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Author Topic: 24 Reasons To Do MBA In The Recession Period  (Read 3052 times)

Offline mayur47

24 Reasons To Do MBA In The Recession Period

You should do an MBA in the recession period because:

1. Only then can you ask the waiter what the restaurant?s core competencies are, in which you are dining.

2. You can reorganize your family into a ?team- based organization?.

3. You can refer to dating as test marketing
. You can refer to sleeping with other women as customer care and support.

4. You can actually know what a paradigm is and guess what you can spell it too.

5. You can have a deep understanding about nothing and no understanding about everything.

6. You have the liberty to write executive summaries on your love letters.

7. You can use the term ?value-addition? for women with large breasts.

8. You can actually write a 20-page paper with five other people you do not know and still call it team work.

9. You can refer to your problems in life, as ?issues? and ?improvement opportunities.?

10. You can calculate your own personal cost of capital.

11. You can refer to your previous life as ?my sunk costs.?

12. Your three meals a day would become a ?morning consumption function?, a ?noontime consumption
function?, and an ?even consumption function?.

13. You start to feel sorry for Dilbert?s boss and sympathize with the boss.

14. You can refer to wife-swapping as ?mergers? and marrying divorcees as ?acquisitions?.

15. Your favorite artist becomes the one who can draw charts and diagrams with lots of colors and information.

16. You can insist that you do some more market research before you and your spouse produce another

17. At your family reunion, you can ask for an emergency meeting enquiring into the brand equity and brand recognition of your family.

18. You can take the decision that the only way to afford a house is to call your fellow alumni and offer to
name a room after them if they help with the down payment.

19. Your ?deliverable? for Sunday evening would be clean laundry and paid bills.

20. You will not be labeled as a geek.

21. You can speak nonsense for hours and people will call you a consultant.

22. You can lie to your heart?s content and get away with it by labeling it as ?Strategic Innovation to get better results?

23. If you propose and are slapped in return, you can always label it as ?customer feedback?

24. You can use the eternal weapon that MBA people possess, the approach phrase. It goes like this ?I have tried a number of different approaches to your problem? whcih actually translates into I understand next to nothing about your problem so I am playing the guessing
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