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Author Topic: APRIL 2012 BOOK RELEASES  (Read 26427 times)

Offline GG drypen!

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If you're looking forward to a book that's going to be released in April, you can post that book + release date in this thread and I'll add it to the list. That way we get a clear and organized overview of all the (interesting) April releases.

  • This thread is for release dates only. NO UPLOADS! If you upload a book, It will be deleted without any warning.
  • Check the list below before you post the releases you're looking forward to.
  • This list is for April release dates only.

Some tips concerning release dates
  • Check Amazon, Barnes & Noble or publisher for confirmed ebook release dates.
  • Please give the link to the publisher so I can verify RD. Self published in particular can be difficult to verify without a link.

*** please use following format (Author, Title, Series) & Release Date***

April 1- April 13 Book Releases:
AuthorBook Title [Series #]RD
Abby BlakeVampires' Witness  (PUP Squad Alpha 1) MFM  Apr 6
Abigail Barnette Wolf's Honor (Canis Clan #2)Apr 11
Addison Fox Wave of Memories (Sons of the Zodiac #3.5)Apr 3
Adriana TrigianiThe Shoemaker's WifeApr 3
Aimee AshBlood on the Moon (Supernatural #1)Apr 4
Alene Roberts It's Bliss Apr 5
Alexander McCall SmithThe Limpopo Academy of Private Detection (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency #13)Apr 3
Alexandra Stewart The Last of His KindApr 12
Alice Wade TalonApr 5
Alison GoodmanSinging the Dogstar Blues Apr 12
Allan Frewin JonesCaradoc of the North Wind (Destiny's Path #4) UK RDApr 5
Allison Winn Scotch The Song Remains the SameApr 12
Alyne de Winter The Lady in YellowApr 10
Amanda Anderson Highland Tigress (Tiger #2)Apr 11
Amanda GrangeThe Earl Next Door Apr 9
Amber KallynBloodstorm (Heart of a Vampire 1)Apr 2
Amy Carol Reeves Ripper Apr 1
Amy Cross Ecotone (Lupine Howl VII) Apr 13
Amy HarmonRunning Barefoot Apr 5
Andrea HeltsleyDissolve Apr 3
Andrew M. Greeley Emerald Magic Apr 1
Ann AguirreDevil's Punch (Corine Solomon #4) Apr 3
Ann Grant Unseen (Shadow Stations #1)Apr 3
Annalise Hulse Gifted (Evangeline Devine #1)Apr 2
Anne Stuart Under an Enchantment Apr 8
Anne TylerThe Beginner's GoodbyeApr 3
Annette LeBox Circle of CranesApr 12
AnthologyDark CurrentsApr 6
AnthologyEternal Spring Apr 9
Antony John Thou Shalt Not Road Trip Apr 12
Arshad Ahsanuddin Sunset (Pact Arcanum #1)Apr 8
Audra and Stella Price Deep Water (Dragon Elementals #2)Apr 12
B. C. Burgess Descension (Mystic #1)Apr 4
Babette JamesClear As DayApr 4
Barbara Bretton At Last  Apr 6
Barry LygaI Hunt KillersApr 3
Becca Mills Nolander (Emanations #1)Apr 2
Bentley LittleThe Haunted  Apr 3
Beverley Andi A Kachina DanceApr 1
Beverly FarrHer Ex Next Door (Sweet Quirky Romance 1)Apr 5
Beverly LewisThe FiddlerApr 10
Billie Rae Summer Fling Apr 10
Bradley P. BeaulieuThe Straits of Galahesh (Lays of Anuskaya #2)Apr 3
Bri’Monae Love & Death (My Brother’s Keeper #2)Apr 9
Brieanna RobertsonBeyond Wild ImaginingsApr 11
Brina Courtney Capture (Cryptid Tales #2)Apr 11
Brook CadenceStone in LoveApr 10
Brooklyn ReedeL.A. LifestyleApr 9
C. C. HunterTaken at Dusk (Shadow Falls #3)Apr 10
Caelyn Alba The Night I Loved YouApr 2
Cara MarsiStorm of DesireApr 12
Cari QuinnVirgin TerritoryApr 11
Caridad PineiroThe Vampire's Consort ADULT M/F/M Apr 8
Carol Rose Stolen HeartApr 1
Carol Wolf Summoning (Moon Wolf Saga #1) Apr 1
Carolyn BrownOne Hot Cowboy Wedding (Spikes and Spurs #4) Apr 3
Carrie Stone Tripping On Love Apr 1
Cassandra Carr Collision (Buckin' Bull Rider #2) Apr 4
Cassidy McKayShifting Forces (Protect and Serve #14)Apr 9
Cathryn CadeWalking in Fire (Hawaiian Heroes, #1)Apr 10
Cathryn FoxGood at Being Bad (Boys of Beachville #1) Apr 10
Catriona CrehanThe Color KeepersApr 6
Charles GilsonTreasure of KingsApr 7
Charlotte RoganThe Lifeboat *UK RD Mar 29*Apr 3
Chastity BushThe Stranger Next DoorApr 9
Chelsea M. Cameron Nightmare (Noctalis Chronicles #2)Apr 13
Cher CarsonPowerplay (Hot Shots Trilogy #3)Apr 1
Cheryl DragonVampire's Brat Apr 4
Cheryl Rainfield Scars Apr 9
Chloe Hart Claiming the Vampire (Blood and Absinthe #3)Apr 8
Christen Anne KelleyReturn a Book, Do NOT Return a Boy Apr 13
Christina DoddBetrayal (Bella Terra Deception Series #3) Apr 3
Christopher MeadesThe Last Hiccup Apr 1
Christopher MooreSacré Bleu: A Comedy d'Art Apr 3
Christopher NuttallInvasion Apr 4
Ciana Stone An Unwanted Hunger (V’Kar #1) Re-releaseApr 13
Claire Farrell  Clarity (Cursed #2)Apr 3
Claire GillianThe P.U.R.EApr 8
Clint Hill, Lisa McCubbinMrs. Kennedy and MeApr 3
Courtney ColeSoul Bound (The Moonstone Saga #2)Apr 3
Craig DiLouieThe Killing Floor (The Infection #2) Apr 10
Crista McHugh A Soul for Trouble (Soulbearer #1)Apr 2
Daire St. Denis How To Break A Cowboy (Savage #1) Apr 1
Daisy Harris College Boys (Men of Holsum College #1) MM ADULT Apr 9
Dana Black LegacyApr 8
Dana Fredsti Plague Town (Ashley Parker #1) Apr 3
Dani AmoreDead Wood (John Rockne Mystery #1)Apr 12
Dani LaBueDweller on the ThresholdApr 7
Danica St. Como Bombshell (Men of Sanctuary #3)Apr 9
Darlene Shortridge Until Forever (Women of Prayer #1)Apr 12
