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Author Topic: Lumen (Martin Bora #1) by Ben Pastor  (Read 2183 times)

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Lumen (Martin Bora #1) by Ben Pastor
« on: October 08, 2016, 06:09 AM »
Name of the book:  Lumen (Martin Bora #1)
Genre: Historical
Book publish year: 2011
Rating (out of 5): 3
Brief intro: Part wartime political intrigue, detective story, psychological thriller, and religious mystery, Ben Pastor's debut follows a German army captain and a Chicago priest as they investigate the death of a nun in Nazi-occupied Poland.
In October 1939 Captain Martin Bora discovers the abbess, Mother Kazimierza, shot dead in her convent garden. Her alleged power to see the future has brought her a devoted following; her work and motto, "Lumen Christi Adiuva Nos" ("Light of Christ, help us"), appear also to have brought some enemies.
Father Malecki has come to Cracow, at the pope's bidding, to investigate Mother Kazimierza's powers. The Vatican orders him to stay and assist Bora in the inquiry into her killing. Stunned by the violence of the occupation and the ideology of his colleagues, Bora's sense of Prussian duty is tested to the breaking point. The interference of seductive actress Ewa Kowalska does not help matters.

Review: Dark, as war is, and as other books of this series. Bora is a complex character, and it is fascinating how the author develops the stories.