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Author Topic: Call for the Dead (George Smiley #1) by John le Carré  (Read 2811 times)

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Call for the Dead (George Smiley #1) by John le Carré
« on: December 06, 2016, 12:28 AM »
Name of the book: Call for the Dead (George Smiley #1)
Genre: Thriller, Mystery
Book publish year: First published 1961
Rating (out of 5): 4
Brief intro: John le Carré classic novels deftly navigate readers through the intricate shadow worlds of international espionage with unsurpassed skill and knowledge, and have earned him -- and his hero, British Secret Service Agent George Smiley, who is introduced in this, his first novel -- unprecedented worldwide acclaim.
George Smiley had liked Samuel Fennan, and now Fennan was dead from an apparent suicide. But why? Fennan, a Foreign Office man, had been under investigation for alleged Communist Party activities, but Smiley had made it clear that the investigation -- little more than a routine security check -- was over and that the file on Fennan could be closed. The very next day, Fennan was found dead with a note by his body saying his career was finished and he couldn't go on. Smiley was puzzled...

Review: Part spy thriller, part murder mystery. Probably the one I liked most of all JLC books I have read.
Worth reading the other Smiley books and have a go with the movies.