Dave DuncanThe Death of Nnanji  (The Seventh Sword #4)Apr 12
David K. Hulegaard Noble: Bloodlines (Noble #2)  Apr 13
Dawn RyderPossession Protocol (Protocol #4) ADULTApr 13
Dean Murray Splintered (Reflections #3)Apr 3
DeAnna KinneyCharity Moon Apr 12
Debbie ViguieThe Thirteenth SacrificeApr 3
Deborah Copaken KoganThe Red BookApr 3
Deryn LakeDeath at the Wedding Feast (John Rawlings #14) Apr 1
Destiny BlaineSassy Road (Heroes and Rogues Series #1)Apr 12
Dev Bentham Learning from IsaacApr 3
Devan Sipher The Wedding BeatApr 3
Devon Monk Magic Without Mercy (Allie Beckstrom #8)Apr 3
Dixie Lynn Dwyer Task Force Three and the Irish Jewel (The Men of Five-O 3) ADULT Apr 13
Donna L. Dillon Through The GloamingApr 5
Donna ScholefieldThe Dawn (The Light, The Dark & The Blood #1) Apr 7
Dora Levy MossanenThe Last RomanovApr 3
Doreen Owens MalekAn Indecent MarriageApr 3
Doreen Owens Malek Winter AffairApr 12
Edward O. Wilson The Social Conquest of EarthApr 2
Elena Aitken Sugar CrashApr 2
Elisabeth NaughtonEnraptured (Eternal Guardians #4)Apr 3
Elizabeth Eulberg Take a Bow Apr 1
Elizabeth Hand Radiant Days Apr 12
Elizabeth LoupasThe Flower Reader Apr 3
Ella JamesStolen ( Stained 2) Apr 4
Ella VinesSeduced by a Satyr and Phantom Desires Apr 10
Ellen Wolf Shadow of LoveApr 1
Em SavageBeyond These Walls (Beyond These Walls #1)Apr 4
Eric Nylund Sterling Squadron (Resisters 2)Apr 10
Erica Stanciu 365 Days with YouApr 11
Erika GilbertInk Magic (Ink Sorceress Chronicles #1)Apr 3
Erin HunterThe Last Hope (Warriors: Omen of the Stars #6)Apr 3
Fern Michaels Deadline (Godmothers #4)Apr 10
Gar Anthony Haywood Assume NothingApr 1
Georgia Fox Pussy in Boots (Naughty Fairy Tales)Apr 5
Gerry BartlettReal Vampires Hate Skinny Jeans (Real Vampires #8 aka Glory St. Clair #8)Apr 3
Ginger Simpson Ellie's Legacy aka Sparta RoseApr 13
Ginger Simpson Time TantrumsApr 12
Gini KochAlien Diplomacy (Katherine "Kitty" Katt #5)Apr 3
Gordon Ferris Bitter Water (Douglas Brodie #2)Apr 1
Hannah Hooton Keeping the PeaceApr 10
Harald Weiss Succubus Stalker (Succubus Tales #1)Apr 13
Heather Bserani Immortal Storm (Shield of Night) Apr 5
Heather Long Once Her Man, Always Her Man (1 Night Stand, Always A Marine #1) ADULTApr 7
Heather McBride Ever AfterApr 1
Holly Black Black Heart (Curse Workers #3)Apr 3
Homer H. Hickam Crater (Helium 3- #1)Apr 10
Hope WelshLinked (Prophecy #1)Apr 12
Iain BanksStonemouthApr 5
Ilsa J. Bick Drowning Instinct Apr 12
Inara ScottThe Marked (Delacroix Academy #2)Apr 3
Isabel Cooper Lessons After DarkApr 3
J. D. TylerSavage Awakening (Alpha Pack Series #2)Apr 3
J. N. DuncanThe Lingering Dead (Deadworld #3)Apr 3
J. S. Chancellor A Thief of NightshadeApr 2
J.Przymus Lastblood Apr 5
James Emory Thomas Reed Butler's StoryApr 3
James LillieforsViral (Mallory Brothers #1) Apr 10
James SallisDriven (Drive #2)Apr 3
James TaborThe Deep Zone Apr 3
Jan RomesKiss MeApr 1
Jane ClaytonSpeed Date SweetheartApr 11
Jassy MackenzieThe Fallen (Jade de Jong #3)Apr 10
Jayton Young Finding Aiden Apr 5
Jean RushRising Sun: An Unauthorized Sequel to the Twilight Saga (First Light #2)Apr 8
Jeanette BattistaJackal Moon (Moon #2)Apr 13
Jem FoxMurder VisionApr 5
Jen CalonitaBellesApr 10
Jennifer AshleyThe Duke's Perfect Wife (Highland Pleasures #4) Apr 3
Jennifer Conner The Wounded Nobleman (Regimental Heroes #3)Apr 9
Jennifer EdlundNew Tears to Cry, Old Songs to Sing (Forever Blue #2)Apr 2
Jennifer LyonForbidden Magic (Wing Slayer Hunters #4.5)Apr 10
Jennifer Nielsen The False Prince (The Ascendance Trilogy #1)Apr 1
Jessica Andersen Magic Unchained (Final Prophecy Series #7)Apr 3
Jessica E. Subject The Zurian Child (Mark of the Stars #1)Apr 7
Jessie KnadlerRurally Screwed: My Life Off the Grid with the Cowboy I LoveApr 3
Jill SmoklerConfessions of a Scary MommyApr 3
Jillian Eaton A Ravishing Redhead (Wedded Women Quartet #2)Apr 13
Jocelynn DrakeBound to Me (Dark Days prequel)Apr 10
Jodi Redford Cat Scratch Fever Apr 10
Jodie ThomasJust Down the Road (Harmony #4) Apr 3
Joelle McClurePuck BunnyApr 6
Johan Harstad172 Hours on the Moon *US RD APR 17th*Apr 5
John Grisham Calico JoeApr 10
John Joseph Adams ArmoredApr 1
John LekichThe Prisoner of Snowflake FallsApr 1
John LockeBad Doctor (Dr. Gideon Box #1) Apr 5
Jonas Saul The Hostage (Sarah Roberts #4)Apr 8
Jonas Saul Vengeance Apr 12
Jonathan Gottshall The Storytelling AnimalApr 10
Jonathan MaberryAssassin's Code (Joe Ledger #4)Apr 10
Joseph OlshanCloudland Apr 10
Josie Belle50% Off Murder (Good Buy Girls Mystery #1)Apr 3
Judy Angelo Tamed by the Billionaire (Bad Boy Billionaires #1)Apr 5
Julia Barrett Beauty and the FeastApr 10
Julia Crane & Nolia McCartyEternal YouthApr 4
Julie Ann KnudsenIn the Middle of NowhereApr 4
Julie JamesAbout That Night Apr 3
K. HippoliteLegend of the BlueApr 1
Kailin GowSpring Frost (Frost #7)Apr 8
Kaitlyn DavisSimmer (Midnight Fire # 2) Apr 3
Kaliana ColeOpen SeasonApr 13
KallystenBlurred MemoriesApr 6
Karen Duvall Darkest Knight (Knight's Curse #2)Apr 1
Karen EricksonUnder His Protection (Protect and Defend #1)Apr 3
Karin Tabke Bloodright (Blood Moon #2)Apr 3
Kasey MichaelsMuch Ado About Rogues (Blackthorn Brothers #3) Apr 1
Kate DouglasCrystalfire (Demonslayers Series #4)Apr 1
