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Author Topic: APRIL 2013 BOOK RELEASES  (Read 11581 times)

Offline Jilly

« on: February 28, 2013, 06:24 PM »

If you're looking forward to a book that's going to be released in April, you can post that book + release date in this thread and I'll add it to the list. That way we get a clear and organized overview of all the (interesting) April releases.

RULES #1: This thread is for release dates only. NO UPLOADS! If you upload a book, It will be deleted without any warning #2: Check the list below before you post the releases you're looking forward to. #3: This list is for April release dates only

Some tips concerning release dates
  • Check Amazon, Barnes & Noble or publisher for confirmed ebook release dates.
  • Please give the link to the publisher so I can verify RD. Self published in particular can be difficult to verify without a link.

*** please use following format (Author, Title, Series) & Release Date***

AuthorBook Title [Series #]RD
A. M. HargroveKissing FireApr 13
A. M. WesterlingA Knight for LoveApr 6
A.J. HarmonFirst Class Hero [First Class, book 5]Apr 10
A.J.M. MousseauScars of the Bifrost [Scars, book 1]Apr 10
Abbie DuncanFrench KissApr 9
Abigail RouxTouch & Geaux [Cut & Run, book 7]Apr 8
Adam BakerJuggernautApr 2
Addison MooreEvanescent [Countenance Trilogy, book 2]Apr 10
Adriana HunterRock Solid [Rock Hard, book 3]Apr 11
Aimée DuffyNever Say Never [Price of Fame, book 2]Apr 12
Ainslie PatonGetting RealApr 1
Alan BrennertPalisades ParkApr 9
Alana DavisBonds of Attraction - Part 1Apr 9
Alessandra TorreThe Girle in 6EApr 15
Alex BakerSoulborn - The Complete Edition [Frailty]Apr 10
Alex HughesSharp [Mindspace Investigations, book 2]Apr 2
Alex Safy CummingsDemocracy of SoundApr 5
Alexander Gordon SmithThe Fury [Fury, book 1]Apr 3
Alexandra Ivy, Laura WrightBayon & Jean-Baptiste [Bayou heat, books 3-4]Apr 11
Alisha RaiPlay Wit Me [Bedroom Games, book 1]Apr 8
Allen DuskLast CallApr 7
Allie BrennanOf Silk and FireApr 1
Allie RitchHusbandryApr 1
Allison AmendA Nearly Perfect Copy Apr 9
Allison ParrRush MeApr 8
Allora AdderlyWhat the Heart DesiresApr 11
Ally BlakeThe Secret Wedding DressApr 1
Amanda HeathNorma JeanApr 7
Amanda LyonsEyes Like Blue Fire [Broken Edges, book 1]Apr 5
Amanda QuickThe Mystery Woman [Ladies of Lantern Street, book 2]Apr 23
Amber DalcourtShadow Prey [Awakening: Fractured Memories, book 1]Apr 1
Amy Carol ReevesRenegade [A Ripper Novel, book 2]Apr 1
Amy NoelleCode RedApr 11
Amy PlumDie For Her [Revenants, book 2.5]Apr 2
Amy RabyAssassin's Gambit [Hearts and Thrones, book 1]Apr 2
Anatasia RabiyahRopeApr 9
Andrea GoodsonWalking Tide [Riverbend, book 3]Apr 16
Andrea K. HostHuntingApr 4
Andrea LaurenceSexy In A Bottle [More Than Men, book 4]Apr 13
Andrea RandallIn The StillnessApr 9
Andrea SmithDiamond GirlApr 10
Andrea WolfeHazeApr 2
Andrew GrossNo Way BackApr 2
Angela ClaireDrilling Down DeepApr 3
Angela RoquetFor the Birds [Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc., book 3]Apr 14
Angela StevensBeautifully Broken, part 1Apr 2
Anisa Claire WestChampagne DeceptionApr 13
Ann B. RossMiss Julia Stirs Up TroubleApr 9
Ann GimpelA Matter of HonorApr 1
Ann GimpelMagic's DaughterApr 7
Ann LethbridgeIn Bed with the HighlanderApr 1
Ann MayburnMy Wicked Nanny [Club Wicked, book 2]Apr 2
Ann MayburnStill [Long Slow Tease, book 1]Apr 8
Anna CareyRise [Eve Triology, book 3]Apr 2
Anna CruiseIf I FallApr 6
Anna KristellSunny's LoveApr 2
Anna RainaLovers in the WoodApr 15
Anna WolfeBitten [The One Rises, book 1Apr 9
Anne LeighLove Unmatched [Unexpected, book 2]Apr 8
Anne PerryMidnight at Marble Arch: A Charlotte and Thomas Pitt NovelApr 9
AnthologyThis Side of SweetApr 2
AnthologyThe Enforcers [Blood Bar Chronicles, book 3]Apr 4
AnthologyLove Letters Volume 1: Obeying DesireApr 8
AnthologyVoraciousApr 9
AnthologyServing HimApr 9
AnthologyBeneath a Spring Moon [Those Sexy Shifters, book 1]Apr 14
Anya RichardsDragon's Claim [Unveiled Seductions, book 3]Apr 5
April Ezell WilsonDark Days [Blood Ties That Bind, book 2]Apr 5
April SmythBrave [Healer, book 2]Apr 10
Aprilynne PikeOne More Day [Life After Theft, prequel]Apr 2
Arabella KingsleyConquering SabrinaApr 10
Ariella PapaA Semester AbroadApr 14
Ashley DotsonThe Beacon [Finding Justus, book 1]Apr 16
Ashley StoyanoffWaking Dreams [Soul's Mark, book 3.5]Apr 14
Ashley WilcoxWaiting on ForeverApr 8
Audrey HarteLove in All The Wrong Places [Love in LA]Apr 10
Aurora DupreeHidden Desire [Silk Grove, book 1]Apr 5
Azura IceStar-Kissed ChocolateApr 7
Azura IceSomething to Howl About [1 Night Stand]Apr 9
B. D. FraserLady: ImpossibleApr 5
B. J. HarveyLost in DistractionApr 3
B.C. BurgessDeception [Mystic, book 3]Apr 10
Barbara DelinskyThe Right Wrong NumberApr 2
Barbara GarsonDown te Up EscalatorApr 2
Barbara StewartWhen I Look to the Sky [Rock and Roll Trilogy, book 2]Apr 13
Barbara Taylor SisselEvidence of LifeApr 1
Barry LygaGame [Jasper Dent, book 2]Apr 16
Beatrice SmallFrancesca [Silk Merchants Daughters, book 2]Apr 2
Bec McMasterTarnished Knight [London Steampunk, book 1.5]Apr 5
