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Author Topic: Is anyone else disappointed in Reckoning (Strange Angels #5) by Lilith Saintcrow  (Read 4329 times)

Offline purplegirl12


After finishing the last book I was so disappointed. The ending stunk bad!!! It just ends when so many things were yet unsolved. Dru doesn't even choose between Graves and  Christophe. Why have a love triangle if the main character is not going to choose. Graves finds out he is broken and at the end just leaves. Not a happy ending there!!! Does anyone else feels this way or is it just me?


Offline jessadia

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Offline kaetots

Yes!  It didn't feel like Dru figured anything (substantial) out by the end of the book.  She was still lacking confidence in herself and others, the triangle (which was already weird) went wonky, and we really didn't discover anything more about their world.  After the way book four ended, I expected this one to be a big bang of a series ender.  Granted, Mr. Meanie Fangs got offed, but nothing else seemed finalized.  Dru and that world have a whole lot more story to give, so I'm hoping there will be more in the future.  In a "reality" situation, Dru did the right thing by stepping back and telling everyone to leave her the hell alone and let her just be a girl, have friends, and grow up a bit.  It's fiction, though, so screw reality.  I want my big bang.
I really loved this series, and I REALLY want to not be mad at it.  :P
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Offline pixiebelle

When I finished reading (actually halfway through the book) I realized there was no way in the world she was going to make a decision.

When I read that last chapter, the first thing that popped into my head was "Spin-off". I haven't seen anything yet on her blog about a potential spin-off, but I get the feeling there will be one.
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I am hoping for a after 10yr sequel. i kept reading and couldn't believe it. But i guess the signals were all there she is a 16 yr heroine and for me personally i didn't think as a was reading that she was fully in love with either Graves or Cristoffe .She talked about confort and security with Graves and even being in love with him and excitement and danger with Christophe but it never felt 100% genuine - this is how a felt it. In the same time both Christophe and Graves were heavily criticized in same paragraph so .. sucks i now. i  liked Christophe answer in the end ...but so not a conclusion.

Offline crysjarl

Is there like another book?! maybe a separate series where in Dru and the rest of the gangs are more mature..maybe new challenges and possibly a clearcut choice between 2 suitors! the book just ended with a lot of loose ends..i keep thinking 1 book is missing!!!lolz
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