Kate GordonDiscovery (Ninth Crossing #1)Apr 13
Kate HillMystery Stallion (Horsemen #7)Apr 13
Kate NobleIf I FallApr 3
Kate NobleThe Dress of the SeasonApr 3
Kate QuinnEmpress of the Seven Hills Apr 3
Katherine HoweHouse of Velvet and GlassApr 10
Kathi S. BartonCain (Waite Family #1)Apr 9
Katie Jennings Breath of Air (Dryad Quartet #1)Apr 9
Katie Reus Protector's MateApr 1
Kelley ArmstrongThe Calling (Darkness Rising #2) *UK RD Apr 5*Apr 11
Kelly Milner HallsGirl Meets BoyApr 1
Kes Hogan Mountain of Desire ADULTApr 11
KevinI Love You BabyApr 12
KevinIn The BackseatApr 12
Kevin Wickedly Defiant Apr 12
Kieran York Appointment with a SmileApr 6
Kim WhiteThe White Oak (Imperfect Darkness #1)Apr 7
Kim Wright City of Darkness (City of Mystery #1)Apr 1
Kris Cook Lea's Menage Diary (Secret Diary # 2)Apr 5
Kristen AshleyKnight ADULTApr 7
Kudi Fennell Beauty and The Best (Once-Upon-A-Time Romance #1)Apr 6
Lacey AlexanderParty of Three (H.O.T. Cops #2) Apr 3
Lardyard Hempoon The H.Unger Games Gone Wild Risk Meets Risque A Parody Apr 1
Laura BriggsSnow White's Knight and Magic MirrorApr 12
Laura Pauling A Spy Like Me (Circle of Spies #1)Apr 9
Laurann Dohner Tiger (New Species #7) Apr 10
Lauren Conrad The Fame Game Apr 3
Lauren Dane Beneath the Skin (De La Vega Cats #3)Apr 3
Lauren DawesHalf Blood (Helheim Wolf Pack Tale #1)Apr 7
Laurie KelloggA Little Bit Of Deja Vu (Redemption, PA #2)Apr 10
Laury FalterResidue (Residue #1)Apr 13
Lea KincadeMust Be Doin' Something Right (The Chilsolms of Texas 3) ADULTApr 12
Leah BobetAboveApr 1
Lee Ann Sontheimer Ms Good Samaritan Apr 1
Lee MonroeDark Heart Surrender (Dark Heart #3)Apr 5
Lee MonroeDark Heart Surrender (Dark Heart #3) Apr 5
Leen Elle The St. James SistersApr 6
Lexie Stewart My Pirate LoverApr 12
Lily Harlem & Natalie Dae That Filthy BookApr 2
Lily Silver Dark Hero (Reluctant Heroes #1)Apr 2
Linda PalmerWolf-Crazy (Wolf of My Heart #4)Apr 3
Lisa Glass Snake Beach Apr 8
Lisa Renee JonesDangerous Secrets (Tall, Dark, and Deadly #2)Apr 5
Lisa ScottolineCome Home Apr 10
Liz Grace DavisChocolate AftertasteApr 2
London ColeWhisper Walker (Whisper Walker #1)Apr 7
Luke Romyn Beyond Hades (The Prometheus Wars #1)Apr 12
Lydia DareWolf Who Loved Me (Westfield Wolves #5)Apr 3
M. J. FredrickLeaving Bluestone (Welcome to Bluestone #3)Apr 4
M. J. O’Shea Coming Home MM ADULTApr 9
M. LeightonFragile Apr 6
Maggie Marr Hollywood Girls Club (Hollywood Girls Club #1)Apr 9
Marcella BurnardEnemy Mine (Enemy, #2.5)Apr 3
Marcia Clark If I'm Dead Apr 3
Mardi BallouPhoto Finish (Teach Him Tonight #1) Apr 10
Marie Medina Phantom Lovers ADULTApr 13
Marissa Burt Storybound (Storybound #1)Apr 3
Mark Allen Smith The Inquisitor (Geiger #1)Apr 10
Mark MillsHouse of the Hunted Apr 3
Marla Monroe The Bikers and the Socialite (The Dirty Dozen 6) (MFM)Apr 6
Marley GibsonRadiateApr 3
Mary Ann Loesch Bayou MythApr 9
Mary Higgins ClarkThe Lost YearsApr 3
Mary Robinette Kowal Glamour in Glass (Shades of Milk and Honey #2)Apr 10
Mary WineHighlander's PrizeApr 3
Matt DarstDead ThingsApr 2
Matthew StoverCaine's Law (Overworld #4)Apr 3
Maya BanksSweet Addiction (Sweet Series #6) Apr 3
Megan Derr Sword of the King ADULTApr 10
Meira PentermannFirefly Beach Apr 2
Melanie ThorneHand Me DownApr 12
Melody Snow MonroeTruth & Seduction (The Callens 2) ADULT Apr 2
Mercy WalkerWhat You Can Live WithApr 10
Mia Marlowe How To Distract a DuchessApr 9
Michael BedardThe Green Man Apr 10
Michael GrantFear (Gone #5)Apr 3
Michael OlsonStrange FleshApr 3
Michele HaufThe Werewolf's WifeApr 1
Michele Jaffe Ghost Flower Apr 12
Michele Scott The Grey Tier (A Dead Celeb Mystery #1) Apr 3
Michele Zurlo Re/Bound Apr 2
Michelle BeattieHeart of Mine (Bandit Creek #16)Apr 12
Michelle CooperThe FitzOsbornes at War (The Montmaray Journals #3) AU RDApr 2
Michelle Diener Keeper of the King's Secrets (Susanna Horenbout & John Parker #2)Apr 3
Michelle Kopra The Devil's DaughterApr 9
Miranda StoweInterview With A KillerApr 1
Moira RogersFrostbite (Last Call #5) ADULTApr 8
Morgan FoxDiscovering Temptation (Texas Stallions #1)Apr 1
Nana Malone Sexy in Stilettos (In Stilettos #1)Apr 1
Nichole SevernWhite Trash Beautiful Apr 11
Nicola RhodesDjinnx'd (The Tamar Black Saga #1) Apr 13
Nicole WilliamsFissure (The Patrick Chronicles #1) Apr 1
Nikki Duncan Illicit Intuitions (Sensory Ops #3)Apr 10
Nyrae DawnWhat a Boy WantsApr 6
Olivia StarkeVegas is Dead, Baby (Zombies in Vegas #2)Apr 1
Paige CameronA Fling with the Billionaire Cowboy (Wives for the Western Billionaires #5) ADULTApr 2
Pam Weaver Better Days Will Come *UK RD*Apr 12
Pamela Palmer  Warrior RisingApr 1
Patti Ann Colt Cowboy's Heart (Copper Canyon, Texas #1) Apr 11
Penny VicenziMore Than You KnowApr 3
Pete Hautman The Obsidian Blade (The Klaatu Diskos #1) Apr 10
Piera SarasiniCassandra in the Mirror (The Complete Cassandra Trilogy)Apr 9
Priestly E. E. BBe HumanApr 7
R. A. Knowlton The Earth Blade (KnorraSky #2)Apr 1
R. J. LarsonProphet (Books of the Infinite #1)Apr 1
R. L. MathewsonTall, Dark & Heartless (Pyte/Sentinel Series #3)Apr 9
Rachael Wade , Susan MillerPreservationApr 8
Rachel HauckThe Wedding Dress  Apr 3
Rainbow RowellEleanor & ParkApr 12
Reece Butler Beauty and the Beasts (MFMM) (Bride Train 6) ADULT Apr 13
