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Perusing The Shelves

Author Topic: The PTS SURVIVAL GUIDE  (Read 24203 times)

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« on: July 09, 2012, 08:13 AM »

If you need clarification on any of these points or if you are still lost, feel free to PM a Moderator or the Administrator with your questions or concerns.

So you know the basics. Like how to post, how to upload, how to reply. But here's a guide to PTS that will ensure you a smooth and ease-filled stay as a member of the site. Just some little things to remember regarding...

  • Before you make a request, search the PTS forum first, there may already be an existing thread.
  • If there's no existing thread create a new topic only once.
  • The subject header of your post should include the creator's full name, title of request or specific directions. Please indicate that you are requesting something with "REQ:" at the front. Your subject header should look something along the lines of: "REQ: Suggestions of books with faeries in them".
  • Multiple requests – Should not be vaguely titled, for example: "I'm looking for this..." "Need these!!!!" "PLZ PLZ PLZ HELP ME FIND THESE" "Have been searching for these 4ever" etc. Titles like these don't encourage users to help you with your requests. For a multiple request post JUST ONE in the thread title and the rest within the thread.
  • Re-requests as threads or replies are PROHIBITED.
  • Copyright - Perusingtheshelves does not own or distribute any copyrighted material. All the content posted on this site are titled to their owners, who on their own accord, share them with other users.

The SEARCH feature:
The search bar is located right at the top of the page on the right-hand side. Or you can use the Advanced Search located at the top of the page below the logo.
  • Quite simply you just type in what you’re looking for before you request it. It can be a name, a title, key words, etc. Not that it generally helps a lot if you put parentheses around the words like so: “Origins” or “Jessa Gilbert”
  • If you want a work which already has been requested in a thread after you SEARCH for it – click “Notify” on the thread (top/bottom right hand corner of threads) so you will be notified when a post is made on the thread.

Thank You's:
  • The Thank You button can be found on every individual post at the top right-hand corner.
  • Press the “Thank You” button when you download something.
    • Doing so is common courtesy and gives posters who are sharing the required motivation to continue posting and helping each-other. It just takes two seconds, but makes the posters hard-work worth it.

  • Be aware of the board you are under.
  • On the Forum screen, each board has a description as to what can and should be posted there, so post only in designated areas as boards are for organizational purposes.
  • Boards also indicate the Moderators who are in charge of each Board, so if you have question or concern, they are the people you should contact.

Thread Maintenance:
  • If you request a long list of projects please update your thread for what projects have been posted/found.

  • Bump within reason, but never more than once a week and only after using the SEARCH feature.
  • Be kind and respectful of other users, Newbies and Expert Members alike and treat others as you would like to be treated.
  • Extreme/Excessive foul language will not be permitted. This includes cursing, swearing and abbreviations.
  • If you have a problem and you want to open a topic, make your problem clear in the title of your topic.
  • Don't use CAPITAL LETTERS in posts and post titles, unless you have a very good reason (there is rarely a reason to shout).
  • Don't abuse the 'Report' feature. It's there to allow innocent members to tell us about posts that break the Forum Rules only and for indicating to Moderators about double posts, not for help.

Some people bump threads to remind others that the work is still being requested. There are users who don’t appreciate this. The SEARCH feature is a great way to find out if a work has been found and you can also set a thread to notify you when a post has been made. These are alternatives which are encouraged to be used before bumping.

If you do have a problem with perusingtheshelves.com do not rant and rave as people will be reluctant to help you. Please do not open topics like "Help me!" or "I need help", but describe your problem/t8597 in a few words as a new topic. Mods and admins will do their best to fix/troubleshoot.

Specialized Threads:
  • Utilize the “Stickied” threads. These must be checked before any posting as they contain important information.
  • Rules for these threads are listed in the original post and must be followed in conjunction with the ones listed here.
    • Wish List Threads – Are stickied at the top in the General section. These threads are lists for new and upcoming works that people are looking forward to purchasing. These are maintained and updated daily and are titled by month.
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