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Author Topic: Stranger at the Door by J.S. Cook  (Read 862 times)

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Stranger at the Door by J.S. Cook
« on: October 28, 2015, 03:02 AM »
Name of the book: Stranger at the Door
Genre: MM Romance Historical
Book publish year: 2015
Rating (out of 5): 3
Brief intro: South Carolina lawyer Calvin Amos is confident he can gain Thomas Basinger his freedom on appeal. Thom was convicted of a murder during an armed robbery gone bad. But Basinger’s case proves more difficult than Cal anticipated, and the battle he assumed he’d win turns into a devastating failure. Remorseful over the personal defeat, after Basinger is executed, Cal throws himself out of his office window.
Bizarrely, the fall doesn’t kill him. Even stranger, Thom Basinger rings Cal’s doorbell looking for a job. Both men are drawn to each other. Before long, the two forge a unique, heartfelt connection that transcends the boundaries of life and death.
Calvin Amos always imagined himself in possession of some great love or other. He didn’t know he had to die to find it..

Review: Although the writing is good, this book is just not for me. The first pages put me off and I sort of saw the twist coming.