Rhyannon Byrd  Deadly Is the Kiss (Grangers #1)Apr 1
Rick CheslerkiDNApped (Tara Shores #2)Apr 6
Robert Liparulo The 13th Tribe (The Immortal Files #1)Apr 3
Robert OlmsteadThe Coldest Night Apr 3
Robin Gaby FisherThe Woman Who Wasn't There: The True Story of an Incredible DeceptionApr 3
Robin LaFevers Grave Mercy (His Fair Assassin Trilogy Series #1)Apr 3
Robin WassermanThe Book of Blood and Shadow *UK RD Jan 19*Apr 10
Ron RashThe CoveApr 10
Rose Foster The Industry *AU RD*Apr 1
Roxy BoroughsCrazy for Cowboy (Stampede Sizzlers #2) Apr 14
Rue VolleySmoke and Mirrors (Blood and Light Vampires #2)Apr 13
Ryan Harding Genital Grinder Apr 10
S. C. StephensCollision Course Apr 10
S. J. ParrisSacrilege (Giordano Bruno #3) Apr 10
S. L. HartleyVampiric (Vampire Romance #1)Apr 6
S. M. Blooding The Dustman (Dreamland Stories #1)Apr 1
S. M. Blooding The Dustman (Dreamland Stories)Apr 1
Sabrina YorkAdam's Obsession ADULTApr 4
Sandra D. Bricker Always the Designer, Never the Bride (Emma Rae Creation #3) Apr 1
Sandra EdwardsCalifornia GirlApr 11
Sandra LopezA Forgotten LoveApr 2
Sandy JamesRules of the GameApr 2
Sara Dailey Pack of Lies (Red Ridge Pack #1)Apr 6
Sara HumphreysUntouched Apr 3
Sara Lambert Faceless DesiresApr 2
Sara RamseyScotsmen Prefer Blondes (Muses of Mayfair #2)Apr 4
Sarah CrossKill Me SoftlyApr 10
Sarah DeaneStrange CoffeeApr 11
Sarah Marques Sword & Blood (Vampire Musketeers #1)Apr 1
Sarah PekkanenThese GirlsApr 10
Sarah ZettelLet Them Eat Stake (A Vampire Chef Mystery #2)Apr 3
Scott Sigler Nocturnal Apr 3
Scott SpeerImmortal CityApr 3
Scott TraceyHomecoming (Witch Eyes #.5)Apr 1
Selena Kitt Under the Stars (Sibling Lust #4)  *Adult*Apr 5
Serenity Woods An Uncommon Sense (Sensual Healing #1)Apr 3
Seth Grahame-Smith Unholy NightApr 10
Shalini BolandThicker Than Blood (Marchwood Vampire Series #2) Apr 13
Shannon Duffy SpectralApr 4
Sharon Ihle The Bride Wore Spurs (The Inconvenient Bride #1)Apr 4
Sharon Shinn The Shape of Desire (Shifting Circle #1)Apr 3
Shawna Logue Deadly Force (An Alex Warren Novel #3)Apr 5
Shelli StevensSavage Hunger (Savage #1)Apr 3
Sherry JonesWhite HeartApr 3
Sherry Wood Old Town Apr 8
Sheryn MacMunnFinding Out Apr 7
Shiloh WalkerHunter's Rise (Hunters)Apr 3
Siobhan VivianThe ListApr 1
Sophia Severn Blood Bride (Paranormal Encounter #1)Apr 9
Stacey EspinoMen of Station 23 (Uniform Fetish #1) ADULTApr 9
Stacey KennedyDemonically Tempted (Frostbite #2)Apr 13
Stella and Audra PriceFire In His Eyes (Dragon Elementals #1) ADULTApr 10
Stephanie MorrisNo Strings Attached (Guilty Pleasures #2)Apr 5
Stephanie Rowe Darkness Seduced (Order of the Blade: Primal Heat Trilogy #2) Apr 11
Stephie SmithDuke Of Deception  (Wentworth Trilogy #1) Apr 6
Summer GreyWild Weeds Apr 12
Susan R. HughesHealing Anna's HeartApr 3
Susan Squires Do You Believe in Magic? (The Children of Merlin #1) Apr 7
Susanne Dunlap The Académie Apr 10
Suzan Battah Outside In (BaSatai #1)Apr 7
Suzanne Johnson Royal Street (Sentinels of New Orleans, #1)Apr 10
Suzanne RockA Little Bit RecklessApr 11
Suze Reese Extranormal (Extranormal #1)Apr 2
Sylvia DayBared to You (Crossfire #1) ADULTApr 3
T.M. BledsoeSoul's HarbourApr 1
Tabitha ValePawn of Mine (Fiery Water #1)Apr 9
Tamelia TumlinA Dragon's Seduction  ADULTApr 6
Tara BrownBane (Devil's Roses #2)Apr 3
Taylor Manning His Wicked TouchApr 1
Terry Towers The Bounty Hunter And The Girl From The Coffee Shop (Coffee Shop Girls #4)Apr 12
Thayer KingActing WitchyApr 2
Theresa Meyers The Slayer (Legend Chronicals #2)Apr 3
Theresa Ragan Having My Baby Apr 12
Theresa Shaver Land (Stranded #1)Apr 13
Tiffany A. Snow Turn to Me (Kathleen Turner #2)Apr 13
Tim Stretton Dragonchaser (The Annals of Mondia)Apr 9
Tom PawlikBeckon Apr 1
Toni Aleo Trying To Score (Assasins #2)Apr 10
Toni Sinns I've Got You Covered (The Blazing Charm #1) Apr 12
Tony OrtizMy Friends Are Dead People Apr 10
Tracey Devlyn A Lady's Revenge (Nexus #1)Apr 2
Tracey H. KittsConstant CravingsApr 11
Tracy Anne Warren Princess and The Peer (Princess Brides Trilogy #1)Apr 3
V. K. Sykes Hot NumberApr 9
V. M. Zito The Return Man UK RD Mar 29thApr 1
Valentine Ramsey  The Dark Rose Apr 6
Vanessa Devereaux Cater to Me ADULTApr 6
Vera RobertsS&M III Scott & MarianaApr 7
Verna ClayBaby Kisses (Romance on the Ranch Series #3) Apr 7
Veronica Wolff Sierra Falls (Sierra Falls #1)Apr 3
Vicki Lewis ThompsonA Werewolf in Seattle (Wild About You #3) Apr 3
Vickie SaineVirginia GoneApr 11
Victoria Connelly The Runaway Actress UK version -US RD Apr 1Apr 12
Victoria Kahler Capturing the Sunset Apr 4
Viola GraceAscent (Terran Times)Apr 1
Viola Grace Fighting Sanity (Tales of the Citadel #4)Apr 1
W. D. GaglianiWolf's Trap (Wolf Cycle, Nick Lupo #1)Apr 3
Walter Dean MyersKick (with Bonus Material)Apr 10
Wendy CampbellThrough The Window Apr 10
Wendy S. Hales Shadow Revealed (The Enlightened Species #2)Apr 10
Wendy S. Hales Shadowed Magic (Enlightened Species #2.5)Apr 11
Wendy SolimanThe Perfect ImpostorApr 2
Zoe Archer Skies of Fire (The Ether Chronicles 1) Apr 3

April 14- April 30 Books
AuthorBook Title [Series #]RD
A. L. LarsenMagic & MemoryApr 28
Abby Blake Demon's Embrace (PUP Squad Alpha #2) ADULT Apr 20
Adrianna WhiteA Moonlit Night - The Complete Saga Apr 20
