg Langslow Mystery #14)July 17
Donna GrantDark Craving (Dark King #1)July 31
E.D. BrownSweet Girl *Adult* July 26
E.G. Foley (aka Gaelen Foley)The Lost Heir (The Gryphon Chronicles #1)July 22
Eileen PutmanThe Perfect BrideJuly 21
Elena PerezThe Art of DisappearingJuly 17
Elizabeth A. ReevesAvow (Last Selkie #0.5)July 17
Elizabeth AloeThe ReunionJuly 25
Elizabeth EssexAlmost a Scandal (Reckless Brides #1)July 31
Ella ArdentThe Best Man (The Wedding #1) *Adult* July 29
Ella FrankExquisite (Exquisite #1)July 27
Ella JamesChosen (Stained #3)July 26
Elle ChardouLara & the City of Angels *Adult* July 31
Elspeth CooperTrinity Rising (Wild Hunt #2) *UK*July 26
Emily ArsenaultMiss Me When I'm GoneJuly 31
Emily Beth ShoreRosebloodJuly 30
Emily EvansDo OverJuly 21
Emily EvansThe Kissing DeadlineJuly 27
Emily GiffinWhere We BelongJuly 24
Emma HartThe Beginning Of The End (The Mauve Legacy #3)July 25
Enita MeadowsEire (Rider Chronicles #1)July 30
Erin McCarthyBack to BasicsJuly 18
Erin NicholasJust the Way I Like It (The Bradfords #3.5)July 17
Eve LanglaisSeeking Pack Redemption (Pack #3)July 20
Felicity HeatonEnslave (Vampire Erotic Theatre #4) *Adult* July 31
Fran LeeMy Sexy Sensei *Adult* July 27
Francene CarrollEternal Hunger (The Complete Series)July 27
Francine PascalToo Many Doubts (The Sweet Life #3)July 22
Francine PascalSecrets and Seductions (The Sweet Life #4)July 29
Gayle CallenReturn of the Viscount (Brides of Redemption #1)July 31
George Ella LyonHolding On To ZoeJuly 17
Gillian ShieldsDestiny (Immortal #4)July 31
Gina L. MaxwellSeducing Cinderella *Adult* July 20
GL CorbinHis Property (Omnibus Edition)July 19
Grant CostelloBrokentide (Legend of Shadows #1)July 18
Greg CoxThe Dark Knight Rises: The Official NovelizationJuly 24
Gwendolyn CeaseA Hunter's Promise (Promises #2)July 18
Gwyn CreadyTimeless DesireJuly 18
H. P. MalloryThe Witch is Back (Jolie Wilkins #4)July 31
Heather GrahamThe Unspoken (Krewe of Hunters #7)July 31
Heidi SprouseDeep in the Heart of DixieJuly 22
Helen Scott TaylorWildwoodJuly 18
Iain SinclairGhost Milk: Recent Adventures Among the Future Ruins of London on the Eve of the OlympicsJuly 17
Ian TregillisThe Coldest War (The Milkweed Triptych #2)July 17
Ilona AndrewsGunmetal Magic (Kate Daniels World #1)July 31
Inger Ash WolfeA Door in the River (Hazel Micallef Mystery #3)July 31
Iris Johansen, Roy JohansenClose Your EyesJuly 17
Isabella BradfordWhen You Wish Upon a Duke (Wylder Sisters #1)July 31
Ivan Rusilko, Everly DrummondThe Winemaker's Dinner: Appetizers (The Winemaker's Dinner #1) *Adult* July 29
J.A JanceJudgement Call (Joanna Brady #14)July 24
J.A TempletonThe MacKinnon Curse: The Beginning (MacKinnon Curse #0.5)July 30
J.A. RedmerskiKindred (The Darkwoods Trilogy #2)July 19
J.A. SaareThe Ripple Effect (Rhiannon's Law #3)July 31
J.I. BakerThe Empty GlassJuly 19
J.K. BeckWhen Temptation Burns (Shadow Keepers #6)July 31
J.M. MaddenA Needful Heart *Adult* July 19
J.R. Ward (writing as Jessica Bird)Heart Of GoldJuly 31
Jackie IvieShould There Be (Vampire Assassin League #8)July 18
