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Author Topic: Re: Non-fanfiction Slash Recommendations  (Read 5205 times)


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Re: Non-fanfiction Slash Recommendations
« on: June 21, 2015, 02:17 AM »

Have Slash or M/M recommendations that have been created on popular author sites, but don't fit into a fandom because the author decided to create their own characters?  This is the place to list them.

This is only a recommendation thread, so please don't upload files here.  Feel free to add links to your favorite stories as long as they are original works, not stories that use characters created by someone other than the author.

When posting an entry: Please be sure to note the name of the story and author, the rating of the story (especially for ADULT stories), and a summary if possible.

English is not my first language so if you find any mistakes you know why.

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Re: Ocotillo
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2015, 11:56 AM »

She writes only original works. By now I suppose most people knows about her. You can find her here:

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She's one of my absolute favorite fanfiction writers since I read Esperanza. Although she has some stories locked this one is open in her site for everyone to read.

But right now what I wanted to let you know is that she has the books from her series "New Life" in Smashwords for free. She's Eve Ocotillo there. There is two stories for now. Unfortunately she hasn't started writing the third and last one. But she finish the second one without cliffhanger so they are good to read. This series has always been locked so I really recommend to take advantage of this opportunity.


On new world Philos, life continues to be a hardscrabble struggle for existence. Famine and poverty define life, vital energy sources are waning, and violence between religious factions is escalating into all-out civil war. And Trini society’s good Christian values make life especially precarious for those with secrets. When radio transmission from the Salt Valley uranium mine goes dark, Dustin jumps at the chance to investigate, seeing an escape from the insularity of his hometown and a chance to start over in the capital. Only problem is, his cowboy escort to the mine is a self-satisfied jerk. For his part, Thayil has carved himself a place in society riding shotgun for Trini cargo caravans, but La Sangre has just upped the stakes with raids in the Salt Valley. Now he’s charged with babysitting a sullen rich kid on a trip through hostile country.
If they can keep from killing each other through this, Dustin and Thayil might find they have more in common than they think.


Stunning. Beautiful world building and character development. Dark dystopian world with a solid background. Great prose and well-crafted writing.

I couldn't have written it better.
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Re: Wandarox (Wanda Walker) - The Soldier and His Servant
« Reply #2 on: June 27, 2015, 04:24 AM »
The Soldier and His Servant by Wandarox (Wanda Walker)
Fandom: Original
Rating: Adult

Raheed is bhanak, a "slave soldier" who was bought, educated, and trained by the Mulli empire to pillage and conquer surrounding nations. When stationed in the rural town of Khafa, befriends an odd beggar boy, Asan, who lacks both speech and hearing. Together, Raheed and Asan craft a rudimentary sign language to communicate, at least before Raheed is whisked away to war. After witnessing the death and horror of battle, Raheed returns several years later no longer the carefree boy from before-- but then again, Asan is not left unscarred by his own experiences either. Raheed decides to take Asan back to the capital with him, where Asan can work as a servant to earn his keep while Raheed advances his position in the military. A fierce yet complicated bond grows between them, though neither sees it the same way as the other. Eventually, it is not just their loyalties to a nation that is tested, but also their loyalty to one another.

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Rest of her stories can be found here:

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