Becca JamesonAlyssa's Wolves [Wolf Maters, book 4]Apr 6
Becky FladeFated SoulsApr 15
Bella ForrestA Shade of Blood [A Shade of Vampire, book 2]Apr 5
Bella St. JamesFreefall [New Reality, book 3]Apr 2
Belle AuroraFriend-Zoned [Friend-Zoned, book 1]Apr 12
Benjamin PercyThe Language of ElkApr 1
Beth FredThe Other Marlow Girl [Marlowe Girls, book 2]Apr 4
Beth KeryWhen I'm With You Part V: When You SubmitApr 2
Beth KeryWhen I'm With You Part VI: When You Trust MeApr 9
Beth KeryWhen I'm With You Part VII: When I Need YouApr 16
Beth KeryWhen I'm With You Part VIII: When We Are OneApr 23
Beth MikellP.S. I'm WaitingApr 1
Beth WisemanThe House that Love BuiltApr 2
Bethany RamosAdventure to LoveApr 16
Bethany WigginsStungApr 2
Beverly CarlinOne Friend AwayApr 2
Bijou HunterDamaged and the BeastApr 16
Brandy KayneTake Me Now [Take Me, book 1]Apr 7
Brian McClellanPromise of Blood [Powder Mage, book 1]Apr 16
Brighton HillBluewicked [Watermagic, book 3]Apr 10
Brittany BookerDamed [Damed, book 1]Apr 11
Brittney HendricksonRed Rock RanchApr 13
Bronwyn StuartBehind the CourteseanApr 23
Brooklyn AnnBite Me, Your GraceApr 2
C.C. VaughnSky MoonApr 6
C.E. BlackShifted TemptationsApr 14
C.J. EllissonDeath's Servant [V.V. Inn, book .5]Apr 13
C.L. StocktonShades of Truth [Summerlynn Secrets]Apr 13
Cal ArmisteadBeing Henry DavidApr 16
Camilla MarksThe P.O. Box on the MoonApr 1
Cari Silverwood, Leia Shaw, Scorcha BlackThe Dom with the Perfect Brats [Badass Brats, book 3]Apr 5
Carly PhillipsTruly, Madly, Deeply CollectionApr 16
Carol BurnettCarrie and MeApr 9
Carol ShenoldFairy Dust [Ande Ryan, book 1]Apr 4
Carrie KellyDangerous SurrenderApr 2
Carter AshbyNot A Chance [Sweet Nothings]Apr 14
Caryn Moya BlockMy Magic Mate [Siberian Volkov Pack, book 4]Apr 14
Cassandra CarrShould've Known BetterApr 2
Cat WintersIn the Shados of BlackbirdsApr 2
Cathy PegauRulebreakerApr 15
Cathy SpencerThe Marriage MarketApr 15
Cecily FrenchRendezvous With YouApr 12
Ceria HebertDo OversApr 14
Charles GraeberGood NurseApr 15
Cherelle CooperCutter Part 1Apr 1
Cheryl DragonLove and Language [Masters Wanted, book 2]Apr 10
Chevy StevensThe Other SideApr 2
Cheyenne McCrayPlaying Wit You [Riding Tall, book 5]Apr 11
Cheyenne MeadowsWerewolf [Coin Toss, book 2]Apr 6
Chloe GlintNervous FlierApr 11
Chris AlessoChance EncounterApr 1
Chris MoriartyThe Watcher in the ShadowsApr 2
Chrissy AndersonThe Unexpected List [list Trilogy, book 2]Apr 8
Christian Baker KlineOrphan TrainApr 2
Christina LaurenBeautiful Stranger [Beautiful Bastard, book 2]Apr 15
Christina MooreFrom the Shadows [Shadow Chronicles, book 2]Apr 2
Christina SchwarzThe Edge of the EarthApr 2
Christine BarberWhen The Devil Doesn't ShowApr 16
Christine KerseyGone [Parallel, book 1]Apr 2
Christine McGreggorImpulsive [Reach out to Me]Apr 12
Ciara ThreadgoodeI Made You My FirstApr 11
Ciaran CollinsThe GamalApr 11
Cindy RayDifferentApr 7
Claire KingThe Night RainbowApr 9
Coleen KwanReal Men Don't Quit [Real Men, book 2]Apr 8
Colonel David Hunt, Christine HunsingerTerror RedApr 16
Connie ArcherA Broth of Betrayal [Soup Lover's, book 2]Apr 2
Connie Furr Soloman, Jan JewettLiberace Extravaganza!Apr 2
Corneilia FunkeFearless [Reckless, book 2, Mirrorworld, book 2]Apr 2
Craig LancasterEdward AdriftApr 9
Crystal McVea, Alex TresniowskiWaking Up in HeavenApr 1
Crystal MessnerThe Beauty of DarknessApr 16
Crystal SerowkaIn the Air [The City, book 1]Apr 4
Crystal-Rain LoveMoonlit Protector [Moonlit, book 3]Apr 10
Cyn BalogDead RiverApr 9
Cynthia EdenBound in DeathApr 11
Cynthia EllingsenMarriage MattersApr 2
Cynthia MarcanoEyes on HimApr 14
D. H. LawrenceWomen in LoveApr 1
D. L. KellyMy French VanillaApr 11
D.H. CameronSoftail Curves IIIApr 10
D.H. SidebottomIncineration [Heart of Stone, book 1]Apr 2
D.M. LivingstonNyxApr 5
Dakota MadisonBe GoodApr 2
Dale MayerUnbound [Bound and Determined]Apr 16
Dan Bigley, Debra McKinneyBeyond the BearApr 2
Dana FredstiPlague Nation [Ashley Parker, book 2]Apr 9
Dana LittlejohnA Warrier for the Moon [Daughters of Mother Earth, book 2]Apr 3
Dana Marie BellHecate's Own [Heart's Desire, book 2]Apr 9
Dani MoralesEntrelacenApr 11
Daniela SacerdotiTide [Sarah Midnight Triology, book 2]Apr 2
Danielle StewartChasing Justice [Piper Anderson, book 1]Apr 14
D'Ann LindunSunny Days Ahead [Cowboys of Black Mountain, book 2]Apr 8
David BaldacciThe Hit [Will Robie, book 2] UK RDApr 1
David DownieParis to the PyrenessApr 1
David StockmanThe Great DeformationApr 2
Deaena RaybournFar in the Wilds [Spear of Summer Grass, prequel]Apr 1
Debbie MacomberThe Shop on Blossom StreetApr 30
Debbie MacomberStarting Now [Blossom Street, book 9]Apr 2
Debbie Reynolds, Dorian HannawayUnsinkableApr 2
Deborah C. FoulkesThe Boleyn Effect [Boorman & Boleyn]Apr 1
Deborah CookeKiss of Darkness [Dragon Legion, book 2]Apr 2
Deborah Perry PiscioneSecrets of Silicon ValleyApr 2
Debra TruemanBack on Solid GroundApr 4
Debra WebbRageApr 30
D'Elen McClainZenya's Story [Fang Chronicles, book 3]Apr 5
Delia DelaneyNovaApr 8
Delilah FawkesBound to Him, Part 4 [Billionaire's Beck and Call, book 2]Apr 3
Delilah S. DawsonWicked as She WantsApr 30