Alan Chin The Lonely War Apr 27
Alex Adams White Horse (White Horse Trilogy #1) Apr 17
Alex Owens Kill Me (The Blood Chord Novel #1)Apr 15
Alexey Pehov Shadow Blizzard (Chronicles of Siala #3)Apr 19
Alexia PurdyReign of BloodApr 27
Aline Hunter Enemy Mine (Alpha & Omega #2)Apr 20
Alisa ValdesThe Temptation (Kindred #1)Apr 24
Alison Bruce Deadly Legacy Apr 15
Allie BurkeAmber Passion (Enchanters #3)Apr 15
Allison Brennan Silenced (Lucy Kincaid, #4)Apr 24
Alyson NoelWhisper (Riley Bloom 4)Apr 24
Alyxandra Harvey A Field Guide to Vampires: Annotated by Lucy Hamilton (Drake Chronicles)Apr 16
Amanda Day The Dark Side of NightApr 21
Amanda GrangeThe Silverton Scandal Apr 22
Amanda HockingAscend (Trylle Trilogy #3) Apr 24
Amanda QuickCrystal Gardens (Ladies of Lantern Street #1)Apr 24
Amanda Stevens The Prophet (The Graveyard Queen #3)Apr 24
Amy BartolIndebted (Premonition Series #3)Apr 24
Amy DifarThe Lightning Caller (Darakin #2)Apr 26
Amy Lane & Aleksandr VoinovCountry MouseApr 21
Amy SmithAll Roads Lead to AustenApr 30
Angela CastleTiger MineApr 20
Anita NairThe Lilac HouseApr 24
Ann Voss PetersonPushed Too Far Apr 17
Anne MarshSavage Bond (The Fallen #3)Apr 16
AnthologyBullets, Brass, & BabesApr 16
AnthologyKiss The BrideApr 24
Anthony Riches The Leopard Sword (Empire #4) UK RDApr 26
Aprilynne PikeDestined (Wings #4) UK RDApr 26
Aria DeclanDevious Apr 24
Ashley Lavering Curse of the Beast  (Curse of the Beast #1)Apr 29
Augsta TrobaughMusic From Beyond The Moon Apr 16
Azura Ice Forever Across the Stars (Elatia #1)Apr 25
B Colvin I See YouApr 28
Barbara BrettonSecond Harmony Apr 29
Barbara Bretton A Soft Place to Fall (Shelter Rock Cove #1)Apr 14
Barbara Bretton The Edge of Forever  Apr 17
Becca VanOne for Three (MFMM) (Elite Dragons #1) Apr 20
Benjamin ReynoldsSons of God Daughters of MenApr 26
Berengaria Brown Enslaved (Freedom be Damned #1)Apr 21
Bethany Griffin Masque of the Red Death Apr 24
Bethany Sefchick All Night Long (Ghosts, Inc.)Apr 22
Beverley Kendall An Heir of Deception (The Elusive Lords #3) Apr 22
Beverly RaeBetting the Moon (Cannon Pack #4)Apr 24
Bianca D'ArcWolf Hills (Brotherhood of Blood #6)Apr 17
Blake Karrington 24 Karats (A Player's Saga)Apr 16
Brigid KemmererStorm (Elemental 1)Apr 24
Bronwen EvansInvitation to Scandal Apr 24
C. A. ShivesPhobiaApr 25
C. C. MacKenzieReckless Nights In RomeApr 20
C. L. Scholey Timeless Witch Apr 17
C. M. RawdonLiving Sensitive (Delia Rhodes #1) Apr 26
C. R. CummingsThe Hemlock ForestApr 20
Calista Taylor For One Last Kiss ( Grim Reaper Romance)Apr 15
Cambria HebertBetween (Heven and Hell, #1.5)Apr 17
Candace Osmond Iron & Wine (The Iron World #1)Apr 19
Cara ElliottToo Tempting to Resist (Lords of Midnight #2)Apr 24
Caridad PineiroThe Claimed  (Sin Hunters #2)Apr 24
Caris RoaneObsidian Flame (Guardians of Ascension #5)Apr 24
Carla Kane Southern Men Ballad of a Texas RoseApr 24
Carole WoodAventurine Heart Apr 24
Carrie Ann Ryan A Night Away ( The Redwood Pack Series #3.5) Apr 29
Cash Thugs CryApr 22
Cathy MaxwellLyon's Bride (The Chattan Curse #1)Apr 24
Celia KyleHe Ain't Lion (Ridgeville #1)Apr 29
Celia Vogel Jilly-Bean (Fall From Grace #1)Apr 15
Charlotte BlackwellEverlasting Embrace (Embrace #4)Apr 17
Cheryl Bradshaw I Have a SecretApr 25
Cheryl DragonTraining Party (Lucky Springs #4) ADULTApr 25
Chloe ColeJust One Night  Apr 24
Chloe LangFeeling Strong (The Strong Cowboys of Wilde Nevada #3)Apr 27
Chris LynchKill SwitchApr 17
Christine KlingSurface Tension (Seychelle Sullivan #1)Apr 14
Christine WarrenOn The Prowl (The Others #6/#15)Apr 24
Christopher FarnsworthRed, White, and Blood (Nathaniel Cade #3)Apr 25
Christopher Koehler First Impressions *AdultApr 16
Chuck Wendig Blackbirds (Miriam Black #1)Apr 24
Cindy C. Bennett Beautiful Beast (Enchanted Fairytales #1)Apr 24
Cindy Sutherland All the Things I Didn't SeeApr 18
Claire Peters Blood Beginnings (Ellie May Parker #1)Apr 15
Connie Suttle  Blood War (Blood Destiny #8) Apr 30
Cooper McKenzie Goldie (Pyrate's Treasure 1) ADULTApr 17
Corinne Davies Obsessed with Fur (3xtasy Lake #4) ADULT Apr 23
Cory HilesThe Lovely ShadowApr 22
Courtney ColeHouse of Thebes (The Bloodstone Saga)Apr 20
Courtney MilanThe Governess Affair (Brothers Sinister 0.5)Apr 21
Craig Saunders Vigil: Vampire ApocalypseApr 18
Cynthia Eden Bound By The Night (Bound#4) Apr 28
Dahlia Rose Army Beasts ResurrectionApr 21
Dani WorthReplicant (The Kithran Regenesis #2)Apr 17
Daniel CoughlinThe Last CustomerApr 19
Daniela SacerdotiDreams (Sarah Midnight #1) Apr 27
Daniele LanzarottaShattered Souls (Imprinted Souls #5)Apr 29
Danielle GabrielleSummer LoveApr 17
Danielle Hawkins Dinner at Rose's Apr 26
Danielle Ramsay Vanishing Point (Inspector Jack Brady #2)Apr 26
Danika Dinsmore The Ruins of Noe (Faerie Tales from the White Forest #2)Apr 30
Darby Karchut Griffin's Fire (Griffin #2) Apr 17
Darren Shan Brothers to the Death (Saga Of Larten Crepsley # 4)UK RD- US RD May 15
Dave DiGrazie See John PlayApr 15
David BaldacciThe Innocent  Apr 17
David GibbonsAtlantis God (Jack Howard #6) Apr 24
David Wellington32 Fangs: The Final Vampire TaleApr 24
Dawn Rae Miller Before (The Sensitives #0.5)Apr 30
Dayla Moon Smart Mouth Waitress (Life in Saltwater City #2) Apr 24