James CalbraithThe Warrior's Soul (The Year of the Dragon #2)July 28
James Lee BurkeCreole Belle (Dave Robicheaux #19)July 17
James PrellerBefore You GoJuly 17
James SomersFALLEN (Descendants Saga #1)July 31
Jamie JonesMemento Mori (Vampire Nations #1)July 20
Jane Breskin ZalbenMaybe It Will Rain TomorrowJuly 21
Jane FeatherAn Unsuitable Bride (Blackwater Brides #3)July 24
Jane TaylorFandango in the Apse!July 21
Jason HendersonThe Triumph of Death (Alex Van Helsing #3)July 24
Jayne KingstonInk Lust *Adult* July 25
JB BrooklinBlack Sacrament (Creatures of Fire #1)July 27
Jean JohnsonAn Officer's Duty (Theirs Not to Reason Why Series #2)July 31
Jeannine GarseeThe UnquietJuly 17
Jenna BennettTall, Dark and DivineJuly 20
Jenna BernelThe Secret Trinity: Ignite (Fae-Witch Trilogy #2)July 19
Jenna BlackGirls' Night Out (Faeriewalker #3.5)July 24
Jenni JamesPersuaded (The Jane Austen Diaries #3)July 17
Jennifer FranceThe Highlander's WitchJuly 17
Jennifer HaymorePleasures of a Tempted Lady (Donovan #3)July 31
Jennifer JamesLove KinectionJuly 28
Jennifer LaurensGrace DollJuly 19
Jennifer SnyderThe UnlovedJuly 29
Jeremy AsherInsignificant MomentsJuly 18
Jess DeeColors Of Love (Speed #2) *Adult* July 24
Jess LoureyThe Toadhouse Trilogy: Book OneJuly 17
Jessie WilderJustice For AllJuly 23
Jill ShalvisForever And A Day (Lucky Harbor #6)July 31
JJ KellerThe Valkyrie and the MarineJuly 17
Joan SwanIntimate Enemies (Covert Affairs #1)July 18
Joann H. BuchananThe Kiss (The Children of Nox #2)July 30
John CorwinDark Light of Mine (Overworld Chronicles #2)July 18
Jolene B. PerryMy Forever (The Next Door Boys #3)July 28
Jon Michael KelleySeraphimJuly 18
Jonathan WoodYesterday's Hero (Arthur Wallace #2)July 31
Joss WareNight Forbidden (Envy Chronicles #5)July 31
Judy AngeloSweet Seduction (The Bad Boy Billionaires #6)July 28
Julia LiChasing Passion *Adult* July 29
K. J. ParkerSharpsJuly 17
K.A. LindeAvoiding Commitment (Avoiding Commitment #1) *Adult* July 29
Kadi DillonDancing with Deception (Avery Family Saga #1)July 24
Kadlin AnselmentThe Dragon's WayJuly 18
Kaitlyn DeannThe Witches' Sleep (The Witches' Sleep, #1)July 22
Karen EricksonA Scandalous Affair (The Merry Widows #3)July 30
Karl Taro GreenfeldTriburbiaJuly 31
KaSanndra LeighHaicenda Moon (The Pathseekers #1)July 27
Kate BennieTogether ForeverJuly 31
Kate BloomfieldFlamethroat (The Fire Mage #2)July 28
Kate HofmanSurprised by LoveJuly 21
Kate KensingtonFan MailJuly 21
Kate PearceSimply Voracious (House of Pleasure #8) *Adult* July 31
Kate PerryThe HolidayJuly 25
Katee RobertWrong Bed, Right Guy *Adult* July 20
Katie McGarryPushing the LimitsJuly 31
Katie PorterDouble Down (Vegas Top Guns #1) *Adult* July 31
Kay HooperHaven (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Series #13)July 31
Kay JaybeeThe Voyeur *Adult* July 27
Kelbian NoelElemental (The Elementals #1)July 18
Kelley ArmstrongThirteen (Women of the Otherworld #13)July 24
Kelly FavorFor His Honor (For His Pleasure#4) *Adult* July 23
Kelly GayShadows Before The Sun (Charlie Madigan #4)July 31
Kendra ElliotHidden (Bone Secrets, #1)July 17
Kendra Leigh CastleShadow Rising (Dark Dynasties #3)July 31