Delilah S. DawsonThe Peculiar Pets of Miss Pleasance [Blud, book 1.6]Apr 1
Dena CarsonCherie's SilkApr 5
Dena CarsonWorking It All OutApr 5
Dene LowCrimson BluesApr 16
Denise JeffriesRetributionApr 1
Denysé BridgerShades of DeathApr 4
Devin MorganAris Rising: The Court of Vampires [Infinity Diaries, book 2]Apr 2
Diana GabaldonA Plague of Zombies [Outlander]Apr 16
Diana QuincySeducing CharlotteApr 15
Don PendletonCrisis DiplomacyApr 2
Don PendletonDouble CrossApr 2
Don PendletonNuclear IntentApr 2
Donald Bain and Jessica FletcherPrescription For Murder [Murder, She Wrote, book 39]Apr 2
Donna AugustineThe Keepers [Alchemy, book 1]Apr 11
Donna CummingsBack On TrackApr 2
Donna LeonThe Golden Egg [commissario Guido Brunetti, book 22]Apr 2
Dorothy St. JamesOak and DaggerApr 2
Dorothy St. JamesOak and Dagger [White House Gardener, book 3]Apr 2
Doug StantonHorse SoldiersApr 6
Douglas PrestonTrial By FuryApr 15
Dyanne DavisThe CriticApr 10
E. M. FrearBlack White and Shades of GreyApr 14
Eadie LangGirls Like ThatApr 12
Elanor DymottEvery Contact Leaves a Trace  UK RDApr 5
Eleanor MorseWhite Dog Fell from the Sky UK RDApr 4
Electra ShepardMan or Machine [Body Electric, book 2]Apr 5
Eleri StoneRebellion [Lost City Shifters, book 3]Apr 1
Eli HarlowSaviorApr 11
Elinor LipmanThe View From Penthouse BApr 1
Elisabeth RoseThe Ripple EffectApr 1
Elise K. AckersAsk Me To Stay [Homeland, book 1]Apr 10
Eliza LloydOne Last NightApr 10
Elizabet SherryCrime at Cripple Creek [Sisters Week, book 1]Apr 6
Elizabeth BenedictWhat My Mother Gave MeApr 2
Elizabeth BergTapestry of FortunesApr 9
Elizabeth FinnImmortal Distraction [Immortals, book 2]Apr 14
Elizabeth LowellDangerous RefugeApr 9
Elizabeth MunroWingspan [Taken on the Wing, book 1]Apr 6
Elizabeth OttoBlood of IsisApr 3
Elizabeth SherryThe Aspens End [Aspen, book 4]Apr 13
Ella BarrickThe Homicide Hustle [Ballroom Dance Mystery, book 3]Apr 2
Ella FrankBlind ObsessionApr 7
Ella GraceMidnight Secrets:  The Wildfire SeriesApr 30
Ella JamesSelling ScarlettApr 13
Ella StoneAt LastApr 6
Ellen WolfDesperate MeasuresApr 1
Emily BoldTouch Of Eternity [Curse, book 1]Apr 16
Emily JosephineGuns and Rosa [Texas Hearts]Apr 9
Emma DelaneyUnraveled [Love in Salem, book 2]Apr 7
Emma HartHolding On [Memories, book 1.5]Apr 13
Emma JaneUncovering KaitlynApr 10
Eoin ColferThe Reluctant Assasin [W.A.R.P., book1]Apr 11
Erin BowmanTaken [Taken, book 1]Apr 16
Erin E.M. HattonDaughter of Fire [Daughter of Alba, book 2]Apr 8
Eva Marie PaulliereThe Player [Two Stories]Apr 6
Eva ScottThe Last GladiatrixApr 1
Eva SloanBetter Off Dead [Lucy Hart, Deathdealer, book 1]Apr 15
Evangeline AndersonScarlet Heat [Born to Darkness, book 2]Apr 16
Eve LanglaisB785 [Cyborgs: More Than Machines, book 3]Apr 8
Faith Hunter Blood Trade [Jane Yellowrock, book 6]Apr 2
Fion JamesonWaiting for Darkness [Blood Martyr, book 1]Apr 3
Fiona LoweSaved by the Bride [Wedding Fever, book 1]Apr 15
Fionn JamesonInvincible [Centennial City, book 1]Apr 9
Frank LeslieBad JusticeApr 2
Frank PickardThe Weight of GravityApr 16
Fred HiattNine DaysApr 9
G. J. MeyerThe BorgiasApr 2
G. J. Walker-SmithSecond Hearts [Wishes, book 2]Apr 2
G. V. SteitzBeautiful To MeApr 8
G.L. BreedonThe Sword of Unmaking [Wizard of Time, book 2]Apr 5
Gabrielle ReeceMy Foot is Too Big for the Glass SlipperApr 16
Gary Smalley and Dan WalshThe Dance [Restoration, book 1]Apr 1
Gemma JamesRetributionApr 11
Gemma Tabitha LewisThe Borderlands [Timeless, book 2]Apr 3
Gennita LowThe Game [Sex, Lies & Spies]Apr 14
Geraldine EvansUp in Flames [Casey and Catt, book 1]Apr 8
Gianrico CarofiglioInvoluntary WitnessApr 2
Gina Marie WylieWell-Traveled Rhodes [Kinsella Universe, book 6]Apr 7
Ginger SimpsonA Novel MurderApr 9
Ginny BairdMy Lucky Groom [Summer Grooms, book 2]Apr 4
Ginny PeeblesDust to Dawn [Dark to Light, book 1]Apr 9
Glenna MaynardBeautiful Strangers [Masquerade, book 1]Apr 10
Glennon Doyle MeltonCarry On, WarriorApr 2
Graeme SimsionThe Rosie Project UK RDApr 11
Gregg OlsenShocking True StoryApr
Guy Gavriel KayRivers of StarsApr 2
H. M. WardDamagedApr 2
H. M. WardThe Arrangement, book 5Apr 14
Hallie EphronThere Was an Old WomanApr 2
Hannah HowellIf He's Tempted [Wherlocke, book 5]Apr 2
Harriet LovelaceHis Every Touch [The Complete Series]Apr 8
Hayley HoskinsTo Be Honest, I'm Just So Not BotheredApr 3
Hayley NelsonTo Meet You AgainApr 3
Hazel GowerOurs [Bears, book 1] *ADULT*Apr 5
Heather AllenBarely Breathing [Just Breathe, book 2]Apr 13
Heather SnowSweet Madness [Veiled Seduction, book 3]Apr 2
Heather Vogel FrederickFor Your Paws Only [Spy Mice, book 2]Apr 2
Heidi WillardHawthorn Inn [Catalyst, book 1]Apr 11
Helen GrantSilent Saturday [Forbidden Spaces Trilogy, book 1]Apr 4
Hilary DuffTrue [Elixir, book 3]Apr 16
Honor JamesHis Angelic Mate [Paranormal Protection Unit, book 7]Apr 3
Howard KaminskyAngel WingsApr 2
Hunter SheaThe Graveyard SpeaksApr 2
Inglath CooperHammer and a Song [Nashville, book 2]Apr 5
Iris JohansenTaking Eve [Eve Duncan, book 13]Apr 16
Irwin ShawAcceptable LossesApr 16
Ivan RusilkoThe Winemakers Dinner: Amuse Bouche [The Winemakers Feast, book 1.5]Apr 6
J. D. RawdenHearts AfireApr 1
