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Author Topic: Forgotten Title and Series Name! Werewolf in 1st book, Weretiger in Another  (Read 1590 times)

Offline moose

I'm looking for a series:

First book: Heroine is a werewolf in the process of her first transformation, her mate is a biker, as she goes further into her transformation she becomes more and more of a bitch to her friends, she and her mate dont want kids for whatever reason and i remember a scene from another book in the series where they talk about a bonding experience and everyone is like hey what did you do, and there both like WE GOT FIXED YAY!

Later book: the only other book in the series i can remember is between a weretiger and the original heroines friend, the weretiger is unlike the rest of his kind and like his father is attracted to a single female, i remember a scene where she spends a lot of his money shopping just to piss him off (i think she may have paid him back later)

i may have mixed some details up, for instance the original hero may not actually be a biker but think he is

the series may be a trilogy because i only remember 3 book



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The author is Shelly Laurenston  - Magnus Pack and the Pride Stories are the names of the series I believe.


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