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Author Topic: Violet Star (The Karma Chronicles, Book 1) by J. Oliver Madison  (Read 1452 times)

Offline Hawke

Hey just wanted to post some awesome news. A friend of mine that I went to high school with just got his book published on Amazon. It was released yesterday and I hope some of you take the time to purchase it for $3.99. It's his first novel so I thought I'd get some people to read it.

No one at Mitchelstown High has any idea of the double life Carmella Anderson leads. Sure, on the surface, she’s a charismatic and geeky student with a crush on a popular skateboarder. But beneath that, she has a decade of experience as a ninja in training.

After shattering generations of tradition in her family’s way of the mercenary, Carmella’s grandfather began a new tradition – standing up for the few good citizens in her hometown of Blyton. When night falls, she must take on the persona of Karma and bring balance to a corrupt city.

However, her martial arts and arsenal of advanced weaponry may not be enough to track down a beastlike rogue ninja involved in a recent string of murders. Karma will need help from friends, family, and her genetic gift – special abilities unique to her clan – to uncover the mystery behind the killer and bring him to justice.

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