J. DorothyShadows [Eternal Curse, book 2]Apr 5
J. Fields Jr., Jim ParishLove Potion 2.0Apr 10
J. KennerClaim MeApr 23
J. WildeFinding LaceyApr 16
J.A. HornbuckleCrys and Gabe [Human Hieroglyphix, book 2]Apr 6
J.A. LeggittGate's CreekApr 8
J.J. CookThat Old Flame of Mine [Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade, book 1]Apr 2
J.J. HowardThat Time I Joined the CircusApr 1
J.J. JacamenzThe Ruby GirlsApr 10
Jack HeathRatsApr 12
Jackie CollinsThe Rock Star and the LifeguardApr 9
Jackie Morse KesslerBreath [Riders of the Apocalypse, book 4]Apr 16
Jaclymn MoriartyA Corner of White [Colors of Madeleine #1]Apr 1
Jaclyn HawkesAbove Rubies [Rockland Ranch, book 2]Apr 13
Jacqui JacobyWith A VengeanceApr 9
Jacquilynn MartineChardonnayApr 4
Jada PennIron Master's EmpireApr 2
Jaden WilkesReverse CowgirlApr 9
Jame KirkpatrickOne Glorious Ambition Apr 2
James McClureThe Song Dog [Kramer and Zondi]Apr 2
James PattersonI, Michael BennettApr 2
James PattersonRun for Your LifeApr 2
James PattersonStep on  a CrackApr 2
James PattersonTick TockApr 2
James Patterson12th of NeverApr 20
James SalterAll That IsApr 2
Jamie DeBreeSleep with MeApr 11
Jamie HeidelDark Dreamer [Chronicles of Corbet Manor, book 1]Apr 8
Jamie McGuireWalking DisasterApr 2
Jane Austen, Lisa TrevorSpank Me, Mr. DarcyApr 8
Jane CostelloThe Wish ListApr 11
Jane O'ReillyOnce A Bad GirlApr 1
Jane PearlThe Cowboys' Submissive [Discrete Assignments]Apr 12
Jane Taylor StarwoodAfter Mardi GrasApr 4
Janeen O'KerryKeeper of the Light [Celtic Journey, book 6]Apr 16
Janice CantoreAvenged [Pacific Coast Justice, book 3]Apr 1
Janice Kay JohnsonAll Through The HouseApr 1
Jasmine FieldsNexessApr 3
Jason MerkoskiBurning the PageApr 9
Jayna VixenEarning the CutApr 6
Jayne RylonKing Cobra [Hot Rods, book 1]Apr 16
Jean FerrisThrice Upon a MarigoldApr 16
Jeanine McAdamThe Bull Rider and the Bare Boycotter [Skirts and Spurs, book 1]Apr 8
Jeff BurgerSpringsteen on SpringsteenApr 2
Jeffery DeaverA Textbook Case [Lincoln Rhyme, book 9.5]Apr 2
Jen CalonitaThe Grass Is Always Greener [Belles, book 3]Apr 16
Jen KirkmanI Can Barely Take Care of MyselfApr 16
Jenn McKinlayGoing, Going Ganache [Cupcake Bakery, book 5]Apr 2
Jenna PizziSweet SerendipityApr 4
Jenni JamesSnow White [Faerie Tale Collection, book 5]Apr 14
Jennie Shortage Love Water MemoryApr 2
Jennifer ArcherThe Shadow GirlApr 9
Jennifer AshleyLone Wolf [Shifters Unbound, book 4.5]Apr 16
Jennifer AugustAffair of ConvenienceApr 15
Jennifer BanashWhite LinesApr 4
Jennifer E. SmithThis Is What Happy Looks LikeApr 4
Jennifer KruczynskiReady or NotApr 7
Jennifer L. ArmentroutApollyon [Covenant, book 4]Apr 4
Jennifer LeelandPuzzle of the HeartApr 5
Jennifer McVeighThe Fever TreeApr 4
Jennifer RyanThe Right Bride [The Hunted Series, book 3]Apr 30
Jennifer RyanLucky Like Us [Hunted, book 2]Apr 9
Jennifer ScottBring Me To Life [Hot and Cold]Apr 14
Jennifer SeasonsStealing HomeApr 2
Jenny ColganAmanda's WeddingApr 11
Jenny SchwartzMemories of LoveApr 1
Jerrica Knight-CataniaThe Stage Bride [Daring Debutantes, book 3]Apr 16
Jerry HartChildren of the Rift [Unstoppable Titans, book 3]Apr 11
Jess Hunter, Sable HunterFor A HeroApr 14
Jessica ClareStranded with a Billionaire [The Billionaire Boys Club, book 1]Apr 16
Jessica MilesThe PairingApr 14
Jessica SorensenThe Evanescence [Fallen Soul, book 2]Apr 14
Jessica StarkThe Devil's Prey {Demon Within, book 2]Apr 15
Jessica VerdiMy Life After NowApr 2
Jill WilliamsonCaptives [The Safe Lands, book 1]Apr 2
Jill WolfsonFuriousApr 16
Jillian DoddDate Me [The Keaton Chronicles, book 3]Apr 9
Jim ElderidgeThe Lethal Target [Malichea Quest, book 1]Apr 11
Jo DavisArmed and Dangerous [Sugarland Blue, book .5]Apr 2
Joan Holub and Suzanne WilliamsHades and the Helm of Darkness [Heroes in Training, book 3]Apr 2
Joanna Campbell SlanThe Death of a Dowager [Jane Eyre Chronicles, book 2]Apr 2
Joanne BischofThough My Heart Is Torn [Cadence of Grace, book 2]Apr 2
Jodi ThomasOne Texas NightApr 2
Jodi WoodyUnplanned LoveApr 7
Jodie BeauThe Good LifeApr 4
Jodie GriffinForbidden Fires [Breakfast & Bondage, book 3]Apr 1
Jody HedlundA Noble GroomApr 1
Joelle CharbonneauEnd Me a Tenor [Glee Club Mystery, book 2]Apr 2
John Gerzema, Michael D'AntonioThe Athena DoctrineApr 16
John GlattThe Prince of ParadiseApr 16
Jon Courtenay GrimwoodThe Exiled Blade [Assassini Trilogy, book 3]Apr 2
Jon HerreraTwineApr 16
Jorrie SpencerRunning Free [Northern Shifters, book 5]Apr 16
Joyce Lavene, James LaveneLove's Treasured SecretsApr 7
Judith CropolaWith the WindApr 15
Julia JamesLove IrresistiblyApr 2
Julia QuinnHappily Ever After [Bridgertons Second Epilogues, #1-8]Apr 2
Julia SweeneyIf It's Not One Thing, It's Your MotherApr 2
Julian BarnesLevels of LifeApr 8
Juliana StoneThe Summer He Came Home [Bad Boys of Crystal Lake, book 1]Apr 2
Julianna MacLeanThe Prince's Bride [The Royal Trilogy, book 3]Apr 30
Julie A. RichmanSearching for Moore [Needing Moore, book 1]Apr 3
Julie Ann WalkerThrill Ride [Black Knights Inc., book 4]Apr 2
Julie CohenDear ThingApr 11
Julie LessmanLove at Any Cost [Heart of San Francisco, book 1]Apr 1
