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Author Topic: YOUR IMAGES WILL VANISH IF YOU HOT LINK. Have you done it or are you safe?  (Read 4128 times)


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Well not even slightly ticked off.  More like mildly annoyed um... well sort of mildly annoyed more like vaguely irritated?  OK SO IT MAKES THEM SOMETHING.

Did you?  Did YOU?  DID YOU DO IT?

That got your attention.   :D

Hotlinking seems to be a bit of a problem on here.  If you see a post with "Hotlink removed"  it means that the picture file was a Hotlink.  We do not allow any hotlinks.   

What the Devil is that you ask? 

HOTLINK:  A hotlink is a direct link in an HTML file to a file on another server.
Huh? Right? 

Say you see a really nice picture on another site such as oh lets say...  someecards or say Google [gstatic.com tells me it is a Google hotlink.]   so you take [ *img ]  the address of said picture  [* / img]  and there is the picture nice and pretty

and not as an upload here which isn't nearly as pretty right?

Anytime you use THEIR Address to create an image on your post be it for bookcovers in threads about MY FAVORITE BOOK or Book reviews or for a birthday greeting you are telling them we are stealing actual money from them.

Those who put those images up have to pay for bandwidth.  Our site has to pay for bandwidth.  You see that contribution on the front page?  If you would hotlink from this site by taking the URL of pictures here and posting on another site, YOU have to pay for it by raising the server costs we ask for each month. 

Pretty lousy thing to do isn't it?    If it makes you angry that you have to pay for someone somewhere else to look at pictures from this site and they can't even help out on the costs or help by making this a nice place to visit and chat about books or post great fanfiction, can you picture how the other guy feels when you do it to them?  And that might be coming out of their pocket with no one helping them out?

Now some sites say "Please use our images by using this link"  That's fine.  Just don't copy the URL of the picture, use that link they tell you to use.   And sites like Photobucket are just fine with that because that is why they were created.  You can use the files on those sites with the image file.   

More Info:
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

In short, if you don't want people to steal our bandwidth by hotlinking and raise the server costs?  Why would you do it to them? 

DO NOT HOTLINK.  Be a good web and site member. 

IF you have questions or aren't sure, please pm a Mod.  We will be glad to help out.  And glad to  stop being vaguely irritated or something like that....
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