Keri ArthurBeneath a Rising Moon (Ripple Creek Werewolf #1)July 31
Kerry ConnorA Kept Man *Adult* July 19
Kiara StarrMusic of the SunJuly 19
Kiersten WhiteEndlessly (Paranormalcy #3)July 24
Kim DeSalvoIncidental HappenstanceJuly 31
Kim WrightCity of Light (City of Mystery #2)July 28
Kimberly RussellChaste (A Short Story)July 26
Kris KennedyDeceptionJuly 31
Kristen AshleyBreathe (Colorado Mountain Book#4)July 23
Kristen CallihanMoonglow (Darkest London #2)July 31
Kristen JuneThe EndJuly 23
Kristine GraysonTotally Spellbound (Fates #6)July 25
LaDonna Keawe'ehuSecond InnocenceJuly 25
Lana WilliamsA Vow To Keep (Vengeance Trilogy #1)July 27
Laura FlorandThe Chocolate Thief (Chocolate #1)July 31
Laura KayeWest of Want (Hearts of the Anemoi #2)July 17
Lauren Hammond12 Rounds (Knockout #1)July 30
Laurie BretonSleeping With the Enemy (Jackson Falls #2)July 24
Lexi GeorgeDemon Hunting in the Deep South (Dalvahni #2)July 31
Linda Lael MillerBig Sky Mountain (Swoon-Worthy Cowboys #2)July 31
Lindsey OwensOne's True Love (Wolves Series #1)July 25
Lisa JewellBefore I Met YouJuly 19
Lisa MorganPhoenix Rising (Maggie Henning & The Realm #1)July 17
Lisa Renee JonesOne Night Forever (The Cinderella Chronicles story 1)July 24
Lisa WesemanThe Name Of The GameJuly 23
Liz CarlyleThe Bride Wore Pearls (MacLachlan Family #7 / Fraternitas Aureae Crucis #3)July 31
Liza KlaussmannTigers In Red WeatherJuly 17
Locklyn MarxTell Me Lies *Adult* July 18
Lorhainne EckhartLost and Found (Walk the Right Road, #2)July 29
Lori WildeThe Cowboy and the Princess (Jubilee, Texas #2)July 31
Luke RhinehartThe Dice ManJuly 26
Lydia NetzerShine, Shine, ShineJuly 17
Lynsay SandsThe Lady is a Vamp (Argeneau #17)July 31
M. Beth BloomDrain YouJuly 24
M. LeightonThe Wild OnesJuly 29
M.A. EllisDeeper than Ink *Adult* July 27
M.J. PullenRegrets Only (Sequel to The Marriage Pact)July 27
M.L. StedmanThe Light Between OceansJuly 31
Mackenzie McKadeBold (Whispering Cove #5) *Adult* July 17
Maddy EdwardsSpiral (Spiral #1)July 27
Madeline AshbyVN (The Machine Dynasty #1)July 29
Magan VernonMy Paper HeartJuly 26
Manda CollinsHow to Romance a Rake (Ugly Ducklings #2)July 31
Margo MaguireThe Warrior LairdJuly 31
Maria MurnaneHoney on Your Mind (Waverly Bryson #3)July 24
Marie HarteA Matter of Pride (Cougar Falls #5) *Adult* July 24
Marie KellyThe Wedding Deal *Adult* July 20
Marina K. VillatoroTurtle Feet, Surfer's BeatJuly 31
Marliss MeltonThe Guardian (Taskforce #2)July 17
Marsha CanhamThe Dragon TreeJuly 23
Mary AmatoGuitar NotesJuly 24
Mary CarterThe Things I Do For YouJuly 31
Megan AbbottDare MeJuly 31
Melanie KnightSeven ForeverJuly 25
Melissa Bourbon RamirezDeceiving the Witch Next DoorJuly 20
Merri HiattSpring Love (Seasons of Love #4)July 23
Mia MarloweTouch of a Scoundrel (Touch of Seduction #3)July 31
Michael BoccacinoCharlotte Markham and the House of DarklingJuly 24
Michelle K. PickettConcilium (Concilium #1)July 27
Michelle PekarskyCracks in the CrystalJuly 20
Molly HarperThe Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires (Half Moon Hollow #1)July 31
