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Author Topic: Unshakeable Faith by Lisa Worrall  (Read 680 times)

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Unshakeable Faith by Lisa Worrall
« on: May 30, 2015, 06:16 AM »
Name of the book: Unshakeable Faith
Genre: MM Romance
Book publish year: 2011
Rating (out of 5): 3
Brief intro: Of all the bars in all the towns in all the world, the stranger walks into Brody Tyler’s. With no memory and a name he chose from a newspaper, Nash is a gamble—one Brody is willing to take. It isn’t long before Brody and Nash fall in love, but then a tragic accident shatters their cozy world, resetting Nash’s memory once again.
The “new” Nash Walker is a businessman with a bottom line, and he doesn’t care what or who gets stomped on. Waking up in a hospital bed after a hit-and-run with no idea where he’s been for the past six months is bad enough, but someone trying to kill him is even worse. Enter Brody Tyler, accidental bodyguard.
Brody’s determined to help Nash remember and bring back the man he loves. Nash thinks Brody’s a drop-dead gorgeous pain in the ass. If only he could remember….

Review: Double amnesia plot, sometimes over the top. It stretched my suspension of belief.