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Author Topic: Contemporary Korean MMO Lost Ark is infamous for its legion raids  (Read 251 times)

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I'd like to point out that although a couple of those looks included a bit of skin, in my brief period of sexy pirate You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login, I'd sit next to every woman from Lost Ark and be like, "What are you wearing? Is that a bra made out of bicycle chain?"

Lost Ark's skimpy outfits for women, along with the hipsway and heels that they sport, is the reason why I chose one of the male classes to be my primary. I have a sorceress alt as well and she appears to be getting less and less clothed as she gets. At 60. I can only imagine them running out of things they can take off and shave off her flesh making her look like an anatomy lecture.

Smilegate has said that it's planning to add more outfits that aren't so revealing, and though I look forward to that I hope the beachwear skins from the Korean version (opens in new tab) make it in as well, because the options for male gunners include a casual pink robe-and-budgie-smugglers combo that I would enjoy wearing while I make literally everything explode.

Contemporary Korean MMO Lost Ark is infamous for its legion raids, and endinggame activities in which teams of players have to work together through complicated multi-phase boss fights. The April roadmap indicated a "tentative" launch in May for the very first Legion Raid, against the demon commander Valtan, which has now officially confirmed Amazon Games (opens in new tab).

"As Legion Raids are challenging and can take a long time to complete," Amazon writes, "there are gates (or checkpoints) which will help players save their advancement through the Raid. Valtan will be an 8-player Legion raid, which has two gates and introduces array of brand new mechanics You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login. Players will require levels 1415 or higher to attempt normal difficulty, and 1445 for extreme."



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