Molly O'KeefeCan't Hurry Love (Crooked Creek series #2)July 31
Myla JacksonBoots and Leather (Ugly Stick Saloon #2) *Adult* July 24
N. Isabelle BlancoDestructively AlluringJuly 29
Nancy BushNowhere to RunJuly 31
Nancy HolderOn FireJuly 17
Nancy HolznerDarklands (Deadtown #4)July 31
Natasha WalkerThe Secret Lives of Emma: BeginningsJuly 17
Neal Shusterman & Michelle KnowldenUnStrung (Unwind Trilogy #1.5)July 24
Nicole WilliamsCrashJuly 18
Nikki DuncanBurned (Whispering Cove #4) *Adult* July 17
Nikki Van De CarOne WeekJuly 31
Nina BerryOtherkin (Otherkin #1)July 31
Nyrae DawnFreeing CarterJuly 17
Orson Scott Card & Aaron JohnstonEarth Unaware (First Formic War Series #1)July 17
Paula BrandonThe Wanderers (Veiled Isles #3)July 31
Pittacus LoreThe Fallen (I Am Number Four: The Lost Files #3)July 24
Polly YoungRosy George's Convention ConundrumJuly 24
Precarious YatesPharmacia: Those Magic Arts (Revelation Special Ops # 2)July 25
Rachel AnnThe Best Summer ActivityJuly 23
Rachel JoyceThe Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold FryJuly 24
Rachel MorganMasquerade (Creepy Hollow #4)July 31
Rachel SchurigThe Truth About Ever After (Three Girls #4)July 24
Rae CarsonThe Shadow Cats (Fire and Thorns #0.5)July 17
RaShelle WorkmanBlood and Snow Volumes 1-4July 31
Rebecca A. RogersLast SummerJuly 18
Rebecca GardnerLast Hope (Shanis Trilogy #1)July 26
Rebecca HamiltonHer Sweetest Downfall (Forever Girl Journals, Ophelia # 1.5)July 19
Rebecca RatliffLove in the Irish MistJuly 28
Rebekah WolveireThe Whispering PathJuly 22
Richard HowesJulie Rayzor Romance, Adventure, ZombiesJuly 27
Richard KadreyDevil in the Dollhouse (Sandman Slim #3.5)July 31
Rinsai RossettiThe Girl With Borrowed WingsJuly 19
Rita J. WebbDaughter of the GoddessJuly 22
Rob ThurmanAll Seeing Eye (Jackson Lee #1)July 31
Robin PalmerWicked Jealous (Castle Heights High #4)July 19
Robyn ThomasHis Unexpected FamilyJuly 21
Rowena Cory DaniellsExile (The Outcast Chronicles #2)July 31
S. E. SmithHannah's Warrior (Cosmos' Gateway #2)July 30
S.W. FrankAwakening (Alfonzo #5)July 27
Sabrina DarbyThe Short and Fascinating Tale of Angelina WhitcombeJuly 31
Sadie MatthewsFire After Dark *Adult* *UK*July 24
Sam CrescentBlaze's Second Chance (The Sinclair Men #1)July 17
Samantha BagoodHow We FellJuly 29
Samantha BlairInnocence Tempted (Generational Sins Series #2) *Adult* July 20
Samantha DuranteStitch (Stitch Trilogy #1)July 31
Samantha StephensonLet's Talk About JulyJuly 22
Sara DaniellGlimpse (The Dwellers #1)July 24
Sara ShepardHide and Seek (The Lying Game #4)July 31
Sara ShrievesWho is Audrey Wickersham?July 19
Sara V. ZookStrange in Skin (Strange in Skin Trilogy #1)July 24
Sarah J. MaasThe Assassin and the Empire (Throne of Glass prequel #4)July 20
Saranna DewyldeFuryous Ink *Adult* July 25
Sedgwick ChanteleNot Your Average Fairy TaleJuly 30
Serenity WoodsSummer FlingJuly 31
Shann DaltonCoins of Destiny (The introduction of Coral Solomon)July 30
Shannon DermottNo Mercy (Cambions #2.5)July 21
Sheila ClaydonReluctant DateJuly 29
Sheri PeckoverWerewolf Dance (Werewolf Dance #1)July 20
