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Author Topic: Black Balled by Andrea Smith  (Read 566 times)

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Black Balled by Andrea Smith
« on: November 03, 2015, 10:51 AM »
Black Balled by Andrea Smith (Copy-pasted from my GR)

So first off, since I'm one of the few who have not one-starred this book based on the blurb - please don't kill me Goodreads friends for reading this book.

I would like to clarify some things :
First - I don't care too much about the authors in general. I mean, of course I want them to be really happy and not sick, but this is only for the selfish reason of getting the most and best of their work.
As cruel as it may sound, I honestly don't care about anything authors do, it's just a business transaction, I give the money, they give me books.

2. I've heard too many words about badly behaving authors, and in the end I've read most of their books because I've been warned too late or I have simply liked that.

3. I have read one single book of Andrea Smith (Diamond Girl) and in my review I've stated my enjoyment was only in considering the book a comedy, so I was in the mood for that when I started this one.

4.When reading the blurb (either authors don't know how to write blurbs, or I read them always wrong), this looked like a story when guy#1 kinapped and bdsm-tortured guy#2, and guy #2 apologised about bad review and lived as his happy sex slave for the rest of their sappily life.
(WTF is my imagination!!)

5. This was a drama tstl like book, where#2 was a dark reviewer that trashed almost every book he read and hated indies, and ... had a dark past. Oh, and was a self-obsessed idiot.

On the other hand #1 was a self-called genius (like K. West), who had refused publishing offers because he was much better, had a big obsession with sex and... had a dark past- element.

Now, like any drama to be respected there were bad exes, dark past secrets, drama everywhere, 5 year-old comebacks, mwahahah laughs (not really but close), and sex. There was very much sex from innuendos, to emails (????), to them doing it.

And of course about 20% of the book was about the dark pasts thingies.

The part that I was waiting for, and I was really sure it would happen, THE blurb part did not happen, there was no kinapping, no dark sex dungeon, and the only hitting happened when they fought with each-other (once..).

Now, the reviewer (which is not me), when reading this book will get mad and DNF or trash this book, but truthfully I have seen blind followers or friends on GR...
I remember a few years back on GR, when on a 3.5 review of a book, a follower had said "oh, if you don't like it, then it's not for me", And a few months later, that person had rated the book 5 stars and put it on favorites.

Now, that is not reviewers's fault, but blind followers's.

This book gets 2.5 stars from me, IT served its purpose, maybe next time I'll watch some soap opera or even some book with 2 rating on imdb.
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