Julie LetoThe Rescue [Dirty Dare, book 1]Apr 3
Julie N. FordReplacing GentryApr 9
Juliette JayeRock Me Senseless [Rock Me, book 1]Apr 2
Justina IrelandVengeance BoundApr 2
K. D. JonesTalon [Galactic Cage Fighters, book 2]Apr 15
K.H. AlynnLove and the Punk Rock GirlApr 7
Kacey BenetMariahApr 14
Kaitlyn DavisScorch [Midnight Fire, book 4]Apr 3
Kandi KaneFast WalkersApr 10
Kara KirkendollGhost of a Chance [Above the Grave Trilogy, book 1]Apr 12
Karen ChowJimmy's Game [Ruthless, book 1]Apr 3
Karen EriksonTempting Cameron [Lone Pine Lake, book 2]Apr 8
Karen KincyBloodborn [Other, book 2]Apr 1
Karen KincyOther [Other, book 1]Apr 1
Karen MahoneyThe Stone Demon [Iron Witch, book 3]Apr 4
Karina CooperOne for the Wicked:  A Dark Mission NovelApr 30
Karyn GerrardThe Wicked BadApr 15
Kasey MichaelsWhat a Lady Needs [The Redgraves, book 2]Apr 30
Kate AngellNo Strings AttachedApr 30
Kate AtkinsonLife After LifeApr 2
Kate BaumBrave Girl [Girl, book 1]Apr 12
Kate DaviesCutest Couple [Girls Most Likely to..., book 2]Apr 29
Kate NobleLet it be Me [Blue Raven, book 5]Apr 2
Kate PearceSoul SuckerApr 8
Kate RothwellHer Mad BaronApr 5
Kathi S. BartonUnstoppable Force [Force of Nature, book 5]Apr 4
Kathi S. BartonWalker [Bowen Boys, book 1]Apr 6
Kathleen HarringtonLachlan's Bride:  Highlands Laird TrilogyApr 30
Kathryn Le VequeRise of the DefenderApr 2
Katie McGarryCrossing the Line [Pushing the Limits, book 1.5]Apr 1
Katie PorterHard Way [Vegas Top Guns, book 4]Apr 9
Katy EvansREAL [Real, Raw & Ripped, book 1]Apr 8
Kay Springsteen and Kim BowmanSomething Like a Lady [Lady, book 2]Apr 10
Kaye DraperSurvivorApr 6
Kelley ArmstrongThe Rising [Darkness Rising, book 3]Apr 9
Kelley BrownLaura Ray [Ray, book 2]Apr 10
Kelly ElliottSaved [Wanted, book 2]Apr 3
Kelly OxfordEverything is Perfect When You're a LiarApr 2
Ken KalfusEquilateralApr 16
Kendall RyanResisting HerApr 15
Kerry YoungGloriaApr 11
Khelsey JacksonPhoenix's HeartApr 13
Kiersten FayDemon Untamed [Shadow Quest, book 4]Apr 15
Killian McRaeOnce You Go Demon [Pure Souls, book 2]Apr 3
Kim Cash TateThe Color of HopeApr 2
Kim Vogel SawyerSweet SanctuaryApr 1
Kimberley FreemanLighthouse BayApr 9
Kimberly McCreightReconstructing AmeliaApr 2
Kira SinclairInto Temptation [More Than Men, book 1]Apr 4
Kirby HowellAutumn in the City of Angels [Autumn, book 1]Apr 13
Kirsten OsbourneMail Order Maternity [Brides of Beckham, book 6]Apr 8
Kit GrindstaffThe Flame in the MistApr 9
Kristen AshleyOwn the Wind [Chaos, book 1]Apr 2
Kristen MiddletonShiver [Night Roamers, book 2]Apr 13
Kristine BarnettThe SparkApr 9
Kylie GriffinAllegiance Sworn [Light Blade, book 3]Apr 2
L. M. TrioThe Final Score [Game Changer, book 2]Apr 13
L. S. SygnetCloaked in Blook [Eriksson, book 7]Apr 3
Lacey BakerHomecoming:  A Sweetland NovelApr 30
Lacey SavageComing UnboundApr 3
Laila BlakeBy the Light of the Moon [Lakeside, book 1]Apr 8
Lark LaneScratch [Love Scars Episode 1]Apr 12
Laura AldenCurse of the PTA [Beth Kennedy, book 4]Apr 2
Laura DeSilverioMailed to Death [Mall Cop, book 3]Apr 2
Laura Jo PhillipsThe Falcoran's Faith [Souls Linked, book 7]Apr 11
Laura NowlinIf He Had Been with MeApr 1
Laura PowellWitch Fire [Burn Mark, book 2]Apr 11
Laura WrightEternal Beauty [Mark of the Vampire, book 4.5]Apr 2
Lauraine SnellingA Place to BelongApr 1
Lauren DaneLush [Delicious, book 3]Apr 13
Lauren WilligThe Ashford AffairApr 9
Laurie EdwardsIn the Kingdom of the SickApr 9
LaVryle SpencerTwice LovedApr 2
Lee ChildWithout Fail [Jack Reacher, book 6]Apr 2
Lexi BuchananSeduce [McKenzie Brothers, book 1]Apr 7
Liane MoriartyThe Husband's Secret AU RDApr 1
Lila FelixDown N' Derby [Love and Skate, book 3]Apr 10
Lili St. CrowNameless [Tales of Beauty & Madness, book 1]Apr 4
Liliana HartSins and Scarlet Lace [MacKenzie Family, book 9]Apr 16
Lily HarlemBreathe You InApr 16
Lily Harlem, Natalie DaeHardApr 4
Linda BarnesThe Perfect GhostApr 9
Linda FairsteinNight Watch [Alexandra Cooper, book 14]Apr 2
Linda Lael MillerA Wanted Man [Stone Creek, book 2]Apr 1
Linda LaneBen's Babes: Complete CollectionApr 2
Lindsey OwensLove Begins with FateApr 6
Lisa BuffaloeNadia's HopeApr 7
Lisa J. HobmanBridge Over The AtlanticApr 2
Lisa LogueSoul Convenant [Legacy of Secrets, book 2.5]Apr 9
Lisa Marie RiceWoman on the RunApr 16
Lisa PalmerNowhere but HomeApr 2
Lisa Renee JonesBeneath the Secrets, Part 3 [Tall, Dark & Deadly, book 3.3]Apr 7
Lisa ScottolineDon't GoApr 9
Lisa WainlandRock RadioApr 2
Lissa MatthewsKeep It TogetherApr 15
Liz CroweMutual Release [Stewart Realty, book 7]Apr 4
Liz SearchThe Book of Beings:  Episode OneApr 5
Liz TrenowThe Last TelegramApr 2
Loki RenardHard-Handed SheriffApr 8
London CaseyThe Stonger, Safer Kind [Boys of DownCrash, book 1]Apr 10
Lora Leigh, Jaci BurtonNautier and Wilder [Nauti, book 7; Wild Riders book 6]Apr 2
Lorelei JamesShort Rides [Rough Rider Cowboy Anthology]Apr 8
Loretta NyhanThe Witch Collector; Part 1Apr 2
Lorhainne EckhartSecretsApr 9
Lori FosterBare It All [Love Undercover, book 2]Apr 30
Lorraine HeathLord of Wicked Intentions [The Lords of Pembrook, book 3]Apr 30
Luca Dotti, Ludovica DamianiAudrey in RomeApr 9