Sherri HayesNeed (Finding Anna #2)July 26
Sherryl WoodsCatching Fireflies (Sweet Magnolias Series #9)July 31
Shirley JohnsonI Heart Ed SmallJuly 31
Sophie JordanLessons from a Scandalous Bride (Forgotten Princesses #2)July 31
Sophie MorganDiary of a Submissive: A Modern True Tale of Sexual AwakeningJuly 26
Stella RimingtonThe Geneva Trap *UK*July 19
Stephanie Laurens and moreRoyal BridesmaidsJuly 17
Stephanie ParentDefy the StarsJuly 30
Stephanie RoweForever in Darkness (Order of the Blade #4)July 19
Stephanie SnowMercenary's Reward (War Tribe #2) *Adult* July 24
Stephanie SnowMercenary's RewardJuly 24
Steven Barnes & Tananarive DueDevil's WakeJuly 31
Steven EriksonForge of Darkness (Kharkanas Trilogy #1) *UK*July 31
SueEllen HolmesSleek Comes the NightJuly 25
Susan AndersenThat Thing Called Love (Razor Bay/Bradshaw Brothers #1)July 31
Susan DennardSomething Strange and Deadly (Something Strange and Deadly #1)July 24
Susan MalleryAll Summer Long (Fool's Gold #9)July 31
Susan WingateSpider BrainsJuly 29
Suzanne RobbContaminatedJuly 31
T.M. GoegleinCold Fury (Cold Fury Trilogy #1)July 24
Tahlea EastwoodFane Forest (The Element Series)July 25
Tana FrenchBroken Harbor (Dublin Murder Squad #4)July 24
Tara SampsonThe Rented HusbandJuly 21
Taryn BrowningEmanare (Destined #1)July 23
Tawny TaylorWhat He Wants (My Alpha Billionaire #1) *Adult* July 23
Tawny TaylorAt His Mercy *Adult* July 23
Tawny TaylorWhat He Demands (My Alpha Billionaire #2) *Adult* July 27
Taylor LoweBreaking the RoutineJuly 24
Tess OliverHome is Where the Heartbreak is (Summer Romance Collection # 3)July 30
Tim O'RourkeCowboys and VampiresJuly 30
Trace RilesBarely HumanJuly 25
Tracey O'HaraSin's Dark Caress (Dark Brethren #3)July 31
Trisha LeighWhispers in Autumn (The Last Year #1)July 20
Usman IjazChild Of DreamsJuly 25
Vanessa GrantSeeing StarsJuly 18
Vina JacksonEighty Days Yellow (Eighty Days Trilogy #1) *Adult* *UK*July 19
Vonda SinclairMy Brave Highlander (Highland Adventure #3)July 18
Wenona VictoriaMystic Gifts (The Super-Natural #1)July 28
Wyatt McIntyreThe Last DanceJuly 21
Yvonne NicolasBlack Rayne Scarlet Moon (Dragon Queen #2)July 28
Richard KadreyDevil in the Dollhouse (Sandman Slim #3.5)July 31
Rob ThurmanAll Seeing Eye (Jackson Lee #1)July 31
Rowena Cory DaniellsExile (The Outcast Chronicles #2)July 31
Sabrina DarbyThe Short and Fascinating Tale of Angelina WhitcombeJuly 31
Samantha DuranteStitch (Stitch Trilogy #1)July 31
Sara ShepardHide and Seek (The Lying Game #4)July 31
Serenity WoodsSummer FlingJuly 31
Sherryl WoodsCatching Fireflies (Sweet Magnolias Series #9)July 31
Shirley JohnsonI Heart Ed SmallJuly 31
Sophie JordanLessons from a Scandalous Bride (Forgotten Princesses #2)July 31
Steven Barnes & Tananarive DueDevil's WakeJuly 31
Steven EriksonForge of Darkness (Kharkanas Trilogy #1) *UK*July 31
Susan AndersenThat Thing Called Love (Razor Bay/Bradshaw Brothers #1)July 31
Susan MalleryAll Summer Long (Fool's Gold #9)July 31
Suzanne RobbContaminatedJuly 31
Tracey O'HaraSin's Dark Caress (Dark Brethren #3)July 31

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