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Author Topic: I'm sure you'll find fewer exclusives from third parties  (Read 2043 times)

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I'm sure you'll find fewer exclusives from third parties
« on: August 20, 2022, 12:33 AM »
What was the reason you decided to shift to the following installment in the Viva Pinata franchise away from Rare and instead give the franchise to Krome?We chose to collaborate in conjunction with Krome to develop Viva Pinata Party Animals because they're excellent game developers You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login. They've had a long-standing presence in the game industry and we have lots of admiration of their efforts. Additionally, Rare was very happy to collaborate with them since Rare is the obvious creators of VP. Rare is working on several different projects. It's the sequel to Banjo Kazooie title that's coming next year is the one that we've revealed however, Rare is also looking at other titles.

We're really thrilled about VP and are making it available for Windows and the animated television series continues to perform well in both the US and, now, it's available in Europe. This is an excellent opportunity to take this property and extend it into different genres, including the genre of party games for instance. Krome was the perfect match to us here.

One of the major highlights at the Microsoft conference was The Call of Duty 4 demo as well as the brand new Resident Evil 5 trailer. The demos looked amazing however, these and several other notable third-party games are multi-platform. With current technology of game development being so costly is it difficult to attract exclusive games from third parties?

The fact that games--the top ones, in particularnowadays are costly to make is the reason why third-party developers are flocking into Xbox 360, in addition to the huge success that Xbox 360 and Xbox Live are enjoying across the globe. Xbox 360 is the top platform for the next generation of games. This means that every third-party publisher is considering Xbox 360 as a great platform to publish on.

I'm sure you'll find fewer exclusives from third parties. Sony has a coupleof them, there's still a few including BioShock as well as Splinter Cell: Conviction--and that's fantastic, but for the majority of the time the thing we've been focusing on as a strategic point is bringing third-party content into the same playing field, and leaving it up to the first parties, in Microsoft Game Studios' case, to provide exclusive content that's going bring the attention we're looking for and You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login showcase our platforms and convince the public they should consider it's the Xbox 360 is the best alternative for them in the coming year.



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