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Author Topic: A Hoale Lot of Trouble (Hoale Construction Mystery #1) by Declan Sands  (Read 697 times)

Offline Ophiuchus

Name of the book: A Hoale Lot of Trouble (Hoale Construction Mystery #1)
Genre: MM romance
Book publish year: 2012
Rating (out of 5): 3
Brief intro: Adam Hoale owns a construction company called Hoale Construction. When he finds an eye-opening surprise in the walls of a house he’s flipping, and a libido flaring surprise standing on the lawn, he's willing to do the right thing with the surprise in the wall while entertaining lusty thoughts about the surprise on the lawn.
But as the world finds out what he discovered, and his new boy toy seems to be keeping too many secrets to make a relationship a reality, Adam soon realizes he may just get flipped himself if he's not careful.

Review: Addictive style and entretaining series. You need to forget about the logical behaviour when it comes to the characters.