Deb Caletti The Story of Us Apr 24
Deborah Court Virgin DancerApr 19
Devri WallsWings of Arian (The Solus #1) Apr 21
Devyn Dawson The Light Tamer (The Light Tamer Trilogy #1) Apr 17
Diana PalmerMercilessApr 24
Diane AlbertsDivinely Ruined (Divine Temptations Trilogy #1)Apr 25
Diane Chamberlain The Good FatherApr 24
Donna FletcherA Warrior's PromiseApr 24
Donna ScholefieldThe Girl (The Light, The Dark & The Blood #2)Apr 14
Doreen Owens Malek Montega's MistressApr 19
Doreen Owens Malek The Panther and The PearlApr 24
Drew D'AmatoBloodlines Part 1 Apr 30
E. C. Sheedy  A PERFECT EVILApr 18
E. S. Lehman Wings of Boden (Elleria Soepheea #1)Apr 22
Edward Lee The ChosenApr 20
Elaine EdelsonAries Fire (Sign of the Times 1) Apr 15
Elaine Levine  The Edge of Courage (Red Team #1)Apr 23
Elana JohnsonRegret (Possession #2.5) Apr 24
Elise WhylesForsaken Heart  (Forsaken Series #1)Apr 16
Elizabeth AmberSevin (The Lords of Satyr #7)Apr 24
Elizabeth Darcy The Eye of the Beholder Apr 29
Elizabeth HunterThe Genius and the MuseApr 26
Elizabeth Mackenzie The Luxury of Love Apr 29
Elizabeth NorrisUnravelingApr 24
Ella DrakeDesert BladeApr 23
Ella SkyeSmoke and Mirrors (A Spy Games Novel #2)Apr 22
Ella Steele Scandalous AdultApr 29
Elle KennedyBorn to be Wild (Welcome to Paradise #3)Apr 17
Emily Cale & Angela S. Stone Goalie Interference (1 Night Stand series, Hat Trick Trilogy #1)Apr 15
Emily White Elemental (Elemental Trilogy #1)Apr 27
Emma Lai His Capture, Her Rescue (Mates of the Guardians #3)Apr 19
Eric Jerome DickeyAn Accidental AffairApr 17
Erica Chilson Restraint (Katya Waters #1)Apr 23
Erin Kellison Shadow Play (Shadow Touch #2)Apr 24
Esther Friesner Spirit's Princess (Spirit's Princess #1) Apr 24
Eve LanglaisF814 (Cyborgs: More Than Machines #2)Apr 16
Fayth DevlinBlood Lust Rising (Vampire Queen Trilogy, #1)Apr 30
Fiona WalkerThe Love LetterApr 26
Frank H. Marsh A Perfect MadnessApr 26
Gabi StevensWishful Thinking (Time of Transition #3)Apr 24
Gail Roughton Miami Days and Truscan (K)nights Apr 17
Gemma HallidaySocial Suicide (Deadly Cool 2)Apr 24
Ginger Simpson Sarah's Heart Apr 30
Graham SwiftWish You Were HereApr 17
H. P. MalloryWuthering Frights (Dulcie O'Niel #4)Apr 29
Hailey EdwardsA Hint of Frost ( Araneae Nation #1)Apr 17
Hannah MoskowitzGone, Gone, Gone Apr 17
Harper AlexanderWhisperApr 22
Heather AtkinsonLady Maskery Apr 19
Heather Justesen - The SwitchApr 19
Heather Long The Love Thieves (The Fortunate Buddha #1) Apr 15
Herta MüllerThe Hunger AngelApr 24
Ike Hamill Lies of the ProphetApr 30
Imogen Robertson Circle of Shadows (Crowther and Westerman #4)Apr 26
Iris Johansen What Doesn't Kill You (Catherine Ling, #2)Apr 17
J. Anderson Coats The Wicked and the Just  Apr 17
J. C. IsabellaChasing McCreeApr 14
J. J. WestendarpWhite Rock (The Eternal War #2)Apr 22
J. LynnTempting the Best ManApr 23
J. M. Hill Saving GraceApr 25
J. SterlingChance Encounters Apr 16
J.A. Templeton The Departed (MacKinnon Curse #3)Apr 24
Jackson Pearce PurityApr 24
Jacqueline Gardner Jade (Silver Hills, #1)Apr 26
Jamie McGuireEden (The Providence ) Apr 22
Jan Bowles Master of Submission (Master of Submisson #1)Apr 27
Janelle Taylor Valley Of FireApr 20
Janey ChapelFalse Start ADULTApr 25
Janus Gangi Elizabeth Rose (Providence Series)Apr 22
Jason McKinney Dog WorldApr 23
Jayme & Jody MorseChange of Fate (The Briar Creek Vampires #4)Apr 27
Jenn Bennett Summoning the Night (Arcadia Bell #2)Apr 24
Jenna Bernel The Secret Trinity: Unearth (Fae-Witch Trilogy #1) Apr 30
Jenna BlackDeadly Descendant (Descendant #2) Apr 24
Jennifer BernardThe Fireman Who Loved Me (Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel  #1)Apr 24
Jennifer BosworthProphet (Struck #0.5) Apr 25
Jennifer BosworthStruck (Struck #1)UK RDApr 26
Jennifer M. Shultz Becoming FaeApr 29
Jennifer Shaw WolfBreaking BeautifulApr 24
Jenny Lawson Let's Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir)Apr 17
Jeremy Robinson & Sean Ellis Callsign: King Blackout (Brainstorm Trilogy #3)Apr 24
Jes YoungTab Bennett and the Inbetween Apr 30
Jessica BeckDrop Dead Chocolate (Donut Shop Mystery Series #7) Apr 24
Jessica Turner Eve’s Sorrow (The Hidden) Apr 30
Jill MylesSuccubi Are Forever (The Succubus Diaries #4) Apr 19
JoAnn MayerMy Twisted Drink (Vampire Romance #1) Apr 29
Joe Hill and Stephen King  ThrottleApr 17
Joelle Anthony The Right and the RealApr 26
Johan Harstad172 Hours on the Moon *Uk RD APR 5th*Apr 17
John CorwinSweet Blood of Mine (Overworld Chronicles #1)Apr 23
John EiderNot a Very Nice Woman (Inspector Rase #2)Apr 20
John FlanaganThe Invaders (Brotherband Chronicles #2)Apr 26
Jolene PerryKnee Deep Apr 25
Jolene Perry & Stephanie Campbell My Heart For YoursApr 30
Josephine Dillon Black And Blue (Blue #3)Apr 20
Josephine Myles Handle with Care MM AdultApr 24
Juli AlexanderThe Karma Beat Apr 17
Juliana RossImproper RelationsApr 23
Juliana StoneWicked Road to Hell (League of Guardians #1)Apr 24
Julianne MacLeanBe My PrinceApr 24
Julie Anne Peters It's Our Prom (So Deal With It)Apr 24
Julie KagawaThe Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden #1)Apr 24
Julie PrestsaterAgainst The WallApr 21
Juniper BellBeautiful ObsessionApr 25