Lydia LarochePrice of PainApr 5
Lynn HightowerThe PiperApr 1
Lynn KurlandRoses in Moonlight [De Piaget, book 15]Apr 30
M W MuseGoddess Revenge [Goddess Series, book 4]Apr 1
M. B. BucknerSweet Talking CowboyApr 12
M. J. LawlessThe Long Last SummerApr 8
M.D. BowdenDark Moors [Two Vampires, book 4]Apr 11
M.J. O'SheaA Real HusbandApr 13
M.J. ScottIron Kin [Half-Light City, book 3]Apr 2
M.L. GardnerSimply MineApr 6
Maddy EdwardsElemental Dawn [Paranormal Public, book 4]Apr 14
Madison StevensLetting GoApr 8
Magan VernonThe Only ExceptionApr 3
Mahlatse MokoneWhen I Wake Up [Dreaming, book 3]Apr 9
Mallery MaloneDevil's AngelApr 9
Mallory RushLove Slave [Outlaws and Heroes, book 1]Apr 9
Maree C. BurkeThe Chronicles [Past Earth, book 1]Apr 16
Margaret JamesThe Wedding DiaryApr 2
Margaret L. CarterWeird Wedding GuestApr 12
Mari CarrUnder the Lights [Scoundrels, book 3.2]Apr 10
Maria DeeEndeca [Escapism, book 2]Apr 14
Maria GoodinFrom the Kitchen of Half TruthApr 1
Maria MurnaneChocolate for Tow [Waverly Bryson, book 4]Apr 9
Marie LandryWaiting for the StormApr 5
Marie TreanorSerafina and the Virtual Man [Serafina, book 2]Apr 9
Marina Chapman, Lynne Barrett-LeeThe Girl with No NameApr 1
Marissa BurtStory's End [Storybound, book 2]Apr 2
Mark MazzettiThe Way of the KnifeApr 9
Marry Higgins ClarkDaddy's Gone A HuntingApr 9
Martha WellsEmilie and the Hollow World [Emelie, book 1]Apr 2
Mary CampisiSecrets of You [Betrayed, book 2]Apr 10
Mary CarteeTrail of Tears [Mandy, book 1]Apr 16
Mary CostelloThe Reluctant WagApr 10
Mary EasonEvery Single BeatApr 7
Mary Higgins ClarkThe Lost YearsApr 2
Mary Robinette KowalWithout a Summer [Shades of Milk and Honey, book 3]Apr 2
Mary S. BlayneyOne More Kiss [Pennistan, book 5]Apr 30
Mary WilliamsLost DaughterApr 8
Maryn SinclairSexual PersuasionApr 11
Matthew HusseyGet the GuyApr 9
Maureen LangAll in Good Time [Gilded Legacy, book 2]Apr 1
Maya AngelouMom & Me & MomApr 1
Maya BanksFever [Breathless, book 2]Apr 2
Maya GoldSpellbindingApr 1
Meg BenjaminBolted [Promise Harbor Wedding, book 2]Apr 2
Meg MaguireThank You For RidingApr 2
Meg WolitzerThe InterestingsApr 9
Megan FramptonHero of My HeatApr 8
Megg JensenShuckedApr 14
Melijean BrookTethered [Iron Seas, book 5]Apr 2
Melinda LeighMidnight SacrificeApr 16
Melissa FosterHave No ShameApr 11
Menna Van PraagThe House at the End of Hope StreetApr 4
Mercedes Lackey, Rosemary EdghillSacrifices [Shadow Grail, book 3]Apr 2
Mercy CortezJagged EdgeApr 7
Miah JamesHeart SongApr 7
Micalea SmeltzerUnraveling [Second Chances, book 1]Apr 1
Michael GrantLight [Gone, book 6]Apr 2
Michael Ritland, Gary BrozekTrident K9 WarriorsApr 15
Michael RobertsonThe Baker Street Translation [Baker Street Letters, book 3]Apr 2
Michael StanleyDeadly HarvestApr 30
Michele BardeslyOnly Lycans Need Apply [Broken Heart Vampires, book 9]Apr 2
Michelle BrownMiracles in Disguise [Trampled Rose]Apr 4
Michelle GagnonThe StrangletsApr 9
Michelle MankinLove Resolution [Black Cat Records, book 3]Apr 12
Michelle MarquisDominant Predator [Werewolf Mafia, book 2]Apr 15
Michelle McLeanA Bandit's Stolen Heart [Blood Blade Sisters, book 1]Apr 1
Michelle MilesTempting Eden [Guardians of Atlantis, book 1]Apr 3
Mike WellsPassion, Power & Sin [Passion, Power & Sin, book 1]Apr 14
Mila McClungKissing Fortune [Man Season, book 4]Apr 3
Milly TaidenCaged Heat [Black Meadow Pack, book 2]Apr 3
Mimi BarbourHigh Stakes Gamble [Vegas, book 4]Apr 2
Missy JaneLunchtime SexApr 3
Missy JohnsonDesire [Desire, book 1]Apr 11
Moira KatsonShadowborn [Light and Shadow, book 1]Apr 8
Moira KatsonShadowforged [Light & Shadow, book 2]Apr 9
Moira KatsonShadow's End [Light & Shadow, book 3]Apr 9
Mona HodgsonBending Toward the Sun [Quilted Heats, book 2]Apr 2
Monica MurphySecond Chance Boyfriend [Drew + Fable, book 2]Apr 6
Mrs. H. RyderPearced [Pearced Trilogy, book 1]Apr 10
N.J. WaltersMark of the Bear [Hades' Carnival, book 2]Apr 16
Nadia ScrievaAlaskan Nights [Sacred Breath, book 4]Apr 10
Nancy HerrimanJosiah's TreasureApr 1
Nancy HopperAlways Tried and ProvenApr 1
Naomi FraserMistwalkerApr 15
Neil IrwinThe AlchemistsApr 4
Nia VardalosInstant MomApr 2
Niall FergusonAlways RightApr 16
Nicola StarksThe Definition of LoveApr 10
Nicola StarksLove StoryApr 13
Nicole Andrews MooreStormy SurrenderApr 3
Nicole BrightmanRoom to BreatheApr 14
Nicole JamesOutlawApr 14
Nicole TaftBlood for WolvesApr 15
Nicolette AndrewsIn the Household of a SorcererApr 16
Nikita HeartA Love to Live ForApr 8
Nikki JeffordEnchantment [Spellbound, book 3]Apr 5
Nikki SexCarmen's New York ClimaxApr 8
Nina RowanA Passion For Pleasure [Daring Hearts, book 2]Apr 30
Nona KingAdventures of Youth, Shadows of the Past [Terra Saga, book 3]Apr 10
Nona KingTerra [Terra Saga, book 1]Apr 10
Nona KingThe Ace of Diamonds [Terra Saga, book 2]Apr 10
Nona KingHeart of the Veldt [Terra Saga, book 4]Apr 12
Nora RobertsWhiskey BeachApr 13
Nora RobertsLess of a StrangerApr 16
Nora RobertsSullivan's WomanApr 16
Nya RawlynsCajun Gothic [Blood Haven, book 1]Apr 6
Oliver ClarkeOne NightApr 13
Olivia LoganUrgent: One Nanny RequiredApr 15
Opal CarewHis to CommandApr 16
