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Author Topic: List of Lost and Deleted Fanfic (Doctor Who, Gilmore Girls, Glee, How I Met Your Mother)  (Read 819 times)

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I consider myself a collector of fanfic - there's nothing that disappoints me more than going to a beloved fanfic, and finding it deleted. I recognizes fully that authors have that right, but I try to keep copies of favorites for my personal perusal - they're my comfort blankets.

Here's my list of fic that I'm still trying to track down. I'd be so grateful with any help.

DOCTOR WHO: A Thorn in the Drum by HumansRSuperior. It was once hosted on You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login (Teaspoon)

GILMORE GIRLS: Previously on Gilmore Girls and Next on Gilmore Girls by Holly Gilmore. These were unfortunately deleted off of fanfiction.net during their first great purge (because they were written as screenplays) and the other site that they were hosted on is now defunct. I'm friends with Holly, who has moved on from fandom, and a computer virus ate her copies.

Of Kith and Kin by Pascal(e). This would have been written sometime around 2004-2006. It was a "Father of the Bride Part II" tale where Lorelai and Rory were both pregnant at the same time. Rory was married to a guy who was in the military (pretty sure his name was Tony), so he was out of the country. There was a lot of Stars Hollow neighborhood shenanigans and Paris featured heavily in the fic - she was a medical student and meets and falls completely for another doctor (their meeting is really cute, even if it is COMPLETELY inaccurate), and after dating him for about a week, moves with him across the country. Rory and Lorelai, of course, go into labor at the same time. It was a really sweet and well-written story, even though my summary makes it sound like the most ridiculous of all tropes put together. The first time it was posted, it was posted on fanfic.net as a long one-shot, but sadly people bitched about that, so it was reposted as a multi-chapter fic - it probably was somewhere in the neighborhood of 50K words. 

GLEE: The Most!Verse by Miggy. I managed to track down some of the series but a few are still elusive. These were all general glee, with Rachel and Kurt in NYC.
  • Least Likely Couple
    Least Distance Travelled
    Most Likely to Stay Friends
    Most Popular

Fic by lieseldante:
  • The Stars Look Very Different Today
    Every Other Sun
    Humidity and Candles - Finn POV
    Long Live the Queen – Dave Karofsky POV of Prom Queen

Fic by of-a-crescendo
  • If (you and I) were to fall in love (How falling out of love can be the most dangerous thing to do in the world, but Kurt and Blaine run the risk by falling in love anyway.)
    How We Fade
    Gossamer and Velvet
    to fly, to dream (When Kurt goes missing suddenly, no one guesses that he’s caught into the body of a bird under Blaine’s care.)

Fic by Mary_Flanner:
  • China in Your Hands
    Sword and Shield - podfic here
    Sword and Shield – Forced Perspectives - podfic here
    It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) - podfic here
    Things With Feathers - podfic here
    Tell Mama

(does anybody know) how to hold my heart by dreamerofmonday

Fic by Coopchels
  • The Tie
    Never So Simple
    Dark Side
    If I Met You First
    The Best Man
    Your Spirit Lingers
    Mere Ash, Dust and Legacy
    The Definitely Wrong Number
    Anderson Family Values

Nameless by admiller (WIP - I have through chapter 7; wayback shows 8 chapters but the last one wasn't saved)

Fic by musingsonaradish/radishfics - I saved PDFs of their fic - only I didn't notice then that my app was deleting lines in the PDF, so they are unreadable.
  • Cheerio!Blaine and Football!Kurt
    That's A Good Look
    The High School Experience
    Riding in Car With Boys
    For The Great Relief of Having You to Talk To
    You Send Me
    We're Perfect Together
    Cheerio!Blaine and Football!Kurt on a Date
    Are You Honest When Nobody's Looking
    As Soon As Possible
    Chicken Soup for the Kurt Hummel Soul
    How Blaine Anderson Found His Soulmate (And He Happened to Be an Elf Prince)
    Platonic Dates
    Summer Camp Klaine
    Whole Wide World (Hitchhiker's Guide AU)

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER - The Upward(s) Fall by Elodia47. This was a Barney/Robin fanfic that was written back in 2008-09 and I can only find scraps of references to it anymore. It was at least 5 chapters long and was a beautiful exploration of Robin's character at the end of season 4. I have literally been trying to track it down for the last five years.

Thanks again for your help!