Justin GustainisEvil Dark (Occult Crimes Unit #2)Apr 24
Kahlen AymesThe Future of Our Past (The Remembrance Trilogy, #1)Apr 19
Kailin Gow Saving You Saving Me (You & Me Trilogy)Apr 15
KaraLynne Mackrory Falling for Mr. Darcy Apr 25
Karen Marie MoningInto the Dreaming Apr 24
Kate Evangelista TasteApr 29
Kate Forster The Perfect Audition (The Perfect Location prequel) UK RDApr 23
Kate Mathis Moon Over Monsters (Christina's Chronicles #1)Apr26
Kate McMurray.Out in the Field Apr 24
Katriena KnightsDealing With David Apr 24
Kay HooperUnmasking Kelsey  Apr 24
Kaylea CrossDarkest CaressApr 24
Kelly Carrero Evolution (Evolution #1) Apr 29
Kelly JamiesonOne Man AdvantageApr 24
Kelly MaddenThe ReckoningApr  27
Ken MacLeod The Night SessionsApr 14
Kendall Grey Inhale (Just Breathe #1)Apr 20
Kevin HearneTricked (Iron Druid Chronicles #4)Apr 24
Kiera CassThe Selection (The Selection 1)Apr 24
Kim Fielding Good BonesApr 20
Kimberly Derting The Last Echo (The Body Finder 3) *UK RD Mar 29*Apr 17
Kirsty Eagar Night BeachApr 26
Kirsty MoseleyThe Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom WindowApr 29
Kristan Higgins Somebody to LoveApr 24
Kristin Walker 7 Clues to Winning You Apr 26
Kristina DouglasWarrior (Fallen #3) Apr 24
L. B. James Eternal LustApr 16
L. H CoswayTegan's Return (The Ultimate Power Series #2)Apr 26
Lacey Thorn Blood Magic (Mage Magic  #4)Apr 30
Lady Colin Campbell The Queen MotherApr 18
Lars Guignard Ghost Leopard (A Zoe & Zak Adventure #1)Apr 26
Laura Buzo Holier Than Thou AU RDApr 26
Laura GriffinTwisted (Tracers #5)Apr 17
Laura KreitzerKeepers (Timeless #3.5)Apr 19
Laurie BorisDrawing BreathApr 25
Lea Barrymire Maggie's AbductionApr 19
Leah BrookeScandalous Desire (Desire, OK - Founding Fathers #2)Apr 27
Leah PrestonThe One LoveApr 22
Lee William TislerThe Cog Work Apprentice in Dark Skies (Tineborough Adventure #1)Apr 19
Leigh Michael Sprite (Annabelle's Story #1) Apr 29
Lena DiazSimon Says Die Apr 17
Leonard MlodinowSubliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior Apr  24
Leslie Ann Joy TornApr 22
Leslie Kelly Bringing Down Sam (Temptation In The City)Apr 28
Lexxie Couper Love's Rhythm Apr 17
Lila DiPasqua Undone (Fiery Tales #4)Apr 21
Lilac Lacey The Art of LoveApr 24
Lily Valentine Kissed (The Everwill Trilogy #1) Apr 23
Linda HiltonFireflyApr 18
Linda Lael MillerMcKettrick's Heart  *re-issueApr 24
Lindsay Buroker Conspiracy (The Emperors Edge #4)Apr 25
Lisa C HinsleyMy DemonApr 19
Lisa Olsen MoonsongApr 23
Liza PalmerMore Like Her UK RD Jan 19*Apr 17
Lori BrightonThe Mind Thieves (The Mind Readers #2) Apr 25
Lyn Benedict Lies and Omens (Shadow Inquiries #4)Apr 24
Lynn KurlandAll for You (De Piaget #14)Apr 24
Lynsay SandsAll I WantApr 24
Lynsay SandsUnder a Vampire Moon (Argeneau Vampires #16)Apr 24
Lyza Ledo Hidden (Secrets Trilogy # 2)Apr 21
M. J. HearleWinter's Light (Winter Saga #2)*AU RD*Apr 24
M. T. Dismuke The Necro DeviceApr 19
Maggie MarrSecrets of the Hollywood Girls Club (Hollywood Girls Club #2) Apr 22
Marisa Chenery Her Eternal Warrior (Warrior Hunger Series #2) AdultApr 24
Marla Monroe Finding Her Men (Border Lands #7)Apr 22
Marty Shaw Dreadful Beginnings (Penny Dreadful #1)Apr 21
Mary Downing HahnMister Death's Blue-Eyed Girls Apr 17
Mary J. PutneyNo Longer A Gentleman (Lost Lords #4)Apr 24
Maura Patrick The Shells of ChanticleerApr 19
Max Patrick SchliengerNearly Departed Apr 14
Meagan Brothers Supergirl Mixtapes Apr 24
Megan McCaffertyThumped (Bumped #2)Apr 24
Melissa Johns First Love Apr 18
Melissa LeeThe Earth Painter (The Painter Series #1)Apr 29
Melissa SchroederA Little Harmless Fascination (Harmless #7) Apr 29
Melody Snow Monroe Secret Temptation (The Callens #3) Apr 21
Merri HiattSummer Love (Seasons of Love Series) Apr 16
Micalea SmeltzerHushApr 16
Michael Buckley The Council of Mirrors (The Sisters Grimm #9)Apr 24
Michele DrierNew Talent (The Kandesky Vampire Chronicles 2)Apr 25
Michele ScottA Perfectly Purloined Pinot (Wine Lover's Mystery #6.5)Apr 28
Michelle Davidson ArgyleThe BreakawayApr 28
Michelle HarrisonUnrest Apr 26
Michelle Pennington Candid (True Images # 1)Apr 27
Michelle Wright Lost (Cappuccino Heaven #2)Apr 30
Mildred Trent Catch a Leopard by the TailApr 26
Milly Johnson White WeddingApr 26
Mimi BarbourHis Devious Angel (Angels with Attitudes #2)Apr 17
Morgan Kearns Out Of Left Field (Deadlines and Diamonds #3)Apr 29
Nadia Aidan Riding Red (The Downing Brothers #3) ADULTApr 30
Nancy Gibbs, Michael DuffyThe Presidents Club: Inside the World's Most Exclusive FraternityApr 17
Natalie Gibson Ishtar Bound (Sinnis #1)Apr 14
Natalie J. DamschroderAcceptable Risks Apr 16
Nathan Reese MaherA Familiar Love Song (Secrets of the CitySpire #1) Apr 27
Nathan Squiers Noir (Crimson Shadow #1) Apr 29
Neal Stephenson, Greg Bear, Mark Teppo, E.D. deBirmingham, Erik Bear, Joseph Brassey and Cooper MoonThe Mongoliad (Foreworld Saga #1)Apr 24
Nia K. Foxx Rules of Mating (Haven #1)Apr 17
Nicola LawsonHeaven Can WaitApr 24
Nicola Lawson Blood LiesApr 24
Nicola RhodesReality Bites(The Tamar Black Saga # 2)Apr 14
Nicola Rhodes Tempus Fugitive (The Tamar Black Saga # 3)Apr 20
Noire Natural Born Liar: The Misadventures of Mink LaRue Apr 25
Nora RobertsThe WitnessApr 17