Paige EdwardDare Me ForeverApr 7
Paige WeaverPromise Me DarknessApr 8
Pamela AnnFrayed [Torn, book 1.5]Apr 2
Pamela BeasonUndercurrentsApr 2
Pamela BouvierGrudge Match [Love Challenge]Apr 16
Pamela WarrenGifted [Gift, book 3]Apr 12
Parker BlueForget You [Demon Underground, book 4.5]Apr 10
Patricia MacDonaldSistersApr 1
Patricia MasonLove Thrills - Box SetApr 14
Patricia MatthewsDancer of DreamsApr 2
Patricia RiceThis Magic MomentApr 2
Patricia VolkShockedApr 1
Patti Callahan HenryAnd Then I Found YouApr 9
Paul Anka, David DaltonMy WayApr 9
Paul D GilbertThe Annals of Sherlock HolmesApr 1
Pete CollinsPain & GainApr 6
Peter LoveseyThe Tooth TattooApr 30
Phillip MargolinSleight of Hand [Dana Cutler, book 4]Apr 9
Pittacus LoreThe Last Days of Lorien [Lorien Legacies: The Lost Files, book 5]Apr 9
Prescott LaneFirst PositionApr 15
Quentin BatesChilled to the Bone [Gunnhilder Mystery, book 3]Apr 4
R.J. GouldThe ReunionApr 12
R.T. EdwinsChariots of Heaven [Chariots of Heaven, book 1]Apr 7
R.T. GreerWay on South, Way on Down SouthApr 4
Rachel BrimbleThe Seduction of EmilyApr 4
Rachel CartwrightGalveston: Between Wind and Water Apr 16
Rachel KallPure DeceptionApr 6
Rachel KushnerThe FlamethrowersApr 2
Rachel Van DykenElite [Eagle Elite, book 1]Apr 14
Ranae RoseRough Around The EdgesApr 1
Rares StratEmbrace of SimoonsApr 1
Raven DecarloMy Best Friend's Daughter [Sex and Marriage]Apr 12
Rebecca AveryWild Ride [Riding With Honor, book 3]Apr 13
Rebecca BertoDrowning in YouApr 8
Rebecca EspinozaBinds [Binds, book 1]Apr 3
Rebecca EthingtonEyes of Ember [Imdalind, book 2]Apr 4
Rebecca K. WattsMr. Right.comApr 9
Rebecca RoyceLove in One Night [Prepper Romance, book 5]Apr 3
Rebecca TurleyNotice MeApr 9
Rebecca WaitThe View on the Way DownApr 11
Rebecca YorkHero's WelcomeApr 9
Reese Madison, Lynne FosterSalem Charm [Colson Brothers, book 3]Apr 8
Renee CarlinoSweet ThingApr 14
Rexanne BecnelThief of My HeartApr 9
Rexanne BecnelWhen Lightning StrikesApr 9
Rexanne BecnelWhere Magic Dwells [Blacksword, book 2]Apr 9
Rhiannon FraterThe Arrival of Armando DeLeon [In Darkness We Must Abide, book 3]Apr 11
Ria CandroCaptivated [Mating Ritual, book 3]Apr 10
Rita HerronSafe In His Arms [Manhunt, book 1]Apr 5
Robert B. WarrenMurder on Olympus [Plato Jones, book 1]Apr 11
Robert BrummDesolate: The Complete TrilogyApr 6
Robert ThornhillLady Justice and The Assassin {Lady Justice, book 13]Apr 1
Robin LaFeversDark Triumph [His Fair Assassin, book 2]Apr 2
Robin RoseauCooking for LoveApr 9
Robyn CollardTime BetweenApr 14
Robyn DeHartA Little Bit Sinful [Forbidden Love, book 2]Apr 1
Robyn Masters Hellfire: Part TwoApr 4
Ros BaxterFish Out of WaterApr 1
Rosamund LuptonAfterwards:  A NovelApr 2
Rose GardenHis Brother's Bride [Banks Brothers Brides, book 4]Apr 4
Rose PresseyCharmed Again [Halloween LaVeau, book 2]Apr 15
Rose WyntersRubenesque Rapture [The Endurers, book 1]Apr 2
Rosemarie NaramoreLoving Miss LibbyApr 15
Ross Raphael EllisSleepwalkersApr 10
Roxie RiveraDimitri [Her Russian Protector, book 2]Apr 2
Russell ElkinsSparks the Matchmaker [Aaron Sparks, book 1]Apr 8
Rusty FischerZombies Don't Forgive [Living Dead, book 2]Apr 1
Ruth SilverAberrant [Aberrant, book 1]Apr 16
Ruthie KnoxBig BoyApr 2
Ryan WinfieldIsle of Man [Park Service Triology, book 2]Apr 14
S. K. Fero Royal DirectiveApr 13
S. KodejsThe Spirit Seeker SocietyApr 16
S. PrattBurning Obsession [The Detective Folgari, book 1]Apr 16
S. QuinnWhere the Ivy Grows [Devoted, book 2]Apr 11
S.A. RollsA Brand New EndingApr 2
S.J. BoltonLike This for EverApr 11
S.J. WestAscension [Watcher Chronicles, book 4]Apr 15
S.L. ScottA Prior EngagementApr 14
S.M. ReineDefying Fate [Descent, book 6]Apr 4
S.R. BurksFatal DeceptionApr 14
S.T. BendeTur [Elsker Saga, book .5]Apr 13
S.W. PodrazaForever Cursed [Annabel Dawson, book 1]Apr 13
Sable HunterFinding Dandi [Cajun Spice, book 3]Apr 15
Sam CrescentHope [2225, book 1]Apr 10
Sam CrescentThe Taking of Clara [Taken by the Boss, book 1]Apr 10
Sam HammackEdenwitch [Voodoo Spells, book 2]Apr 6
Samantha HunterTight QuartersApr 2
Sandra BrownWhere There's SmokeApr 30
Sandra BrownStandoffApr 30
Sandra BuninoMarooned with the MillionaireApr 9
Sandra ChastainPenthouse Suite reissueApr 8
Sandra SookooComing Up DaffyApr 1
Sandy WoltersSoul MatesApr 5
Sara DanielHaley's ManApr 9
Sara HantzThe Second Virginity of Suzy GreenApr 11
Sarah CarterThe Art of LifeApr 12
Sarah E. LaddThe Heiress of Winterwood [Whisper on the Moors, book 1]Apr 9
Sarah NilesFlower FieldApr 8
Sarah PekkanenThe Best of UsApr 9
Sarah PinboroughA Matter of Blood [Dog-Faced Gods, book 1]Apr 2
Sarah RaySorcerer's Vendetta [Secret of Zanal]Apr 4
Sawyer BennettOff Limits [Off, book 2]Apr 14
Scott Britz-CunninghamCode WhiteApr 9
Scott MarianiThe Armada Legacy [Ben Hope, book 8]Apr 11
Scott SpeerNatural Born Angel [Immortal City, book 2]Apr 1
Scott TraceyMoonset [Legacy of Moonset, book 1]Apr 1
Sebastian H. AliveKing's of SonsApr 2
Selena CrossRoping Kasey [Ropin' a Dean, book 1]Apr 11
Serena BellTicket HomeApr 2
Shana AbeThe Sweetest DarkApr 2
Shannon K ButcherFalling Blind [Sentinel Wars, book 7]Apr 2