Norma BuddenAnticipation (Janet Elcott Chronicles#1)Apr 15
Oliver BishopTell Him She's Not HereApr 14
Parker Blue Make Me (Demon Underground #4)Apr 16
Patricia Hagan Love and Splendor (The Coltrane Saga #5)Apr 17
Patrick CarmanEve of Destruction (Dark Eden 2)Apr 24
Paul KrugmanEnd This Depression Now! Apr 30
Paul LevineIllegalApr 26
Penelope FletcherChaos Theory (Cosmic Lovely #1) Apr 30
Phoebe Kitanidis Glimmer (Glimmer #1)Apr 17
Phoebe Matthews Steampunk Man and More (Wicked Good #2)Apr 22
Portia Da CostaDelicious PainApr 26
Previn Hudetz Phoenix Rising (Dragon Legacy #1) Apr 27
R. B. WoodThe Prodigal's Foole (The Arcana Chronicles #1)Apr 14
R. G. Porter Scottish Whispers Apr 14
Rachael Wade The Gates (The Resistance Trilogy, #2) Apr 16
Raeann Blake Taming Clay Apr 26
Rainy KirklandFalcon's Curse (Bewitching Kisses #3)Apr 20
Rashaad BellFledgling (The Vampire Manifesto #2)Apr 22
Rebecca Donovan Barely Breathing (The Breathing Series 2) Apr 30
Rebecca Foote Dark Desire (After Dark #1)Apr 27
Rebecca ZanettiHunted (Dark Protectors #3)Apr 24
Reid Mockery Fifty Shades of Beige (Fifty Shades Parody #1) Apr 28
Rita Karnopp Sacred GroundApr 14
Robin GideonEcstasy in Elk's CrossingApr 25
Robyn BacharBewitched, Blooded and Bewildered Apr 17
Robyn CarrSunrise Point (Virgin River #19)Apr 24
Rodney C. Johnson The First Technomancer (Caliburn Cycle #1)Apr 29
Rose Leigh WoodsSaving TreasureApr 19
Rosecrans BaldwinParis, I Love You but You're Bringing Me DownApr 24
Rosemarie NaramoreThe Reservoir  Apr 14
Roxanne St. Claire Barefoot in the Sand (Barefoot Bay #1)Apr 24
Roy MauritsenShards Of The Glass Slipper: Queen CinderApr 16
S. A. Archer Eyes of Magic (Rise of the Unseelie #3)Apr 22
S. C. LeeThe Girl Who Flirted With Death Apr 16
S. C. StephensConversion: The Next Generation Apr 23
S. E. Smith Capturing Cara (Dragon Lords of Valdier 2)Apr 26
Sabrina Vance Second Chance MatesApr 29
Sadie Hart Hounded (Shifter Town Enforcement #1) Apr 28
Sadie S. ForsytheThe Weeping Empress Apr 27
Sage CollinsLove sucksApr 26
Sally MacKenzieThe Duchess of Love Apr 24
Sam CrescentCrossing Boundaries (Cape Falls #1)Apr 20
Samantha Abigail Ashford pies, Lies, and Secret Lives - The Beginning  Apr 21
Samantha Abigail Ashford SqueezeApr 14
Samantha Bates Two Halves of a a Vampires Soul (Silver Series #5)Apr 20
Samantha Hoffman The Arena WarsApr 21
Sandra DallasTrue Sisters Apr 24
Sandra HillKiss of Pride (Deadly Angel #1)Apr 24
Sandra LescoeThe Wife Next Door Apr 21
Sara Fawkes Anything He Wants (Dominated By The Billionaire) Apr 17
Sara KingWings of Retribution (Millennium Potion #1)Apr 19
Sarah Marie Porter New Territory (Wolvenkind Series#1) Apr 30
Sasha SummersMedusa, A Love Story (The Loves of Olympus #1) Apr 22
Saundra Mitchell The Springsweet (Vespertine #2)Apr 17
Seamus MullenHero FoodApr 24
Selena KittKelsey and the Executive (Power Play #1) ADULTApr 27
Selena Kitt Tina (Daddy's Favorites #2) ADULT Apr 23
Serena ZaneFollow the HeartApr 24
Shadonna RichardsHis Island Bride (The Bride Series #4) Apr 19
Shannon DermottWaiting for Mercy (Cambions #2) Apr 15
Shaun JeffreyDark SeductionApr 14
Shaunna RodriguezHer ObsessionApr 15
Shaunna Rodriguez Country HeelsApr 24
Shawntelle Madison Coveted (Coveted #1) Apr 24
Shiloh Walker Grimm Tidings (Grimm Circle #6)Apr 24
Shirley KennedyThe Last of Lady LansdownApr 17
SJB GilmourThe Borrowed KitchenApr 23
Sophie Rodger  Yesterday & ForeverApr 15
Stacey EspinoScarlet and the Three Bears (Naughty Fairy Tales #7) ADULTApr 24
Stacey Espino Matthew's Return (Wolves of Climax 3)Apr 30
Stefanie SloaneThe Saint Who Stole My Heart: A Regency Rogues Novel  4/24/2012  Apr 24
Stephanie Rowe The Fake Boyfriend ExperimentApr 20
Stephen King The Wind Through the Keyhole (Dark Tower #8) Apr 24
Stephen MarloweMurder Is My Dish (Chester Drum Mystery #4)Apr 17
Stuart Woods Unnatural Acts (Stone Barrington #23)Apr 17
Sue KnottCatching On Fire Apr 18
Sue Knott Catching On FireApr 18
Susan Connell A Man Like ThisApr 27
Sydney Landon Not Planning On You (Danvers #2)Apr 25
Sylvie BrissetThe Parchment (The Memory of Blood #2) Apr 27
Sylvie BrissetThe Visionaries (The Memory of Blood #3)Apr 27
Tamela QuijasTears of Blood (The Blood Chronicles #3)Apr 18
Tammy LeeLove Sucks Apr 19
Taylor LongfordDare (Greystone 2) Apr 20
Terry Cornall Damsels & Dragons (Silvermage #1)Apr 21
Terry HarlequinThe Blood of Water Lily Apr 26
Tessa DawnBlood Possession (Blood Curse #3)Apr 15
Tim Brady Twelve Desperate MilesApr 24
Tim O'RourkeKiera Hudson: Dead Flesh (Kiera Hudson Series Two #1)Apr 26
Tina GerowStone Maiden (Maiden Sisters #1)Apr 24
Tish Thawer Blood of a Red Rose (The Rose Trilogy #2) Apr 23
Tom Leveen ZeroApr 24
Tracy BrownWhite Lines II: Sunny (Series: White Lines #2)Apr 27
Trish JensenThe Harder They FallApr 20
Trista Ann Michaels Fast And Furious Apr 23
Ty BeltramoEden's Jester Apr 15
Veronica Lovejoy Sticks & Stones Apr 28
Veronica Roth Free Four (Divergent #1.1)Apr 24
Victoria Danann My Familiar Stranger (The Order of the Black Swan #1) Apr 21
Virginia Kelly Against the WindApr 25
Vonna Harper Carnal Slave (Carnal #3)Apr 23
Wahida Clark Payback Ain't EnoughApr 24
Wil Ogden The Nightstone Apr 17

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