Shanora WilliamsHart To Hold On [Hard To Resist, book 2]Apr 11
Sharon SalaTil Death [Rebel Ridge, book 3]Apr 1
Shelley MunroOne Night of MisbehaviorApr 11
Sherri CorneliusSkin and ScalesApr 1
Sherrilyn KenyonBorn of Fury [The League, book 6)Apr 30
Sherrilyn KenyonCloak & Silence [The League, book 6]Apr 1
Sherrilyn KenyonInferno [Chronicles of Nick, book 4]Apr 9
Sherry BachWorth The WaitApr 1
Sherry GammonUnbelievable [Port Fare, book 2]Apr 11
Sheryl WoodsWind Chime PointApr 30
Shey StahlEverything ChangesApr 14
Shiloh WalkerWreckedApr 2
Siobhan MuirA Hell Hound's FireApr 1
Skye WarrenWanderlustApr 14
Skyla MadiSalvation [Guardian Angel, book 3]Apr 7
Stacey ArvansBoyfriend [Best Frenemies, book 1]Apr 12
Stacey BrutgerElectric Storm [Raven Investigations, book 1]Apr 6
Stacey KennedyWerewolf Be Damned [Magic & Mayhem, book 1]Apr 15
Stacey LynnJust One SongApr 9
Stacy GailCrime Wave in a CorsetApr 15
Stacy GreenTin God [Delta Crossroads]Apr 3
Stephanie ElliotWhat She Left UsApr 2
Stephanie NicoleMiles of PleasureApr 2
Stephanie NicoleTaste of LoveApr 2
Stephanie NicoleOut Of The Friend ZoneApr 2
Stephanie TylerSurrender [Section 8, book 1]Apr 2
Steven SlavickFalling Into You [Lawfords]Apr 6
Stuart WoodsSevere Clear [Stone Barrington, book 24]Apr 2
Stuart WoodsUnintended Consequences [Stone Barrington, book 25]Apr 9
Susan ArdenTempted by TroubleApr 1
Susan BordoThe Creation of Anne BoleynApr 9
Susan Kaye QuinnBroken [Debt Collector, book 4]Apr 15
Susan Wittig AlbertWidow's Tears [China Bayles, book 21]Apr 2
Susanna LehnerThe Golden PanthersApr 9
Suzanne BrockmannHeaded for TroubleApr 30
Suzanne D. WilliamsI Kissed the Boy Next DoorApr 6
Suzanne StokesVenetian MasqueradeApr 11
Suzanne WrightWicked Cravings [Phoenix Pack, book 2]Apr 16
Sydney AlexanderMiss Spencer Rides Astride [Heroines on Horseback, book 1]Apr 16
Sydney SomersBusted [Promise Harbor Wedding, book 3]Apr 16
Sylvia LewisBeautiful DecayApr 9
T.C. AnthonyAttraction [Three Stages of Love, book 2]Apr 1
T.L. GrayShattered Rose [Winsor, book 1]Apr 15
T.R. RavenNot What She SeemsApr 15
Tabitha ConallThe Alpha's Legacy [Stonewall Pack Alpha, book 5]Apr 4
Tanya GoodwinDo Not DisturbApr 1
Tanya KorvalHis Slave, His Princess [Collared by the Billionaire Prince]Apr 11
Tara BrownBorn to FightApr 14
Taryn PlendlOut of My Element [Philadelphia, book 3]Apr 2
Tatum ThroneDark Caress [Fallen, book 1]Apr 3
Tawny WeberRules of EngagementApr 3
Taylor LeeEvery Breath You Take [Blonde Barracuda, book 3]Apr 3
Ted KosmatkaProphet of BonesApr 2
Terah EdunSworn to Raise [Courtlight, book 1]Apr 8
Teri TerryFractured [Slated, book 2]Apr 4
Terra HarmonyEarth [Akasha, book 4]Apr 16
Terry MingThe East WindApr 4
Teyla BrantonThe Cure [Unbounded, book 2]Apr 9
Thea HarrisonRising Darkness [Game of Shadows, book 1]Apr 2
Theresa SheaThe Unfinished ChildApr 7
Thomas E. Sniegoski, Christopher GoldenMagic Zero [Magic Zero, book 1]Apr 2
Tianna XanderMemories of Paradise [Paradise, book 13]Apr 15
Tibby ArmstrongHard Target [Covert Attractions, book 3]Apr 11
Tiffany ClareMidnight Temptations with a Forbidden Lord [Dangerous Rogues, book 2]Apr 30
Tiffany TruittNaturals {Lost Souls, book 2]Apr 2
Tilly BashaweSidney Sheldon's The Tides of MemoryApr 9
Tim WaggonerCarved in Flesh [Supernatural, book 12]Apr 16
Timothy WilliamsAnother Sun [An Anne Marie Laveaud Mystery]Apr 2
Todd StorchTaylor's GiftApr 1
Tom WoodBad Luck in BerlinApr 2
Toni BlakeHalf Moon Hill:  A Destiny NovelApr 30
Tracey DevlynLady's Revenge [Nexus, book 1]Apr 1
Tracey H. KittsNecromancerApr 13
Traci HohensteinCut & Run [Rachel Scott, book 2]Apr 2
Tracy BloomNo-One Ever Has Sex On A TuesdayApr 11
Tressa MessengerThis I Promise YouApr 10
Trevor ShaneChildren of the UndergroundApr 2
Tricia DrammehThe Fifth CircleApr 1
V. J. ChambersCrimsonApr 11
Vanessa DevereauxMatters of te Heart [Perfect Pairing, book 4]Apr 11
Vi KeelandBelong to You [Cole, book 1]Apr 4
Victoria DahlToo Hot to HandleApr 1
Victoria PaigeFire and Ice [Guardians, book 1]Apr 2
Viola GraceSolar Dare [DARE Project, book 6]Apr 1
Viola GraceFencer [Terran Times]Apr 1
Viola GraceHunting [The Nine, book 6]Apr 4
Vivi AnnaThe Vampire Affair Part IApr 1
Vivi DumasSweet Revenge [Dueling with the Devil, book 2]Apr 5
Vivian KeesDashing Doctor, Pregnant NurseApr 11
Walter MosleyStepping Stone/The Love Machine [Crosstown to Oblivion]Apr 1
Wendy WaxWhile We Were Watching Downton AbbeyApr 2
William FriedkinThe Friedkin ConnectionApr 14
Wynema TaylorGlory Flower [Emma Ott, book 2]Apr 14
Yezall StrongheartShadow Hunters [Portal Jumpers, book 1]Apr 14
Zachery RichardsonWinter's Blood [Werewolf]Apr 9
Zara StoneleyGood Enoug to Trust [Good Enough, book 2]Apr 2
Zoe ArcherSinner's Heart [Heallraisers, book 3]Apr 2

P.S: to keep this thread clean, I'm going to delete your posts with release dates after I added the book to the list.
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It looks great!! Busy month for book releases lol.


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Thanks for posting this.  Sometimes it's hard to remember them all
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